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A Cue for Love chapter 510

Chapter 510 Kidnapped“Are you sure you don’t have any other intentions?” Samuel asked with furrowed brows.“N-No.” Then, with a serious look on his face, the old man said, “I just want you to meet with that junior of yours. I have no other intentions. If I do, I’ll let Donna confiscate all of the allowances I kept for myself.”Join Telegram Group For Fast Update And Novel QueryHaving no other choice as he couldn’t win against Malcolm, Samuel agreed.“All right, then. But I still have some work to do right now. We might have to meet a little later.”“It’s fine. Just send me the address later.” The old man patted his shoulder and smiled ear to ear. “I will wait for you at the restaurant with your junior.”With that, he left the private room.Samuel shook his head helplessly. I don’t care if Master wants to set me up with that junior of mine. I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint her.I’ve already found the love of my life.No other woman can catch my eye no matter how beautiful they are.It was even more troublesome for Natalie to leave the place than when she arrived.After it was revealed that she was the chairman of Dream Corporation, the people who came to the conference were all trying to find an opportunity to get on her good side, which was quite a nuisance to her.Fortunately, the security Zachary had arranged for Malcolm was great. Natalie followed her master and left quietly. Fortunately, no one pestered them while they made their way out.They passed by Yara as they left in their car.She looked just like a broken doll. Her face was pale as a sheet and she was walking at a tortoise’s pace.“This woman… What a sore loser!” Malcolm muttered.“That’s not true. She didn’t even lose that much,” Natalie said coldly as she glanced at Yara.“She’s only a sore loser if she has lost everything. There’s still so much to her name right now,” she continued. Taking a sideways glance at her, a thought surfaced in the man’s mind. What a ruthless person. She’s just like Samuel.They’re so similar even when it comes to ruthlessness. What are they if they are not perfect for each other?I’ll have to do my best to set them up tonight as their master.At that moment, Yara had no idea that Natalie was in the car that just passed by her.But she knew very well that the Rolls-Royce behind belonged to her father, Thomas.The person inside must have seen her but instead of stopping to pick her up, they streaked past her without any hesitation.Yara smiled bitterly at that.He’s my biological father!He’d speak sweetly to me when he needed my help, but now that I am of no use to him, he disregarded me.Nonetheless, she already knew how he was since she was a child.Even after being treated like that, Yara wasn’t sad but felt that it was just the reality.What hurt her the most was that for five whole years, she was determined to become the lady of the Bowers family. But despite her efforts, Samuel was drifting further and further away from her. No matter what she did, she couldn’t get him to favor her.The woman was walking very slowly. She laughed for a moment and cried the next.Out of the blue, a white minivan stopped beside her.Two men wearing sunglasses and black clothing came down from the car and grabbed hold of Yara’s arms.“W-Who are you?” Her eyes widened in fright as she continued, “I’m going to scream if you continue.”But they could not even be bothered by her threat.One of the men then covered her mouth and nose with a cloth soaked in ether.“Mmm…”Yara struggled against them for a few moments before her eyes rolled back, and she fainted.At that, the men swiftly lifted her into the minivan. The whole process had only taken a minute.