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A Man Like None Other

Chapter 55

“Well, if both of them are okay with it, I don’t mind either! Besides, I've watched Kai grow up since he was a little boy. It wasn’t entirely his fault either that he was sent into jail." Chloe suddenly walked into their house with a bowl. “I made this soup myself. Have a taste!” “Mrs. Wallace?” Kai was surprised to see Chloe. He quickly reached out his hands to receive the bowl. Ever since they moved to Horington when Kai was still a teenager, the Chance family had had a good relationship with the Wallace family and they had been neighbors. “You're too kind, Mrs. Wallace! I’ve watched Hilda grow up too. She's a very smart and beautiful young lady. It would be great if we could be in-laws!” Hannah stood up and grabbed Chloe to sit with her. “Hannah, I'd be more than happy if Hilda were to get married to Kai. After all, she's my only child. I still need her to take care of me in the future, so I don’t wish for her to stay far away from me. I'll give her a call now and ask her to come back home. We can all have a meal together,” Chloe chirped. She was obviously satisfied with Kai as well. “Sounds great!” Hannah nodded happily. “I heard that Hilda has found a job that pays well.” “Yes, it pays well, but she seldom comes home. I rarely see her,” Chloe said, then picked up her phone and called Hilda Hilda answered her phone and said in a sleepy tone, “Mom, I was still asleep. Why are you calling me at this hour?’ ‘It's already afternoon! Why are you still sleeping? Don’t you need to work?” Chloe was confounded ‘I'm working overtime tonight, so I took a nap. What's wrong? Is something up?” Hilda asked hastily. “Nothing. Kai has been released from prison, so I thought maybe you could come home and we could all have a meal together,” Chloe replied. “Mom, I’m busy. Perhaps another day.” Hilda hung up the phone as soon as she finished her sentence. At once, Chloe's face turned crimson ‘It's okay, Mrs. Wallace. If Hilda is busy, we can always arrange for another day.” Hannah was afraid that Chloe might get angry, given how the conversation had ended Chloe let out a sigh. “Kids have their own thoughts now once they get older.” Chloe stayed at Kai’s house until evening. Since Kai had nothing better to do, he was about to go for a stroll when he received a call from Tommy, who wanted to invite him out for dinner. Kai had wanted to decline his invitation, but on second thought, he decided to join Tommy, thinking that Chloe would probably stay for dinner and that she would surely join his parents in nagging him at the dining table. Tommy offered to fetch Kai from his house, but the latter rejected him and called for a taxi instead. During the time when Kai was in jail, Horington had been booming. On his way to the restaurant, he saw numerous bars and nightclubs. The city was bustling with people. Right then, Kai spotted a familiar figure when the taxi drove past a bar called Moonlight Bar. It was a lady dressed in fine clothes, and she was walking into the bar with a few other girls. Isn’t that Hilda? Kai frowned. Didn't she tell her mom that she had to work overtime? Why is she walking into a bar? Could it be that she works there? In order to find out more, Kai paid the taxi driver and got out of the car. He then followed Hilda into the bar.