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A Man Like None Other

Chapter 56

In the bar, neon lights strobed and flashed. The atmosphere was extremely lively. Kai saw that after Hilda and the other girls went inside, they were brought to the back. He followed behind closely, but a man stopped him. “I'm sorry, Sir. But you're not allowed to pass through here. The backstage is for staff only.” Kai looked in the direction where Hilda had gone to. Seeing that she had disappeared, he walked away and sat down at the table in the corner. He was eager to find out what she was doing there. Soon after, Hilda and the other girls came out. They were all wearing nothing but s*xy lingerie. The girls danced their way toward the center of the stage, and immediately, the crowd went crazy as the spotlights flashed around them Hilda and the other girls started dancing erotically. It was obvious that Hilda’s movements weren't as fluid as the others, but she did her best while forcing a smile. Everyone could see that she was a greenhorn. They all shifted their gazes to her, and some even tossed cash at her. Kai was utterly shocked because little did he expect the shy and well-behaved Hilda Wallace to become an exotic dancer. Looking at the banknotes on the stage, Hilda bent down repeatedly to pick them up and shove them into her bra, giving the men in the crowd the opportunity to feast their eyes on her. Witnessing that, Kai walked toward the stage, fished out a few thousand bucks, and threw them on the stage. “Thank you, Sirl” Hilda exclaimed the moment she saw the stack of cash. However, when her eyes met Kai's, she froze for a good few seconds. Quickly withdrawing her gaze, she pretended not to see Kai and continued to pick up the money on the stage before resuming her dance. Only the smile on her face was no longer visible Kai's generosity had caught the attention of the partygoers. But the moment they saw that he was in simple clothing, the look of admiration in their eyes was replaced with those of scorn. One of the men tapped on Kai’s shoulder and said, “Hey man, judging by how you look, I guess you've just thrown your life savings away, eh? I suggest you get lost before you get hooked on spending your next paycheck the same way.” Kai ignored him because his eyes were still glued to Hilda. It has only been three years. How did she change so much? Hilda turned away from Kai and danced facing the opposite direction while the other girls threw themselves at him upon witnessing his generosity. “Hello, handsome.” One of them reached out to stroke Kai's face. The dancers could easily recognize men who were rich yet humble. Hence, they assumed that Kai was one of them. Kai tilted his head and avoided the dancer. He was still staring at Hilda. “What's your name, beautiful?” a man beside Kai asked, flashing a lewd smile. After that, he pulled the dancer down from the stage.