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A Man Like None Other

Chapter 53

Meanwhile, at the mansion on top of Dragon Bay, Gary and Hannah were resting in the living room after taking a stroll. They were still trying to digest the fact that they were living in such a luxurious home. Even though this is just temporary, it's more than enough to experience this! “It seems that luck is on our side! Although Kai has just gotten out of prison, he has already made such a good friend in Josephine. I wonder how did those two meet each other,” Hannah said, beaming. “Me too. But Ms. Sullivan does seem like a kind soul.” As Gary used to be a civil servant, he had seen all sorts of people. Hence, he was always a good judge of character. “Since she’s from such a wealthy family, what do you think she sees in Kai?” Deep down, Hannah had always been worried about the fact that those two were from two different worlds and weren't meant for each other. However, right at the moment when Gary wanted to answer Hannah, a man ina dashing suit showed up out of nowhere, catching Gary by surprise. “Let me answer your question!” the man exclaimed. “Josephine is actually fooling around with Kai. Do you guys really think the famous Ms. Sullivan would be interested in Kai? Stop daydreaming! Kai is way out of her league! He's just a university graduate! Besides, he's poor. No parents of a lady from such a prominent family would accept Kai. Josephine is just showing her gratitude to him for saving her father’s life. Do you really think that they’re ever going to get married? I'm Josephine’s real boyfriend. We're meant for each other. I'd suggest that you guys give up on your ridiculous hopes and dreams. Don't you know where your son stands?” With that, the man sneered at them, his eyes filled with disdain Gary and Hannah blanched upon hearing that. Despite the rude intrusion, they knew that the man had a point. Not only was Kai just a commoner, but he was also an ex-convict. No parents would accept Kai as a son-in-law. The man was pleased with Gary’s and Hannah's reactions. He took out a stack of cash and threw them on the ground. “Take them and leave! Don’t give me a reason to force you out of that door!” Upon saying that, the man turned and left in a sports car parked at the main entrance. Gary and Hannah were dumbfounded. It was as if the man had just dragged them back to reality. After a long while of silence, Gary let out a long sigh and started packing up his belongings. People like us don't deserve to live in such luxury. Hannah was incredibly saddened as well. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. It took only a few moments for Gary to pack up. He tapped on Hannah's shoulder and said, “Let's go. We'll talk to Kai about it later and have him face the reality. He's just not meant to be with Ms. Sullivan.” Finally, they left the mansion and returned to their previous house. “Hannah! I thought you guys have moved into a mansion with Kai. What are you doing back here?" their neighbor, a middle-aged woman, asked curiously. “Hi, Chloe! Well, we couldn't get used to living there.” Hannah chuckled awkwardly. Chloe Wallace was their neighbor, who had lived through tough times as well Her husband had passed away when their daughter was just a teenager. She had to raise their daughter all by herself. “That's good! Now I have someone to chitchat with again! Since Kai has just gotten out of prison, I knew that the situation was a bit far-fetched. The person who lent him the mansion must have an ulterior motive. It's better to avoid such people; otherwise, Kai might get in trouble and get thrown back into jail again,” Chloe said directly. Although her words were unpleasant to the ears, she meant well. ‘I know.” Hannah nodded