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A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2163

Chapter 2163 Generation Stone Meanwhile, at the peak of a mountain outside Luminous Sect, Matthew was sitting in front of a peculiar-looking stone. The rock was completely smooth and almost reflective, looking as though it had been sanded and polished. Besides, there were two words carved onto the surface of the stone: Generation Stone. Matthew bit the tip of his finger hard enough to draw blood before dripping a few droplets of scarlet blood onto the peculiar stone. Soon enough, it began to emit an ominous crimson glow. While the Generation Stone was glowing, Matthew placed a strand of his hair on it and began to chant. “Show me the past, the present, and the future. Show me all the lives he has lived. ” Soon enough, an image of Jared appeared on the Generation Stone. The single strand of hair belonged to Jared, and the Generation Stone was a medium that allowed one to see the past and present lives of people. Matthew was extremely curious to know who Jared truly was as the latter demonstrated extraordinary capabilities. Jared was not a Demonic Cultivator, but his actions were enough to prove that he was no ordinary bloke either. Matthew performed some hand seals and projected waves of aura onto the surface of the Generation Stone. Following that, countless images of Jared began to show the surface. However, his images were blurry and intermittent. A slight frown appeared on Matthew's visage when he saw this. He could not gather any information on Jared if the stone did not show him a clear image

Emiliano was the second young master of Stormwind Sect and a Martial Arts God He simply could not believe that he was defeated by a Martial Arts Saint in front of so many witnesses. Nevertheless, he was well aware that after the battle, he would become the laughingstock of the hidden realm. “Are you okay, Mr

. Fairchild?” Tucker asked worriedly before approaching Emiliano. The concern in his eyes almost made it seem like Emiliano was his son. “Kill him, Mr. Westwood! Kill this imbecile!” Emiliano yelled at the top of his lungs. At this juncture, nothing could appease his fury but Jared's death. “All right. ” Tucker nodded without a moment of hesitation and turned to look at Jared with a darkened expression. “You are going to pay for hurting our young master in front of these people!” he declared through gritted teeth. As soon as his words fell, Tucker's aura exploded instantaneously. Jared merely scoffed at the sight of the man. “Young master, you say? From the looks of it, I'd say he’s more like your son than your young master. Even if I struck your son, you wouldn't be this angry, would you?” Jared only intended to tease Tucker, but his words struck a chord in the latter and caused his anger to reach a boiling point. “You're asking for it!” Tucker bellowed. He then appeared in front of Jared and reached for the latter