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A Man Like None Other

Chapter 59

‘Is it because of the money? I can give you more. Also, I'll buy you a house which will be our love nest. Whatever else you want will be yours. Furthermore, I won't interfere with your private life. All you need to do is to accompany me four to five times a month. Given my current health, I don’t have much energy left for women. Consequently, this deal allows you to earn a lot more than what you make as a dancer. Moreover, you don’t have to be taken advantage of by those lecherous men,” the middle-aged man persuaded Hilda. However, she had steeled her resolve not to be anyone's lover. After all, she didn’t want to sacrifice her future for the sake of temporary gratification. In fact, she felt nauseated just by looking at him alone. If he wasn’t her boss, she would have long given him an earful. ‘Sir, I really can’t do this. Why don't you look for someone else?" Hilda shook her head again Faced with Hilda’s rejection, the middle-aged man’s expression changed drastically. “Given where you are, do you think you have a choice? Once I have set my sights on a woman, she will definitely be mine.” Frightened, Hilda sprang to her feet and tried to flee. Unexpectedly, her head began to spin the moment she stood up. ‘Hahaha! There’s no escape. You've had a drink with me. Do you think I'll let you go?” The middle-aged man burst into laughter. As Hilda’s face turned pale, she felt the urge to swear at him. Unfortunately, she lost the ability to even part her lips while her vision of the middle-aged man began to blur. Finally, she collapsed on the couch with a thud. Unable to move a muscle, she gradually lost her consciousness. Meanwhile, Jenny was smoking a cigarette in the bar’s main lobby, watching the vivacious dancers on stage enviously. Once upon a time, she, too, was just as young and beautiful. Unmatched on stage, she had become her boss’ mistress. But now, she had become a madam to him and was unsettled by her increasingly bleak future “Jenny, the boss has set his sights on Hilda. Looks like she has struck gold this time,” a waiter remarked softly beside Jenny. “That goes without saying. From now on, you'd better be more careful not to offend her, or else you will suffer the consequences,” Jenny advised after taking a puff at her cigarette. ‘I won't. But Hilda’s stunning figure and flawless skin are just amazing. I can't help— Before the waiter could finish, Jenny snapped, “Shut up! Do you have a death wish? How dare a nobody like you eye the boss’ girl?’ “Jenny, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for spouting nonsense." The waiter quickly gave himself two slaps. ‘I'll let it slide this time. If you repeat it, I'll deduct your salary as punishment,’ Jenny warned “Thank you, Jenny. Thank you,” the waiter thanked her profusely before reaching out to pinch her on her butt. “Look at that naughty look of yours...” Grinning, Jenny left with the waiter in tow. Despite falling out of favor with the boss due to her age, she still had her way with the young waiters at the bar. Nevertheless, their whispers were overheard by Kai. When he found out that Hilda was sent to her boss to be his mistress, Kai’s expression darkened. Getting to his feet, Kai headed backstage and was stopped by two waiters at the door. Before they could react, he struck them both and knocked them unconscious. Inside, there were rooms everywhere. Not knowing where Hilda was, he grew anxious at once. Just when he walked past the washroom, he suddenly heard a feminine moan. Without any hesitation, he barged into the washroom and kicked open the cubicle door.