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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 25

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 25 Elise was chewing on her pen when she heard the question. In response, she quickly lifted her head to glance at Alexander and hummed. “When's the competition?” Alexander asked again. “Next Friday at Athesea High.” As she recalled Jack had once mentioned that Alexander had taken part in a Mathematics Olympiad competition before too, she added, “I heard you participated in a Mathematics Olympiad competition before and had even won the first prize. Do you have any tips for me?” Alexander lifted his brows slightly. “That was a long time ago, so I can’t be of much help now.” Elise hummed in response and said nothing else. As such, the atmosphere in the car went silent once again. Fortunately, they arrived at the Griffith Residence in no time After the car stopped, Elise opened the door and got out of the car. Then, she walked into the living room after changing her shoes on the porch and saw Jonah having tea leisurely while sitting on the couch. “Ellie, you're home!’ ‘Hi, Grandpa,” Elise addressed Jonah courteously. Joy spread across Jonah’s face when he saw Elise. “How are things at school, Ellie? Just tell me if you're unhappy with anything, or you can complain to those few rascals too. Don't let yourself suffer.” “Alright, Grandpa! You don’t have to worry about me.” “You're such a polite child. Jonah said with a bright smile. Then, he saw Alexander who just entered the house. “Alex, please help me to look after Ellie if she needs anything. She's a girl, so we should give her more care.” Alexander did not refute Jonah’s words but answered indifferently, “Alright, Grandpa." Jonah couldn't be bothered about Alexander's apathetic response. So, he diverted his attention back to Elise and said, “Ellie, I heard that you're going to participate ina Mathematics Olympiad competition. Alex is pretty good at Math Olympiad. He can tutor you.” Hearing that, Elise quickly rejected it. “It's okay, Grandpa. I'd rather not trouble him. “Not at all. Alex, you'll be Ellie’s Math Olympiad tutor from tonight onward. Do teach her whatever you know so. that she will excel in the competition.” Jonah was so determined that there was no opportunity for Elise and Alexander to reject the proposal. Elise actually wanted to say something but could only bite her tongue toward the end. On the other hand, Alexander always honored Jonah's word and would never go against him, so neither did he reject the order. As such, Alexander became Elise’s Math Olympiad tutor. During dinner, Jack was driven up the wall when he knew Alexander was going to give Elise tuition because Elise would most likely win the competition with Alexander’s help. If that happened, he would lose the bet. Freaked out, Jack secretly pulled Alexander to the side after dinner. “Alex, I’m begging you-can you please don't give Elise tuition?” Alexander wore a calm look and replied nonchalantly, “That's Grandpa’s order.” What he meant was he couldn't defy Jonah’s order. Jack became even more anxious. “C'mon, Alex. You can tell Grandpa that given Elise’s capability, she doesn't need a tutor at all-or, you can just palter with Elise, as long as she doesn't win the competition.” Alexander nodded upon understanding Jack’s intention and gave an ambiguous answer. “I'll try to...” Jack immediately placed his hands on his lap and feigned a pitiful look. “Please help me out, Alex..." Just then, Jack met Elise’s eyes as she walked toward them. At once, he put on a normal look and pretended as if nothing had happened. “Go ahead, Alex. I shall excuse myself first as I still have some matters to attend to,” he said in a serious manner and quickly slipped away thereupon. On the other hand, Elise wasn't bothered about it at all and went upstairs directly while Alexander followed right after. Upon entering her room, Elise was about to close the door when a big hand stopped her from doing so before pushing the door open. Thereafter, Alexander walked in straight. “What're you doing here?” Elise asked. Alexander ignored her and directly walked toward her study table and answered in a serious manner, “Grandpa asked me to tutor you.” Elise quickly rejected it. “It's okay, there’s no need. You may leave now.” However, Alexander had no intention to leave at all so he immediately sat down on the chair. “I never defy Grandpa’s orders. You know that. So, please bear with me.” Elise was rendered speechless. She wanted to say that she really didn’t need a tutor, but thinking about Jonah's kind intention, she decided to stop rejecting it. Alexander took up Elise’s practice questions and flipped through them. Besides her nice handwriting, her workings were very clear too, which made it pleasant for one to read. “Your workings are quite clear, but you made a mistake here.” Alexander said while pointing out Elise’s mistake. Elise walked over and took a look at her practice book. “Which question?” she asked. Alexander pointed at the second question. “Your method and formula are correct, but in the second step, you've misread the cube root as a square root, so your following calculations are all wrong,” Elise looked at the question. He's right. ‘I've attempted this question a few times and it still felt wrong. Oh, so this is the mistake." With that, Elise immediately sat down on a stool beside him and started correcting her calculation. She was so concentrated on amending her workings that she had completely not realized that the two of them were getting closer to each other. ans After Elise amended her answer, Alexander pointed at another question and said, “You did not solve the second part of this question because you forgot to draw a graph. If you add a graph here, you'll be able to solve this question using the Pythagoras Theorem.” Elise attempted the question again according to Alexander’s instruction, and sure enough, she soon solved the question. “You're really awesome!" Elise couldn't help but praise Alexander. Then, she flipped to the last question which was the one she had a hard time solving. “Please help me take a look at this one too!” Alexander hummed in response and started reading the question. For some reason, he was distracted by the scent of a fragrance that only young women would possess. At once, he quickly regained his composure and shifted his focus. However, he still unintentionally caught sight of Elise’s side profile and was attracted by her expression and behavior.