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Caged between the beta & alpha

Chapter 50

Shattering Control RAVEN ” Liam . ” I choked out as his hand became tighter . ” A – Alpha ! ” Ben stuttered , clearly not expecting the change in Liam . Liam’s eyes snapped towards him , his Alpha command surging forth . With just one look , the man lowered his head , moving away . Join Telegram Group For Fast update and Novel Query My eyes widened … That … Liam didn’t even say anything … ” Liam ! ” I said , my nails digging into his hands as I tried to get him to let go of me . ” Liam , please let go . ” My heart thundered as Liam threw me aside roughly , I hit the bars on the opposite side , groaning as pain jarred through me before I fell to the ground , just about breaking my fall . The burn of the silver searing my bare back made me pull away from them . ” A – Alpha … ” ” ” No one can protect you , not even her . Liam hissed as Dad spluttered , backing away from the bars . ‘ Run ! ‘ I told Ben , praying he didn’t have the keys just in case Liam tried to get them . He moved towards me , but I shook my head . ‘ I … I’ll call … ‘ He backed away silently , and I turned to Liam . My eyes widened in fear , watching him take hold of two bars and stretching them apart . My heart was in my throat . That wasn’t possible . Those bars were made to withstand a werewolf’s limits ... M y eyes snapped to his hands . Sure enough , they were burned , yet he clearly didn’t care . He smiled , almost psychotically , as h e stepped through the gap he had created . ” Alpha s – stop ! Y – You can’t kill me ! ” Dad shouted . I looked at Liam , stumbling to my feet as I ran into the cell . It wasn’t Dad that I cared about right now , it was Liam . I couldn’t let the darkness control him , whatever this was , it was strong . ” Liam please . ” I whispered , blocking his way . Reaching up I cupped his face tightly , only for him to grab my wrists in a painful grip , I felt something crack in m y left wrist but I didn’t let go . ” Stay out of this Darling , I told you … he will pay for the crap he’s given you . ” He hissed , pushing me away roughly as he adva ced Dad . I saw his claws come out as he lunged at m y father , slashing him across his chest . He didn’t stop , picking him up and flinging him down to the ground . ” Stop ! ” I shouted as Dad howled in pain , not even able to defend himself . He needed to stop . I ran towards him , pushing him away from Dad with all my strength . ” Liam please listen to me ! ” I pleaded , feeling the sparks course through us as I grabbed his face , this time bracing myself . ” Won’t you listen to your bitesize ? ” He sucked in a sharp breath , his heart thundering , and I saw his eyes lighten a little . The black that coated his whites was fading away slowly . ” Listen to me , blue eyes … ” I whispered , trying to ignore the discomfort in my wrist as Liam tried to pull out of my grip , only crushing my already painful wrist further . I didn’t let go , instead locking my arms around his neck . ” Liam … ” H His eyes flickered from cerulean to magnetic blue to midnight navy , his heart thundering loudly . I could feel his emotions as he fought against himself . ” You’re ok . ” I whispered , locking my arms tightly around his neck . As I placed a soft kiss on his throat , I locked my legs around his waist , clinging onto him tightly . That seemed to work as he gasped for air , staggering back . ” Fuck . ” He whispered . I leaned back , staring into his now bright cerulean eyes , relief flooding me . He looked around , as if realising where we were for the first time . ” Raven … ” He said , looking at me and then at Dad’s body that lay limp on the ground . He wrapped his arms around my waist tightly and I could hear how fast his heart was beating , burying his head in my neck as realisation settled within him . Just then , we heard the sound of running and saw Uncle El and Damon , realising Ben must have called them . Damon looked at us , worry clear in his eyes as Uncle El assessed the situation . I didn’t miss the way his eyes flashed when he looked at the bent bars or thei way his frown deepened as he hurried over to Dad . I unlocked my legs from around Liam’s waist , but he refused to let me go . I didn’t pull away . As much as he needed me , I also was worried for him . ” Will someone explain to me what the fuck is happening here ? ” Uncle El hissed , his eyes blazing cobalt blue as he looked a t us . ” Get him to the hospital ! ” Damon hesitated , before frowning and walking over to Dad , only to stop again . ” I don’t know if he deserves that uncle . ” H e whispered to everyone’s surprise . ” I put him in here , he’s staying here . He won’t die , although he should . ” Liam added coldly . ” Liam- ” ” I am the Alpha . My rules now , remember ? ” Uncle El clenched his jaw , looking at me and then at Liam . I looked between Damon and Liam . Damon was tense , I knew he was angry with my father , and Liam’s eyes kept flickering from magnetic blue to cerulean . ” Just let a doctor come see him … He isn’t worth getting your hands dirty over . ” I whispered , looking up at Damon . I saw Uncle El glance between the three of us , I had a feeling Aunty Red had probably told him our situation . ” What happened to Haru’s arm ? ” He asked tersely . ” He lost it . ” Liam said coldly . I saw Uncle El pause for a moment and knew he was mind linking someone . ” I set an example of what happens when you abuse your child . ” Liam said icily as h e glared down at Dad . ” Liam … ” Uncle El said , concern clear in his eyes . Liam didn’t reply , finally letting go of me and taking hold of my wrist . ” Ouch ! ” I yelled , unable to stop myself as pain shot up my broken wrist . All three men looked at me , and Liam let g o quickly . ” What’s wrong , Love ? ” He asked as I clutched my wrist , my eyes stinging from the pain . ” I think it’s bruised- ” ” The angle is fucking off . That’s broken . How did that happen ? ” Uncle El said , coming over as he took my hand in his . He examined my wrist before he snapped it back into place , making me gasp , eye watering pain shooting through me before I felt my arm healing . ” Ow … ” I said , pouting as I rubbed my wrist . Uncle El gave me a sympathetic look before his brows furrowed once more . Damon was by my side , taking my hand a s he massaged my forearm gently . ” How did you get hurt , Raven ? ” Uncle El repeated . My heart thumped . I couldn’t and I wouldn’t say , Liam … He would only feel bad . ” I just got ” I did that , didn’t I ? ” Liam asked quietly . ” No , it wasn’t you . ” I said , firmly looking up at him . ” The guilt and pain in his eyes made my own heart squeeze . A tense silence fell , even when a doctor and two guards came rushing in , I knew this conversation was not over . Liam turned away , yet I didn’t miss the turmoil and shock in his eyes . ” Get him treated and put him in one of the cells on the top floor with a bed . ” Liam muttered , his irritation and contempt clear in his voice . ” And how about the four of us get back to my house ? I think we need to have a talk . ” Uncle El said darkly . I looked up at him . His jaw was clenched , his nostrils flaring . The way he was looking at Liam told me he was pissed off . Liam frowned and as much as I didn’t want to get him in trouble , I knew that if w e told them about the curse , they could help . ” Let’s go then . ” Liam said , coldly leading the way out . My thoughts were in vain when Liam’s cold voice came through the link . ‘ If either of you mentions the curse … ‘ He left his threat hanging . I stared at his back , my own heart aching . I couldn’t sense his emotions anymore , h e had raised his walls once again . I prayed he didn’t shut me out again because he needed us … ‘ What happened ? ” Damon asked through the link . *** ‘ He heard me and Dad talking … He lost it I’m scared Damon , his eyes turned completely black … It was terrifying … He wasn’t himself . ‘ ‘ Yeah … I saw him rip your Dad’s arm off and he didn’t seem like himself then too … ‘ Hmm and I thought after talking to him I was going to unleash my wrath upon the two of you . Neither of you told me he was i n the cells . ‘ I said , trying to keep the annoyance from my voice . ‘ Sorry , gorgeous . ‘ Damon’s apologetic voice came . I looked at him and sadly those blue eyes o f his looked sorry . Still when things calmed down , I was going to unleash my wrath upon them . They are not forgiven ! ‘ I’ll deal with that after this talk . ‘ I mumbled through the link , now staring at Liam’s muscular back . Worry and fear consumed me as we walked through the pack grounds towards his parents ‘ home . The power that rolled off of him reminded me that this was not just an Alpha , but one of the strongest in the entire country … Time was running out and we still had no solid answers . Moonlight Muse Author Thank you for reading…. Previous Chapter Next Chapter