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Boss, Your Wife's Asking For A Divorce, Again

Chapter 1584

Chapter 1484 Everything Has Come to an End The bodyguards were also terrified because no one wanted to die. So, when the police in the sky ordered them to surrender, they immediately threw away their weapons and held up their hands. Though having money was good, one would need to live to use it. Connor watched the bodyguards surrender and was secretly displeased, but he couldn't do anything about it. On the other hand, he stood in his place, unwilling to surrender. "So what if I'm the only one left? Even if I'm alone, I still won't surrender, and I would definitely not surrender to you, Toby Fuller. " With narrowed eyes, Toby rebuked, "It doesn't matter to me whether you surrender. All I want to know is why you killed my father. Was it only because he married my mother?" As if listening to the funniest joke in the world, Connor burst out laughing. "Your mother? How could I kill your father just because she married him? I never even loved her!" "What?" Toby's face turned slightly pale. "You never loved my mother?" "Of course, I didn't love her. The person I love was never her. The woman I love is long dead. She died because of your father!" Connor roared with reddened eyes. With a tight frown, Toby asked, "What really happened?" "The woman I love grew up together with me. I loved her, but she fell in love with your father. But to get your father a birthday present, she went out at night and got raped. Eventually, she killed herself. All of that happened because of Homer Fuller. If it hadn't been for him, my Valerie would still be alive. That's why I hate Homer and vowed to kill him to avenge Valerie. " "That's outrageous!" Toby growled, "I'm sorry to hear that the woman you love has passed away, but what does that have to do with my father? Did he ask her to prepare a gift for him? Why didn't you go after the real culprits and blame everything on my father? Instead, what you're doing is adding insults to injury. " "Those people deserved to die too, and I didn't let them go. But your father is definitely not innocent. Why did he have to appear in our lives? Valerie and I have known each other for dozens of years, but I lost her right after Homer appeared. How could I not hate him? If he hadn't appeared, Valerie wouldn't have gone through all of that!" Connor was glaring at Toby with wide eyes. Toby closed his eyes and asked, "What about my mother? Why did you get together with her when you didn't love her? Why give her hope and then leave her in despair?" (adsbygoogle=window. adsbygoogleII[]). push({}); Hearing that, Connor snorted disdainfully. "It's because that woman had value. Once I discovered she was the person Homer loved, I deliberately approached her and made her fall for me. Then, I slowly brainwashed her, telling her the Fuller Family was targeting the Salzburg Family. Next, I asked her to marry Homer so that I have someone to help me deal with the Fuller Family, but that woman was an idiot. After she married Homer, she didn't try to get along with Homer and helped me steal the confidential files. Instead, she pushed him away, insisting on returning with me. " "So, you were using my mother from the beginning and never felt anything for her, am I right?" Toby clenched his teeth

"Now that Tina's dead and the Lores have gotten the punishment they deserved, all the dangers have been settled. So, should we start planning for you and Sonny's wedding? If you don't hold a wedding soon, Sonny's going to start showing, and she won't fit into her wedding dress. " When Toby heard that, he had a gentle expression

. "Grandma, you're right. We should start preparing for it. " "Atta boy. If you don't have time to prepare things like the wedding dress, I'll get Mary to help. " "Thank you, Grandma, but I've already had those prepared long ago. I didn't tell Little Leaf because I wanted it to be a surprise. " After saying that, Toby looked at the still-unconscious Sonia with gentle eyes. "Really? That's great. I thought you hadn't prepared anything. Who would have known that you've already planned for it?" Rose said as she giggled. "But I haven't found a venue for the ceremony, so I'll have to trouble you to help me. " Toby looked at Rose. With a wave of her hand, Rose agreed, "That's nothing. I'm happy that I can help you out. Sure, leave the venue to me, but when do you want the wedding to be?" "The end of this month. " Toby thought about it and decided he wanted it as soon as possible. "But that's less than ten days away. So, it's a tight deadline," Rose replied. "It's fine. We'll just pay more money and arrange for more people. " Toby wasn't worried about it. "Sure. We'll go with your plan then. I'll head back to prepare for the wedding. As for your proposal, you have to discuss that with Sonny. " After Rose was done, she left. At that moment, Tom knocked and came in. "President Fuller, I've finished investigating Xander. He became Connor's assistant five years ago, and his father used to be the president of one of our subsidiary companies but got involved with embezzlement. You sent that man to jail, and he died there. So Xander hates you and decides to work with Connor because he wants revenge against you. "