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A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1334

Chapter 1334 What Can You Do One blow after another fell upon Jared with a crisp sound, courtesy of Golem Body. His eyes were red with fury. “I will kill all of you today.” The ground beneath Jared’s feet shook at his roar, and a force expanded from the earth, sending his opponents blasting backward. The shockwave shattered some weaker ones among them that they bled from every orifice and fell dead on the spot. Jared then threw another fist and dented the chest of a Semi Martial Arts Marquis, who had come dashing forward. Zion's men began to tremble in the face of Jared’s reckless ferocity. “Demon Trap!” one of them cried, and silhouettes of innumerable claws held all four of Jared's limbs. Immediately after, lines of silk appeared from every direction and wrapped around Jared tightly. Several people channeled their internal energy fiercely to secure their foe. The silk glowed simultaneously as it grew taut. As soon as Jared was immobilized, a flurry of weapons rained upon him, to the dismay of Lachlan, Theodore, and the others. Zion, on the other hand, was smiling broadly. Jared is going to die today. Clang! Clang! Clang! A series of metallic collisions sounded until the weapons shattered, and the silk cocoon Jared was encased in cracked open. Jared's tough flesh glowed with golden light. The scales fell from his body like rain and disappeared in an instant. The attacks did not harm Jared but broke his Golem Body instead. “Go to hell!” Jared shouted and threw a punch. Amidst a dragon’s roar, the gust of wind from Jared's fist morphed into a gold dragon and swallowed the person who had cast Demon Trap. He then sent another fist flying and claimed another life. Despite being surrounded by several dozen men, Jared managed to kill a few at once. Zion's expression darkened. With a roar, he leaped and met Jared's fist with his own. It looks like I have to get involved personally. Otherwise, the Warriors Alliance will suffer great losses even if we manage to kill Jared. The crowd began to retreat at the sight of Zion's involvement. Only Zion alone is needed to handle Jared. Zion's fist sent a terrifying ripple of martial energy spreading outward and forced Jared to stumble several steps backward Zion's confidence grew at the sight. Immediately after, he conjured a magical item and sent it toward Jared, enveloping the latter with a menacing aura. Jared did not expect Zion to possess a magical item of a Martial Arts Marquis. It looks like the Warriors Alliance has deep pockets! Boom! A terrifying power rained down on Jared, who gritted his teeth and threw a vicious punch After another ear-splitting bang, a crater appeared where he stood. Jared was then sent flying backward. He fell heavily on the ground but scrambled to his feet in an instant. Zion gazed at Jared incredulously. His eyes were full of disbelief. Did Jared withstand the power of a Martial Arts Marquis by his flesh alone without the protection of Golem Body? Zion had summoned his magical item to eliminate Jared with a single strike. Such artifacts were precious, as every use would cause irreversible damage and would be completely useless once arriving at a certain point. Jared's internal organs were in turmoil. Although he was not injured on the surface, his aura was already in disorder. However, he withstood it without displaying any signs of pain. “What can you do to me despite being armed with your magical item?” he said with a sneer.