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A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2165

Chapter 2165 Alchemical Sect Matthew led the way to Alchemical Sect on the following day. While they were on the way, Matthew recounted the stories of the sects in the hidden realm. Although there were only nine sects in the hidden realm now, there used to be more of them. However, these people fought and took over each other's clans. novëxo Ultimately, only nine were left after the battle, each dominating their lands. The nine sects might look like they were living harmoniously now without a care about the world as they cultivated, but the truth was the conflict between them never stopped as they all wanted to snatch the others' resources and make them theirs. Initially, Luminous Sect was one of the more powerful sects. Everything went downhill after Matthew was wounded and left with underlying ailments after his fight with the Demonic Cultivators. Hence, now he could only give resources to Alchemical Sect as tribute in return for the amp pill that would keep him alive. As the days progressed, the capabilities of Luminous Sect dwindled as their resources decreased, to the point where it was now considered the weakest among the nine sects. Soon, Jared and Matthew arrived at a valley. Jared scanned his surroundings. novelxo It was a barren land with no signs of life, so he asked, “Mr. Campbell, is this arid area where the Alchemical Sect is located?” He was confused because he didn't understand why the sect would settle in a desolate area. “Haha! Jared, what you see might not be the truth. I'm sure you know what that means, right?” Matthew laughed. Realization dawned on Jared

After Jared and the rest entered the main hall, a skinny, divine­looking man walked up to them, saying, “Haha! Matt, I speculated that you would show up these few days as your amp pill would finish soon. I was right!” The man chuckled as he patted Matthew familiarly on the shoulder. At the same time, the man gave Jared a once-over

. "Oh, you found yourself a new disciple? I've never seen him before!” Matthew looked upset. He wanted to ask about his condition when Jared stopped him. After all, Jared had shown up to use the Spring of Regeneration. He would have difficulty getting to that place if their meeting started on a sour note. Jared shot Matthew a look which the latter quickly noticed. He suppressed his anger, forcing a smile. “He isn't my disciple. Let me introduce him to you. This is Jared Chance. Jared, this is the lord of Alchemical Sect, Isaac Bachman. ” After the introduction, nvëlx. o Jared bowed to Isaac. “It's nice to meet you, Mr. Bachman