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A Man Like None Other

Chapter 52

Steven was trembling with fear as he stared at Kai. His mind went blank because he had no idea what had just happened. After receiving Kai's powerful punch, he realized that his Impenetrable Skill was useless against him. “Sir, may I Know what your name is? One day, I'll come back to learn from you!” Realizing that he was no match for Kai, Steven decided to leave while he still had a chance. “Steven, do you think you get to leave? Well, let me tell you—Mr. Chance is here today, and this is where your life ends!” Tommy looked at him smugly. Steven's expression changed. If he strikes, there's no doubt I won't be getting out of here alive! “The name’s Chance. Kai Chance. You can come and seek revenge anytime. If you don't think you can handle me, by all means, bring your mentor along,” Kai said upon reading Steven’s mind. “Mr. Chance, you can't just let him go! You're just inviting more trouble!” Tommy warned when he heard that Kai wanted to let Steven live. “Back away! I know what I'm doing!” Kai frowned. Sensing that Kai was about to fly off the handle, Tommy got so frightened that he didn’t dare to voice another word. ‘All right, then! Duly noted. See you next time!” Steven got up and wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth. Then he waved at his subordinates and said, ‘Let's go!” After Steven left, the spacious hall was once again left with those who attended the banquet. “Mr. Chance, you were incredible! I've finally seen it with my own eyes!” ‘Truly incredible at such a young age! One can only imagine how strong you will be in the future, Mr. Chance!” ‘Indeed, valor is better demonstrated by the young!" Everybody in the crowd was full of praise for Kai. Walter was impressed as well. Never in his wildest dreams had he ever thought that Kai was that strong. At this moment, his respect for Kai had increased. “Please forgive my foolishness from before, Mr. Chance,” Luca apologized with embarrassment written all over his face. ‘It's all right!” Kai smiled. William looked at Kai, and he couldn't be happier. He was so happy that he now approved of the matter between Kai and Josephine “Why didn't you tell me that you knew martial arts? I was so worried about you!” Josephine pretended to be angry and pinched his arm. “Ouch!” Kai acted as though he was in pain. “That hurts.” Josephine panicked. “I... I didn’t even use much force! How can it hurt?" ‘I was actually injured by Steven just now, but I’ve been holding it in. You made it worse!” Kai continued acting. “I... [didn’t know! Let me take a look at your injuries!” Josephine had no clue that Kai was pulling a prank on her. She was on the verge of crying Including William, everyone knew of Kai's prank. However, none of them wanted to expose him as they simply stood by and looked at the couple quietly. Only Josephine did not see through his act, as she was too concerned about him. “Okay, I'm fine now. I'm all healed right after you touched me.” Kai decided to drop the act when he saw that Josephine had tears gathering in her eyes. At once, Josephine realized that she had been deceived. “Kai! How could you?” She threw a punch at him, which he managed to dodge. The crowd was laughing as they watched the two of them bickering with each other. Walter tapped on William's shoulder from behind and said, “Mr. Sullivan, the future of the Sullivan family looks brighter than ever!" Fully aware of what Walter meant, William answered humbly, “Oh, no, we still need you to take care of us, Mr. Grange!” Walter burst into laughter. “I'm sure it'll be the other way round!”