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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 11

Chapter 11,Coolest Girl in Town Elise was momentarily dazzled by Jonah’s smile as it reminded her of Robin. In an instant, her anger cooled. “Alexander asked me to help him dispose of his clothes, but Danny got the wrong idea about it." Danny's face showed a look of disbelief when he heard this. “Is what she said true, Alexander?” Alexander didn't explicitly tell her to throw the suit jacket away, but he had tacitly consented to her doing so when he said the suit jacket would be at her disposal. Therefore, he answered, “Yeah.” Jonah said in relief, “Ah, so it really is a misunderstanding. Apologize to Elise now, you brat!” Danny knew he had been in the wrong, but he was still unwilling to accept it, and his eyes turned red with resentment. “What are you waiting for? Apologize,” Jonah urged. Danny clenched his fists and uttered between clenched teeth, “I'm sorry.” Elise stared at him. She did nothing wrong, but for some reason, she felt as if she did. Feeling somewhat guilty, she faltered, “Uh... I-It’s nothing.” “Please get along well with each other from now on. I'm looking forward to Elise becoming the Griffith Family's daughter-in-law," Jonah said while looking at Elise earnestly. Elise’s face fell when she heard this. Get along well? I'm afraid that's impossible! ...... The Griffith Residence was huge, so there were many cleaners cleaning it early in the morning. Danny yawned as he went downstairs in a daze. Just then, he heard one of the cleaners saying, “Please be careful, Young Master Danny. The floor has just been mopped, so it’s a bit slippery.” “Okay.” Danny scratched his head and walked a few steps before turning around. He asked in an obedient demeanor, “Madam, could you please bring me a bucket of water?” The madam soon fetched a bucket of water for Danny, only to be shocked when she saw Danny pouring it down the stairs. He even said, “Don’t clean the stairs for now. Do it after breakfast.” As Danny loved playing pranks more than anything else, the madam didn't dare to ask any questions and agreed without hesitation. Elise is the only one upstairs, so there's no need to worry that someone else will slip on the wet stairs. At the thought of this, Danny burst into a guffaw; he could hardly restrain himself upon imagining what Elise would look like after falling down the stairs. ...... Elise was about to go downstairs when she ran into Alexander, who politely stepped aside and let her use the staircase first. She thanked him and then began descending the stairs. To her surprise, she had barely walked a few steps when she stepped on a puddle of water. As she slipped on the puddle of water, her whole body fell backward. Sh*t, I'm finished, she thought with her eyes shut, panic-stricken. Surprisingly, she found herself in the warm embrace of a man who had a very soothing smell on him. When she slowly opened her eyes and locked eyes with him, a red flush instantly flooded her cheeks. She quickly pulled away from him as if she had gotten an electric shock. Then, she turned around and was about to leave. Alexander felt as though the lady’s scent was still lingering on his hands. Seeing that she had walked some distance away from him, he finally recalled what he had wanted to say to her. “I helped you out yesterday at the party because Grandpa told me to. Don’t get the wrong idea.” Get the wrong idea? What wrong idea? The idea that he has a thing for me? Elise thought. Taking a deep breath, she replied with a smile, “I've always known my place very well, Young Master Alexander.” When she noticed a trace of emotion on his expressionless face, her smile broadened into a wide grin. “But you're so kind to me. I'm afraid I might lose control over myself and cross the line one day.” Danny was sitting at the dining table in the dining room while chatting and laughing with Matthew. When he saw Elise, he put down the piece of toast in his hand and got up to leave. “Sit down, Danny!” Jonah snapped. Then, he turned to greet Elise, saying, “Hurry up and have breakfast, Elise. Alexander will take you two to school in a while.” Danny looked gloomy. “Why? I don’t want to go to school with her!” Jonah replied insistently, “It's not up to you, you brat.” Danny took a huge bite off the piece of toast without saying a word. When he saw Elise turning up in one piece, he figured his plan had probably failed. As if that wasn’t miserable enough, he would be going to school with her from now on. At the thought of this, he took a few more bites off the piece of toast. Since that trick didn't work, I'll try another one! he thought