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A Man Like None Other

Chapter 58

“S-Sir...” Hilda squeaked out The man raised his head and appraised her from head to toe, his eyes filled with lust. With a grin, he said, “Relax, I won't eat you. Come sit with me.” He patted on the couch next to him. Despite being absolutely terrified, Hilda didn't dare to disobey him. She walked slowly toward him and sat down. At the sight of a fair and beautiful young lady, the man was all the more aroused as his eyes lit up. He poured two glasses of red wine and offered Hilda a glass. “Come. Drink with me!” “S-Sir, I... I can’t drink.” Hilda did not dare to reach out for the glass. ‘It's all right. You can learn now!” The man’s lips quirked up. Left without a choice, Hilda took the glass of red wine and downed it in one go. The man burst into laughter upon seeing that. “Jenny told me that you owe the loan sharks quite a sum of money. Is that true?” he asked. Hilda nodded. “Yes, a million.” “A million? That's not a small number,” the man said, then wrote a check for one million and slid it toward Hilda. “Satisfy me tonight and this one million check is yours.” The man sounded confident. He had used the same method on a lot of girls before Hilda and it worked all the time. Hilda’s breath hitched as she stared at the check. It's one million! With it, I don’t have to hide from the loan sharks anymore. Besides, I can quit being an exotic dancer and quit being afraid of meeting someone I know. However, she was caught in a dilemma. She knew that if she were to accept the money, her whole life would start spiraling downward Although I'm an exotic dancer, my chastity is still preserved. Once I pay all my debts, I can still return to living a normal life. I can even marry a man whom I love and have a family of my own. If I accept the money now, I will have to be someone's mistress for the rest of my life! Suddenly, she had a flashback and thought of Kai. When they were still teenagers, Kai had been particularly protective of her. In fact, back then, she had liked him so much that she kept thinking about marrying him one day. However, they eventually grew apart when they got older. By then, Kai had found Sandy, and a marriage was on the horizon. Because of that, Hilda never looked for Kai anymore. Yet, life surely was unpredictable. Not only did Kai not marry Sandy, but he had been sentenced to prison. Hilda had wanted to visit Kai in prison, but she was too caught up with her university life. In fact, Hilda was very upset that Kai had found out about what she did for a living. What if he tells Mom? If she finds out that I’ve been lying to her, she's going to be so disappointed. She worked so hard to raise me on her own. If she finds out that I’m an exotic dancer, I'm doomed. Even worse, if I become someone's mistress, I bet she's going to disown me! Thinking about her mother, Hilda decided to reject the man’s offer. “Thank you for your kindness, Sir, but I have to reject your offer.” The man was stunned. He had never thought that Hilda would reject him. After all, that was the first time that his method had failed him.