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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 17

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 17 Alexander gazed down at Elise who was in his arms. The young woman's lips we re pale and her forehead was beaded with cold sweat. Her groans sounded painful yet tender, and she see med to be in a muddled state of mind with her eyes squeezed shut. However, her hands were still grabbing onto h is shirt tightly. In fact, Elise only intentionally provoked Nicole with her words when she vaguely heard noises of doors being opened outside earlier. And it turned out that she was right. She. let out a long, sharp hiss. Right now, her face was still quite painful. Alexander put her down on the back seat of the car. When he spoke, his voice was surprisingly gentle. “Do you... need to go to the hospital?” ‘There’s no need for that." Elise was a little shocked. Alexander frowned momentarily and sent her back to the Griffith Residence without saying anything more. When she was back in her room, Elise finally whipped out the phone she hid in her clothes and saw the explosion of text messages that Jamie had sent her. ‘Are you okay, Boss? Have you been rescued?’ Elise replied, ‘That I have, but it wasn't a small price to pay in exchange for it! Jamie sent her a crying emoji along with the text, ‘That's awful, Boss! Is there an ything I can help with?” I'll handle it myself. You don't need to know about it! ‘Alrighty, Boss. Let me know if you need anything. Jamie replied cheekily. Elise made a call after taking care of her energetic lackey. The receiver sounded very angry when she picked up the call. It was as though she was the one who had suffered through the incident. “Nicole Snyder, was it? I'll take care of it right away, Ellie..." “Thanks a lot, then!” Elise replied sweetly in a cute voice. “By the way, Ellie, I'll be visiting an old friend in Athesea quite soon, so I'd love to see you as well the woman on the other end said in a pampered tone. “Sure, sure. I'll bring you around and we'll have fun together.” Just then, a knock sounded on her door. Elise put away her phone and curiously opened the door. What came into view was the face of a man as cold as ice. “Here's the patient, doctor, Please take a look at her.” “Miss Sinclair, right? May I come in?” “Yes, of course.” Elise didn't want to reject the family doctor when she saw him holding bags of equipment in his arms, so she could only let him inside. The doctor briefly took care of Elise’s injuries and prescribed her some medicine after making sure that she was fine. ‘It's nothing serious for now. You'll be fine after some medicine, but we can do a full check-up if something comes up in the future.” Elise hastily sent off the doctor. “All right, thank you for the trouble. Bye!” The doctor then left promptly. Now, Alexander and Elise were left alone in awkwardness. He said all of a sudden, “Were you on the phone with someone earlier?” Elise pretended to be clueless about it. “Oh, that? It was just a spam call.” Alexander knew that he wouldn't get any answers. out of her and said, “Give me your phone number, then. That way, I can be more efficient when you need anything in the future.” “Sure, sure” Elise quickly agreed in order to make Alexander leave her room as soon as possible. Elise took Alexander's phone and her slender fingers tapped quickly on the screer shoved the phone back to him. “Good night, Alexander.” Alexander didn't want to stay long when he saw her grinning face. “Remember to After being forced to leave, he went straight to his study. At the same time, he received a call could they have fled ahead of time?” It's just beena few hours and the Snyders are nowhere to be found. Who could've gotten the nev struck first? He recalled Elise being on the phone earlier. She was speaking in such a light and cheerful tone; it was obvious that it wasn't a spam call. Besides, the way she was so secretive about it meant tt fishy. His assistant continued, “Should we continue looking into it?" Alexander lowered his eyes as he replied, “Don't look into the Snyders for now. Do a background check on Elise Sinclair insead.”