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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 15

Chapter 15,Coolest Girl in Town Alexander was confused to see Danny walking out alone. He asked, “Where’s Elise?" “She already went home,” Danny replied with a smile. Alexander already knew all about Danny's mischievous little tricks. “Tell the truth!" Danny had no choice but to speak honestly after failing to trick Alexander. “She went to the washroom.” “Let’s wait for her.” Danny got into the car grumpily. However, there was still no sign of Elise even after he played a few rounds of mobile games. He instinctively grumbled under his breath, “What's taking her so long?” In the meantime, Alexander noticed the darkening sky and started to worry. “Do you have her phone number?” “I assumed a country bumpkin like her to be too poor to afford a phone. Why don't you ask someone else?" And so, Alexander called every one of his. brothers, but no one had any idea how to contact her. Thus, he pulled some strings and did all he could to search for Elise. Usually, someone who'd just arrived from the countryside would never run around recklessly in the city. She can't be in danger, can she? An uneasy feeling rose up his chest, and he started to worry about this wild young woman from the countryside. If something really happened to her... “Didn't I tell you to look after her in school?” Danny was shocked by his brother's sudden scolding. Alexander usually had a steady temperament, but it seemed like he was quite upset today. Danny felt wronged when he saw Alexander reacting that way. “I couldn't have followed her into the women's washroom, right...” Just then, Alexander realized that he had spoken a little too rashly. He said calmly, “I've already put people on a search for her. Let’s hope she’d simply lost her way.” ...... Elise felt her surroundings go dark all of a sudden. When she came to, she was somewhere that was pitch black. Her hands had been tied up and her eyes had been covered; there was also something in her mouth and she couldn’t speak a word. She was in a spacious room, and the air around her smelled dry and dead It was obvious that it was an abandoned space where no one had visited in a long time. Nevertheless, she managed to calm down very quickly. Luckily, her phone was still with her—they probably didn't expect that she’d even have one. Right then, the voice of a girl could be vaguely heard from outside of the room. ‘Take care of it well, and you can go abroad after this is settled. I'll help you, so just clean it up nicely." Elise was wondering who the voice belonged to when the door opened with a creak. The sound of a few sets of footsteps approached her, accompanied by a cold breeze of the night. “She's actually pretty hot if you just look at her body,” the man commented with a scoff as he crouched down a little. Nicole mocked, “I can't believe you're even interested in someone as lowly as her.” “Come on, Miss Snyder. I was just kidding,” the man cooed pretentiously. Nicole glanced at Elise who had curled up into a ball. She let out a dismissive scoff and said, “How dare you try to get your hands on Danny? Who do you think you are?” The voice was familiar in Elise’s ears. This voice... Isn't this Nicole? Is she jealous of me for being close with Danny? Before Elise could recover from her thoughts, a slap landed on her cheek. “What makes you think you’re good enough for the Young Master of the Griffith Family?!” Elise was caught off guard by the smack. She didn’t have much time to think since her cheek was burning with a stinging pain—at that moment, escaping was her top priority. She pretended to be afraid, but she was silently reaching up to grab the phone in her clothes. “Who are you guys? What are you going to do to me?” “We're going to take your life, of course!" Nicole pinched Elise’s chin forcefully as she taunted. The man beside her was shocked. “Say what? Hey, murder wasn't part of the plan when she asked me for help back then.” ‘It's just a joke. We just need to teach her a lesson on what she should and shouldn't touch.” Nicole snickered wickedly. Who's ‘she’? As Elise gave it some thought, Nicole landed a kick on her. She took the opportunity to collapse to the ground, swiftly pressing a button on her phone as. she did so and successfully sending out a help signal. Pfft, are you kidding me? Let’s see who has the last laugh!