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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 19

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 19 Jack stiffened for a moment before quickly getting the security guard to seize the phony reporter. He frowned as he looked at her bleeding wound, “How are you feeling?” Elise smiled, “You should take care of your fans first.” Jack nodded and signaled his manager by giving him a look. “Sorry, but today’s meet and greet is canceled. See you all another time.” The fans screeched and shrieked. Jack's manager simply got the security to surround them Jack then helped Elise to the dressing room, Smack! A sheaf of papers was thrown onto one of the tables in the dressing room. Papers scattered haphazardly across the surface, having been dislodged from its neatly arranged pile. The manager felt dread coursing through his body. “We've investigated things thoroughly: your antis are behind this.” Jack was livid. “And you call yourself a manager? Allowing people to smuggle a knife to a meet and greet?” ‘My apologies. I didn’t go through the fans‘ belongings thoroughly thinking they were j ust props.” The manager was filled with remorse. Alexander looked at the injured Elise from where he sat. His heart felt tight, as though some invisibl e rope had bound it up. With each step he took toward her, that rope tightened its grip on him. “Enough. I'm going to send her to the hospital now. You handle whatever you nee d to do properly.” An undercurrent of fury peeked through Alexander's frigid tone. With that, he bent down, scooping Elise into his a rms before he left the dressing room. The manager only dared to speak again once Alexander had left. He handed ac ell phone to Jack. After the meet and greet had been canceled, Elise’s name became trending due t o the obsessed frenzy of the fans. Slurs and allegations were hurled at her all across the internet. ‘You can tell with one look that that woman's in league with that perpetrator. She failed at being a stan, so she did this instead to garner sympathy.” ‘She's a master alright! The manager weighed the situation. “How about I get a good PR agent to make an announcement?” “You don't have to.” Jack said as he quickly typed up a Tweet and posted it. ‘Elise saved me. Please stop spreading false claims! And stop ruining her life! The manager took the cell phone back, but he didn't understand Jack’s actions. “You've never mentioned anyone in your Tweets before. Why did you do such an illogical move? At this rate, your fans are going to drop you. You do realize you’re in the midst of a popularity boom, right?" Jack's voice darkened. “Don’t try to boss me around just because you're my manager. If my brother hadn't recommended you, I would've long since gotten someone else.” It had been a long time since someone had been this kind to him. Elise had rushed over to push him out of the way, and even when she was injured, she still smiled at him. He couldn't let a girl like this to be thrown out to the wolves and suffer all that hate speech. Once Elise was brought to the hospital, the doctor performed a full checkup on her. “Fortunately, it's just a minor wound. It didn't cut through your muscles or tendons. Some ointment will be enough.” Elise had just stepped out of the orthopedics department when she caught sight of Alexander sitting on the bench by the door. His eyes bore right into her, his expression mildly incensed. “I've never seen anyone this idiotic.” “What do you mean?” Elise was. puzzled. He's angry? Hey, I'm the one getting injured here. Why's he angry inste ad? “Have you forgotten the amount of injuries you have? Yet you still pounced forward!” He froze for a moment after the words left his mouth. He seemed to have unwittingly been concerned for her. Those were clearly words said out of concern, but they sounded like they were filled with reproach. Elise felt like she had been wronged for no reason. She had no idea what to say. Fortunately for Elise, a nurse came over with the medicine that the doctor had prescribed for her, breaking the stiffness in the air. “You're her boyfrie nd, yes? This is some anti-inflammatory medication. Please help her with this.” Alexander frowned, but he didn't speak. The nurse didn't figure out the true meaning behind Alexander's expression as she put her hands on her hips and chewed him out. “I could hear you two arguing when I was inside earlier. Your girlfriend is hurt. You think this is the time for fights? If that wound goes untreated, it's going to get inflamed.” Alexander still did not speak. He took the medication from the nurse, a cold look on his face. Elise watched as the nurse chastised Alexander. She felt like she had been saved, and she smiled and thanked the nurse. “Thank you. You're such a sweet lady.” Alexander showed no indication of speaking, but his magnetic voice boomed above her head. “Sit down. I'm going to apply the medication.” “And I don't want you to be the one applying it for me,” Elise said stubbornly. Alexander stiffened. He couldn't place the expression that he was currently wearing. When Elise noticed Alexander staring at her, she stared back at him, unwilling to show weakness. Much to her surprise, he suddenly leaned in close to her. “What's the big deal?” Elise’s heart hammered in her chest as her eyes widened like dinner plates. Alexander fell into a trance when he was staring at Elise earlier, and he unconsci ously leaned toward her. When he finally realized what he had done, he promptly put some distance between them again. His tone was as cold as ever when he spoke. “Your mind is slow. If you keep dragging things out, that wound is going to become inflamed.” Alexander's words were intimidating yet logical. Elise obediently stuck her arm out. Alexander cut away the fabric by the wound with a pair of scissors. The skin reve aled under her sleeve was milky white and striking, a few shades paler than the skin tone of her face. He smiled, and without saying another word, he continued to help her apply the medication. When he recalled the different Elise he had seen in his bedroom that night, he fell into pensive thought. Looks li ke something's fishy here. Elise turned her head to the side, trying to force herself to stay silent through clen ched teeth As he applied the medication, Alexander noticed Elise’s brows knitting together sl ightly. He then deliberately softened his movements. “All right. All you need to do after this is get some proper rest. Also, don’t go out so often for the time being.” Elise was puzzled beyond belief when she heard Alexander say that seemingly o ut of the blue. “You ruined Jack's meet and greet. His fans are not going to forgive you so easily “What kind of logic is that? I saved their darling idol, and they instead decided to t urn around and eat me alive?” Elise truly couldn't understand the minds of brainle ss stans. “You're going to stay at the hospital for now.” Clearly, Alexander didn't want to ke ep elaborating. “If you need anything during your stay, call me. Or tell Danny." When Elise recalled the incident, she felt all her hair stand on end. I suppose staying at the hospital isn't half bad. At least I don't have to interact with the Griffiths. “Hm... Okay then.” And so, Elise ended up staying in a VIP ward that Alexander had arranged for her day, she woke up to the smell of antiseptic. Shed never hated hospitals as much One day, the door to her room suddenly swung open while her mind was wanderil figure then entered the room Elise was still puzzled over the woman's identity until she saw the woman taking off her disguise to reveal a familiar face. “Aunt Cynthia, why are you here?” The visitor was none other than international superstar, Cecile Sinclair, or Cynthia Sinclair as she was known off stage. Cynthia‘s thick, blonde hair brushed past her shoulders in bouncy waves. Those thick lashes, that seductive gaze, and those thick and sexy lips all harmonized together into a stunning, charming face that drew others in... She blinked those lovely, expressive eyes of hers, and her lips parted slightly as she said, *...Ellie?” Only then did Elise snap out of her daydream. Oh, right. I still have my makeup on. Of course Aunt Cynthia couldn't recognize me at first glance. She only managed to explain everything that she had gone through after a lengthy explanation. ‘I think I get it.” Cynthia nodded. “Oh, by the way, how did you know that I was injured?” Has news about the incident even spread to other countries? Elise was : “Dad told me that you got hurt, so he wanted me to come back and see you so that he can get some peace of mind.” ‘I haven't seen Grandpa in a long time. I wonder how he’s doing.” Elise muttered to herself. “Relax, he's doing fine physically.” Cynthia poked at Elise and said in a pitying tone, “You, on the other hand, why didn't you take better care of yourself? You also got severely injured that other time when you took a knife for someone else. Don't get yourself involved in the future when there's danger.” Elise hugged Cynthia affectionately. “Got it, Aunt Cynthia. Elise was thinking of having a nice, long chat with her aunt when someone sudde