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A Man Like None Other

Chapter 60

“Ah!” Inside, Jenny was in the middle of getting it on with the waiter, and they looked as if they had just begun. When the waiter was about to scream, Jared knocked him out with a palm strike. After that, he grabbed Jenny by her collar. “Where did you take Hilda?” “You f*cking—" Jenny swore the moment she saw Jared. Before she could finish, Jared grabbed her by the neck. With the air choked out of her lungs, her face turned red while her eyes were filled with horror. “She's... She's in the office,” Jenny answered at once. “Take me there.” Jared released his grip. When she saw the murderous look on his face, Jenny led him there without any resistance. Upon his arrival, Jared kicked down the office door. Boom! The thunderous sound gave the middle-aged man a shock. The moment Jared barged in, he saw Hilda lying motionless on the couch while the middle-aged man’s hands were fondling her body. “How dare you!” With his eyes burning in rage, Jared stepped forward and gave the man a kick, sending him flying out of the office. “Hilda... Hilda..." Jared took off his jacket to cover Hilda with it. Considering her unconscious state, he knew that she had been drugged. Hence, he transferred some of his spiritual energy into Hilda’s body. When Hilda gradually opened her eyes and saw Jared, she exclaimed in surprise, “Jared!” The very next moment, she lost consciousness again. Evidently, the drug's effects had overwhelmed her. As for the middle-aged man, he was sprawled on the ground after Jared’s kick. By then, his face had already turned purple. “Sir...” Jenny hurried up to him and helped him up. The middle-aged man glared at Jared. “Kid, who are you? How dare you hit me? Do you have a death wish?” Just as he bellowed, four fighters in black suits entered the office after hearing the commotion. “Sir, this guy might be Hilda’s boyfriend,” Jenny informed the middle-aged man. Judging from Jared's response and the furious look on his face, she figured only a boyfriend would react that way. “I don’t give a f*ck who he is. How dare he hit me? Just kill him!” the middle-aged man roared at the sight of reinforcements. The four fighters charged at Jared at once. After he put Hilda down, Jared waved his arms without even looking at his approaching foes. The four men were sent flying out and crashed heavily against the wall. Consequently, they lay lifelessly on the ground. Shocked by how powerful Jared was, the middle-aged man and Jenny gawked at him in horror. Jared shot a piercing glare at the man. “B*stards like you deserve to die.” “What are you going to do?" When he saw the murderous look in Jared's eyes, the man said with a trembling voice, “Let me warn you. This bar is under Mr. Lewis’ protection. Do you know who he is?” The moment he finished speaking, Jared’s phone suddenly rang. It was Tommy who had invited Jared for a meal. When Jared didn’t show up, he decided to give Jared a call. “Mr. Chance, where are you?” Tommy asked softly. “I'm at Moonlight Bar.” “Moonlight Bar?” Tommy was surprised. “What are you doing there?” “Killing someone.” Jared's short answer sounded so vicious that it sent a chill down Tommy's spine. “Mr. Chance, Moonlight Bar belongs to Baldie who has been paying the Templar Regiment protection money. I'll come over with my men at once. You don't have to do it yourself.” When he heard Jared’s reply, Tommy knew that someone in Moonlight Bar must have gotten on Jared's nerves. “Sure!” Jared agreed before ending the call. Then he quietly took a seat on the couch to wait.