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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 23

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 23 Elise took a moment to appreciate Jamie's tactfulness before putting her phone away and continuing to immerse herself in the exercises. Slowly, she found solving difficult questions highly fascinating as she lost herself in the depth of knowledge. In the meantime, Alexander was in an utterly foul mood as a result of rejection. His assistant carefully reported, “They rejected our invitation, Young Master Alex." He immediately stopped whatever he was doing as his frown gave him a unibrow. His mind was constantly drifting to the scene during the car race back then. The woman's slender figure and her stunning posture just wouldn't leave his mind All this time, he had been looking for that woman. However, that woman just vaporized, leaving no traces as she left. Regardless of the substantial amount of money he was willing to offer the woman to join him in a friendly race, she seemed to be uninterested about it, which led Alexander to be even more invested in finding her. ‘Raise it to fifty million. Get her to me no matter what it takes.” “Yes, Young Master Alex.” The assistant wiped the sweat off his forehead before silently leaving the room Alexander was all alone in the spacious office then. He turned his head toward the window and started contemplating. After a short while, he pulled open his drawer and grabbed a CD before inserting the disc into his computer. With that, a clip of a car race popped up in his monitor. Three years ago in the French Grand Prix, a participant from Cittadel named Sue won the first prize and shocked the world. That time, Sue left a great impression on him. Since then, he had been trying to look for Sue, personally desiring to receive lessons on how to perform a three sixty drift. Nonetheless, for some reason, after the international competition, Sue never appeared in the public eyes again. Despite having countless connections, he couldn't find any trace of hers. It wasn't until a week ago when the woman appeared at the car race that Alexander saw hints of Sue on her. Could she be Sue? A dash of profound sensation flashed across his eyes as they were fixated on the computer screen that was replaying Sue's flawless three sixty drift and her steady brake. Shortly after, the car door was opened and she alighted the vehicle with a subtle smile on her face, her smile lethal to many’s eyes, including his. A simple glance at her face was enough to leave him astounded for years. From the depth of his heart, he decided to search for her no matter the price. I will find you no matter what! Meanwhile, Jamie, having assumed that the other party would stop pursuing after getting rejected, dropped his jaw when he saw them upping their offer to fifty million. “You're sure? Fifty million?” Jamie questioned to clarify things up, and was stupefied when he received confirmation from the opposite party. Nonetheless, when he recalled his boss’ words, he eventually refuted. ‘I'm sorry. Maybe next time. Boss said she’s busy, so she'll not have the time.” “Don't worry, Mr. Keller. We are open to discussions if it's about the money. As long as you are willing to come to an agreement, any figure is negotiable.” Hearing that, Jamie could no longer contain himself. They're actually willing to pay anything just for a friendly race with Boss? As his fingers rhythmically tapped on his desk, he thought it was best that he didn’t lock on a definite answer. Instead, he decided to discuss it with Elise. After all, the offer was inhumanely alluring. “Very well. I shall discuss with my boss and give you an answer later.” At Jamie’s consideration, the other party heaved a sigh of relief. “Great. We shall await your good news.” When the call ended, he had already come up with plans to persuade Elise into it. However, since she had committed herself to the City Mathematics Olympiad Competition, the friendly race could only wait. Elise wasn't expecting the level of persistence the other party had. In that instance, all her concentration was placed on her Math Olympiad questions, which she had been working on every day, including during Chinese class, and that piqued her teacher. “Translate this sentence, Elise.” When the teacher mentioned her name, she instinctively raised her head, only to see her classmates gazing at her. At that moment, Jasmine Anders, class representative of the Chinese class, couldn't help taking a jab at Elise. “She's from the countryside, Miss. They must not offer Chinese classes there. Maybe you should just speak English with her." Upon those words, the classroom was filled with laughter while the teacher angrily stared at Elise. “Pay attention to the class if you know you're bad! Your monthly test is near. I don't want the entire class to fall behind because of you alone." Elise revealed a scowl as she casually scanned across the content on the blackboard. She then stood up and answered, “It means that if corruption becomes the norm in the world, innocence itself will be a crime.” Her calm yet clear enunciation traveled into every ear in the room, including the teacher's. Everyone in the room was left dumbfounded, especially the teacher as she got the phrase from sources that were completely out of the school syllabus. Her intention of presenting the phrase was to keep the students’ confidence in check and remind them of their places. Little did she expect, the bland-looking Elise actually managed to translate the sentence correctly. “Did I get it right, Miss?" Elise inquired with a straight face, to which the teacher cleared her throat to cover up her embarrassment. “Yes, please be seated.” The teacher's attitude was obviously different than before. Having seen that, the other students revealed an amazed expression. The country girl actually speaks Chinese? And that included Danny who was right beside her. “Hah! Your guessing skills are getting better and better, Elise. You actually got it right.” Elise apathetically rolled her eyes at him. A couple of right guesses might have been luck, but every time? Do you hear yourself? Of course, Danny wouldn't have thought about that. He only felt that Elise was really good at guessing, which suddenly made him worried about the bet he had with her. On second thought, screw my worries. No one's that lucky to get everything right.Besides, it's the City Mathematics Olympiad Competition, not some entry- level test. There's no way a lowlife country girl like Elise can win. I must be imagining things! On the other hand, Elise wouldn’t have expected to draw so much disconcertment from just correctly translating a sentence. Among the people that disdained her, the one that hated her most was the Chinese class representative, Jasmine. Before this, Jasmine was the only student that could answer even the most difficult translation questions given by the teacher. Thus, she had always been the spotlight during Chinese classes, and that gave her a tremendous sense of pride. Unfortunately for her, Elise snatched her limelight today. Jasmine wouldn't have minded or felt any shame if it was anyone else. But it just had to be Elise, that urban b*tch! That's damn insulting! How am I supposed to live with this?