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Bye, My Irresistible Love by Gorgeous Killer Novel

Chapter 750

Chapter 750: The Last Wish Of ' George's Grandfather Helen's POV: I thought I had completely let go the past and moved on, but when I heard the mention of Lucy's name, my heart began to ache and my eyes turned red. After I transferred the money I owed her at that time, she asked me if I wanted to cut ties with her. However, her phone was off when I called her back. tried to reach out to her to see if Dyer could help transfer my mother to a different reliable hospital when my mother was seriously ill in Detroit, but she did not reply at all. In the end, my mother passed away and then I found myself pregnant, which left me with a great deal of sadness and pain, making me want to say goodbye to my past and start a new life in a new place. After my mother's funeral, I moved to my current residence, changed my phone number, and my social media account, never to contact Lucy or any of my friends again. I was so confident that I would be able to move on from my past, but when Westley mentioned Lucy again, I could not help feeling heartbroken. She had always been my best friend and had been with me during difficult times. Westley also mentioned that she was getting married soon. Was Dyer the man she was marrying? "How is she doing now?" I asked. "I think she is doing pretty well. haven't contacted her in a long time, so I did not even know much about her situation until a classmate of mine shared Lucy's wedding invitation on her social media accountIt seems like she is going to marry Dyer Coleman from Zhester Technology,"uovetesoox.¢omWestley said. I gave a faint nod. Although I have been blocking all the news articles about Zhester Technology for years now, I still stumbled upon some news about Dyer because of how rapid the company was growing.He even attended project launches and industry forums on behalf of, the company now. In a way, he had become the company's spokesperson. Besides the past, he was indeed a good candidate for marriage, and most importantly, Lucy loved him. But I rarely read about George on the Internet, and it was as though no one seemed to know where he had gone. Employees of Zhester Technology even mentioned that they had not seen him in a long time, and that only Boswell and Dyer reported to him occasionally. George's POV: For the past few years, I had been conducting research in the headquarters of Zhester Technology, so I seldom appeared in public. The only contact I had with the outside world was Chana, and even Boswell and Dyer reported to me through her, I changed a lot after the divorce, and was unwilling to communicate with most people. I shut myself off and spent day and night researching for the new products, which almost turned me into a soulless robot who knew nothing but work. never showed up unless the problem was too challenging for them to solve. After I started managing the research team, the products got updated faster, and a new product was released once in every six months, making each of them very popular and successful. Zhester Technology was getting progressively better by the day, leaving its competitors far behind But that was something that did not excite me as I was on y working to keep myself busy, and rot to actually make the company flourish. I felt like I could only feel at ease by putting all my energy into work. One day, Chana told me that my grandfather was seriously ill, and that my parents wanted me back home immediately. My mother kept calling me, but I ignored her calls. Chana said I should probably pick up my mother's call, but I just turned off my phone and went back to work. "You've been here for years now, Georgelt's time you went back to visit your family. Your mother told me that your grandfather doesn't have much time left," Chana said with concern. Grandpa had always been a healthy man, but he had gotten diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer a while back. He had always been the rock of the Affleck family, and two years ago, my father had won the election mainly because of my grandfather's support did not know if my father’s career would take a bumpy turn if my grandfather passed away. Chana also told me that my grandpa wanted to see me for one last time and that he was holding on for that very reason. Apparently, he had been thinking of me ever since he was diagnosed, and had hoped that I would come to see him.He even kept thinking of all those days I had spent with him as a young boy, and his last wish was to see me.