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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 14

Chapter 14,Coolest Girl in Town Danny was still in disbelief of Elise’s strong capability as he watched her receive the prize onstage. She clearly told him that she didn’t know much! Has she been intentionally hiding her true talents?! When the never-ending award ceremony finally concluded, Elise felt sore all over; she had to stand on the stage and listen to the principal's concluding remarks after her speech. It lasted as long as an hour, and now her legs were already numb. Danny went up to her with a bunch of Math Olympiad questions to give her a challenge. “Try and solve these if you can!” Elise lazily took the papers and started writing down her answers after just a glance at the questions. Danny studied her solutions and steps—she'd scored full marks for every one of them, and some of her solutions were even more efficient than the model answers given. Danny was shocked, speechless. Pointing at one of the questions, he asked, “This was the final question of the Math Olympiad earlier. Why didn’t you do it when you clearly know how to?” Elise simply didn't solve it to purposefully lose some marks, so she didn't even bother skimming through the question on the last page. “I didn’t have time to do it.” Elise decided to brush it off lightly. Deep inside, Danny held Elise in awe, but he didn’t let it show on the surface. He said, “I'll be as good as you in no time once I get serious, so don’t you start thinking you’re all that.” On the other hand, Jonah was overjoyed after watching the award ceremony. “You've made our family proud, Elise!” Elise could only smile awkwardly in response. “In that case, you can be Danny’s tutor and give him some extra lessons.” “I don’t have anything against it—as long as Danny's willing to have me as his tutor, that is.” Elise gave Danny the last say. Danny said confidently, “I can definitely do well if I start learning seriously, Grandpa." “I Know you can, but...” Danny tried his best to argue, but he was eventually convinced by Jonah to take Math lessons from Elise every day. ...... “New question. Solve it.” “Tch,” Danny complained under his breath as he flipped open the exercise book that Elise had tossed over to him. After glancing at the question, he said leisurely, “As someone who's as smart as a whip, I can't even be bothered to solve such a question after going through so much tutoring.” Elise shrugged and said in utter resignation, “How cocky.” After school, Danny went up to Elise when he saw her leaving the classroom on her own. He called after her, “My brother is coming to pick us up in a while. Where’re you going?” “Can't I go to the toilet?” Elise felt annoyed when the surrounding students started to gossip in murmurs. A blessing? I’ll gladly give it to you if you want. However, she could only tell herself that inside. If she were to voice it out loud, she would probably be drowned to death by the spit of these fangirls who took Danny as their idol. “I'm heading out first, then. I'll wait for you by the school gate." Elise ignored him and continued walking when she suddenly saw Nicole as she made a turn. “What's up? Why did you want to see me?” She received a note from Nicole right before school ended, so she came to meet up with her. Nicole teared up pretentiously as she whined, “I keep seeing you and Danny together recently. Do you like him?” Elise was a little bothered. “You've got the wrong idea.” Nicole choked back her tears and jolted momentarily before she replied, “So you don't like Danny?” When she saw Elise nod in response, she put on a bashful demeanor and said shyly, “Will you help me get together with Danny, then?” Nicole was the top student in school. If she really were to get together with Danny, Elise wouldn’t have to tutor him anymore. “How can I help?” Elise cocked her head and stared at Nicole. Seeing that Elise had agreed to help her, Nicole turned around, and a cunning smirk appeared on her face. “Let's go somewhere quiet. I can't tell you the details with so many people around.” Elise didn’t catch the look on Nicole's face and followed behind her without suspecting a thing.