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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 16

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 16 Meanwhile, a notification sounded on Jamie's phone with a ding. He had a feelin g that something was off. After all, this alert could only mean that his boss was in danger... He quickly tapped into the app on his phone, and the message clearly stated that his boss had been kidnapped. “Oh, poor you, Boss!" Jamie stared at the pinned location on the map as he wiped away an invisible tear. He lamented, “It seems like Boss has made an enemy in school! She can only count on him this time.” Daily latest update Just as he was about to send the location to Alexander, he recalled their grudge from before. Asi de from that, he was also afraid of exposing Elise’s true identity, so he decided to send Danny a message with an anonymous account in the end. “Please be safe, Boss!” Danny was contacting all of his friends to find Elise‘s whereabouts. All of a sudden, he received the message ‘from Jamies anonymous account. He jolted and said after a short moment, “Alexander, someone sent me a location and said that Elise’s there right now. Should we go?’ Alexander took the phone from his brother. Even though a sliver of suspicion passed over him, he eventually decided to head over and try his luck. “We will. What if she really is the re?” Right now, he had to go even if it was false information! Alexander opened the car door and started running toward the pinned location while Danny hastily chased after him. They arrived at a secluded area of the school according to the tip. This dorm itory hadn't been repaired in many years and was now an abandoned building. It wouldn't be surprising for no one to notice a thing if someone were to be locked up here. Alexander rushed into the dormitory and opened every door along the way, franti cally searching for the figure of that person. Danny followed after him as he panted, a sense of guilt rising in his chest. Even though they were constantly bickering with each other on the daily, he wouldn't be able to forgive himself if she was really in danger. Elise could taste the foul and metallic flavor of blood in her mouth. The bitter sen sation stung her throat with every word she spoke. “I can't say you're not amazing, Miss Snyder. You actually pulled the kidnapping card again. I really can't think of a reason for you to hate me this much, though.” Elise intentionally spoke loud and clear to stall for time. Nicole let out a few snickers. “Elise, you stole my position as number one in the competition and even got so close with Danny. Now you're telling me that I hate you for no reason at all?" “You're the only one who cares about getting number one in that stupid competiti on. I couldn't care less about it.” Elise’s words hit Nicole right where it hurt. She instantly jumped to her feet and ra ised her hand, preparing to land another slap on Elise’s face. Before she could do so, a loud bang sounded— the door was pushed open, and Nicole turned around in shock. The man beside her rushed forward to block their path. “Who are you guys?” Danny went up and slammed the man to the ground. Alexander pushed Nicole av Elise’s eyes were covered and her mouth was stuffed as she cowered by the corner like a hurt little deer. A Ic at her couldn't help but make others want to protect her and keep her safe. Danny exclaimed in astonishment, “Look what you've done, Nicole!” Danny didn't want to hear anything from her. He interrupted her and yelled, “Don’t to hear any of it!” As Alexander stared at Elise who was lying in his arms, his voice took a colder tur interested in what happened between you and Danny, but don't think you can get when you've laid a finger on someone from the Griffith Family.” Danny angrily threw a few punches at the man and left with Alexander after letting Nicole was utterly flabbergasted by what happened before her. She nervously too “She was rescued?” The woman sounded quite shocked on the other end of the li