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A Beauty with Multiple Masks

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 380

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 380The second paper he graded was Henry’s paper. Henry picked C for absolutely every question. As the rule dictated, his method would earn him a resounding zero as well.Donovan flipped through it a little before he immediately gave Henry zero.Join Telegram Group For Fast Update And Novel QueryThe last paper was Arielle’s.She chose B for the five language questions. Without a doubt, that would earn her zero points in that section.However, when Donovan moved on to check her mathematics sections, his gaze fluttered, and ripples ofemotions spread out in his eyes.She didn’t actually guess the answers for this paper? Holy… She got all ten questions correct. She even managed to get the tougher questions and used the correct formulas!There was a moment when Donovan couldn’t believe that Arielle was the one who answered the questions on the paper.What astounded Donovan even more, was that Arielle had answered the extra questions as well.One particular section was beyond the student’s level and was meant for the students in the more advanced classes.Donovan only included those questions there becausehe wanted to use them as a gateway to introduce his students to the new classes. No one was able to answer those questions.In fact, those questions needed advanced knowledge and special training, so even students who were in the advanced classes would need several hours to solve the equations. We only gave the students an hour to write the answers, so even if she is capable of doing it, there simply isn’t enough time for her to do so.That was why Donovan was surprised to see that Arielle had filled out the empty space. Still, he didn’t expect her to get the answer right.He forced himself to be patient and read on.Donovan’s lips curved up when he saw the first formula written there. Oh dear, that is the simplest formula. Does she actually expect to get an answer using that formula?I knew it. I shouldn’t hold out any hope for her.Donovan was going to put a huge cross on it, but he suddenly caught sight of the final answer written at the bottom. That stunned him. The answer Arielle wrote was 1.3129.The correct answer… was also 1.3129!It might be possible to guess some answers, but to get the answer right down to the last decimal point? Thatwas more than luck.Donovan’s gaze paused for several seconds. He checked and re-checked to make sure that he got it right. After that, he started paying attention and re-analyzing the formula and process Arielle used to get the answer.As he read on, he became engrossed.Arielle actually managed to use the simplest formula to solve an equation that encompassed complicated numbers and technical know-how. The step-by-step analysis was virtually perfect.As he read the answer, Donovan felt the urge to write a thesis on that formula.Just then, a student asked, “Mr. Baxter, should we revise on our own or will the class begin?”Donovan looked up from the sheets and replied, “Revise on your own for now. The class will commence in five minutes.”After saying his piece, Donovan ignored the other students and memorized the formula and steps Arielle used to solve the equation. Then, he continued grading the rest of the paper.The last section was the Ustranasion section, and after reading it, Donovan couldn’t help twitching his lips. He simply couldn’t control himself anymore.She actually got the perfect score for these two sections?The Ustranasion question was an essay question with a lot of foreign and uncommon words used. Donovan himself had stayed overseas for six years, but even he had to turn to the dictionary. Yet, Arielle managed to get it all right.No, it wasn’t just her Ustranasion part. Her mathematics is perfect as well.If her Chanaean section hadn’t dragged her a little, her total score would, no doubt, be better than Wendy’s!Donovan stared at Arielle in astonishment.All he saw was how Arielle was leaning on the table. There was no saying whether she was asleep or just daydreamingThere was a moment when Donovan felt like his understanding of Arielle had completely been overturned.