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A Man Like None Other

Chapter 51

Chapter 51,A Man Like None Other “Who was it? Who sneaked up on me?” Steven roared, pulling out the toothpick Although Steven was taunting the culprit, he was actually very worried, for he knew that his Impenetrable Skill was very strong. No one had ever been able to hurt him. However, someone had just casually stabbed him with a toothpick! He was shocked to find out that there was an expert in the crowd. Everyone exchanged looks. No one knew who did it. Only Tommy was staring at Jared. His eyes were filled with admiration. “It was me!" Jared took a few steps forward. “You?” Steven's brows furrowed in disbelief. This young man is just in his twenties. How could he be so strong? “Jared! What... What are you doing? Don't try to be a hero! It wasn’t you.” Josephine reached out to Jared and pulled him back. “Ms. Sullivan, Mr. Chance will be fine. Don’t worry!” Tommy stopped her. “Hey, kiddo, are you standing up for Tommy? Your confidence is going to get you killed!” Steven said coldly. “Cut the crap and get on with it! I'm busy!” Jared put on an expressionless look as he spoke. At that moment, a thin veil of mist surrounded Jared. It was so thin that it was almost invisible. The veil of mist that surrounded Jared was the spiritual energy in the atmosphere, and it had formed a tough shield around him. Except for Josephine, no one else was stopping Jared because they all wanted to see what he was capable of. They wanted to see for themselves the reason why Walter was so respectful of Jared. “Well, you asked for it!” Steven's eyes gleamed. He dashed toward Jared and appeared in front of him in a split second, then threw a punch at him. Despite that, Jared didn’t move a muscle. Instead, he stood still and stared at Steven calmly. “Don’t,” Josephine shouted when she saw that Jared was about to get punched. However, that did not stop Steven, as he punched Jared in the chest as hard as he could. Bam! That punch was so powerful that it could have killed Jared on the spot. But strangely, the man remained still even though he weighed just over a hundred pounds. Instead, Steven was the one who had it worst as his arm was bent ata bizarre angle. The forceful recoil had broken his arm, exposing his bones. Steven howled in pain. He couldn't believe what had just happened to his arm. “You... You know the Impenetrable Skill too?” Steven was dumbfounded. “Just a little,” Jared sneered. The truth was that no one believed Jared. It was impossible that Jared only knew a little of the Impenetrable Skill if even Steven had failed to penetrate it. Seeing that Jared was unharmed, Josephine gaped in shock. Suddenly, her admiration toward Jared grew even more. “Who did you learn it from? It’s my mentor Francis Yancey's unique Impenetrable Skill!” Steven was puzzled and eager to find out who else could've taught Jared the skill. “I'm not from any school or sect. Besides, there’s no such thing as Impenetrable Skill. It's just a lie to trick people.” Jared smirked and hurled a punch at Steven's chest. Steven instantly coughed out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying backward. The ability Jared possessed wasn’t the Impenetrable Skill. Instead, it was a technique that came from a person who was trained in martial and mystical arts. Not even a bullet could penetrate his shield, let alone a punch from Steven.