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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 26

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 26 Elise was so concentrated on solving the problems that she did not notice Alexander’s exploring gaze. After she completed one question, the scrap paper was already full of workings. Elise stretched while a deep voice emerged from beside. “Good job. You've used the correct method and formula Continue with the next question. This question is less challenging than the previous one.” Elise hummed in response and continued solving the questions with high spirits. As time passed, Elise became so tired that she dozed off on the study table. The dim light shone on her ugly face, but at this moment, Alexander thought Elise didn’t look that bad at all. He even thought she looked rather gentle. Standing up, he then carried Elise and laid her gently on the bed. Upon being put on the bed, Elise flipped over and slept like a log after adjusting to a comfortable posture. The next morning, Elise woke up to see sunlight shining through the window. She flipped over and sat up from the bed. It was only then did she realize she was still wearing the school uniform from yesterday. After being in a daze for a while, she recalled that she dozed off at the study table last night. How did I get to the bed? She thought of a possibility but quickly patted her head ruefully and got out of her bed swiftly to dress up in the changing room Fortunately, her makeup still looked fine and her wig did not come off. Elise checked her appearance in the mirror again and only went downstairs with her school bag after ensuring that everything looked fine. The car was already awaiting her at the gate. Elise quickly opened the door and got into the car. It was only then did she realize the driver was actually Alexander. At once, Elise's mind ran wild as she thought of last night's scene. Feeling embarrassed, she pretended to be unaffected and sat quietly at the backseat. Alexander started the car engine and drove out slowly. On the way, no one spoke a word. Elise had never felt so awkward before as she could even sense the suppressed atmosphere. Inwardly, Elise kept praying that she would arrive at the school as soon as possible. When they arrived at the school, Elise couldn't wait to open the car door before the car even stopped properly. However, the door was locked from the inside. “Please unlock the door, Elise said. However, at this moment, Alexander passed her a book. “What is this?” Elise wore a perplexed look. Alexander explained, “It's Math Olympiad past-year questions. You might find it helpful.” “Oh, I don’t need this.” Without thinking, Elise rejected immediately. However, Alexander didn’t even give her the chance to reject as he insisted, “I never take back things that I've given out. If you don’t need it, you can throw. it away.” As much as Alexander's tone was indifferent, Elise still perceived his displeasure. Oh well, anyone would be displeased upon being rejected. Elise did not want to provoke Alexander again, so she took the book from him and said, “Alright then. Thank you!” Alexander’s expression became less tense after Elise received the practice book. After humming in response, he unlocked the door and Elise got out of the car. “Thank you. Drive safe.” Elise waved at Alexander. This time around, Alexander did not leave immediately but watched Elise enter the campus and waited until she disappeared from his sight. It was only then did he retract his gaze and drive away. Elise walked through the corridor toward her classroom. Holding the practice book from Alexander, she couldn't understand what his intention was. Eventually, she decided to stop thinking about it. Since Alexander gave her the book out of kindness, she decided to keep it. Besides, she had almost finished the practice questions that she had. So, now that Alexander had given her some new material, she could save the trouble of buying new practice books. At that thought, Elise stopped questioning Alexander's intention. After entering the classroom and putting down her bag, she started reading the practice questions, “Hey, Elise. Good morning!" Mikayla greeted Elise the moment she arrived at the classroom. Then, she took out her favorite lollipop and passed it to Elise. “This is for you." Elise lifted her head to glance at Mikayla, and her eyes were filled with excitement at once. “How did you know that I like this flavor of lollipops?!" Mikayla was surprised too as she did not expect them to have the same preference. “Haha! Great minds think alike, huh?” Elise received the lollipop and started sucking on it after unwrapping it. At once, a familiar taste spread across her mouth. During this period, she had always disguised herself and abstained from her favorite food. She even forced herself to quit having lollipops, which she had been eating for many years. Now that she had a taste of the familiar flavor, she felt elated. “I still have many lollipops of different flavors at home. I'll bring them for you next time.” Mikayla blinked at Elise cheerfully, and the two girls broke into laughter in spite of themselves. Meanwhile, Jasmine's eyes darkened when she saw the intimacy between Mikayla and Elise. Initially, Elise, the ugly girl, was not well received among her classmates, and Jasmine had always looked down upon her. However, it turned out that Elise was very capable to the extent that even Jasmine was defeated. In just a few days’ time, everyone in the class had changed their attitude toward Elise. Furthermore, Elise’s Chinese oral was so good that even Jasmine couldn't hold a candle to her. As Jasmine was the representative for Chinese class, she felt humiliated. Ever since young, Chinese was Jasmine’s forte, and she had never met an opponent before. Snorting, Jasmine clenched her fists and decided she had to think of a way to surpass Elise. “Hey, Jasmine, let's go to the library together later,” Jasmine’s deskmate patted her shoulder and said. Feeling vexed, Jasmine rejected her deskmate directly, “I'm not going. You can go ahead.” Before this, Jasmine had heard from her parents that Beter planned to head back to the country. Beter was a well-known Chinese teacher who was very experienced. Besides that, to become one of Beter’s students had always been her dream. This time, she was determined to buck up in practicing so that she could become Beter’s student as soon as possible and stop being surpassed by Elise. Elise was not aware of Jasmine’s intention at all and was only focusing on her Math Olympiad practice questions. By the time she finished attempting the practice questions that Alexander gave to her, the day of the examination had arrived Danny sent Elise to the examination hall personally. Although he had seen Elise practicing every day during this period, he never thought that Elise was actually talented. After all, Math Olympiad was not like any other subjects where one could score by merely putting in more effort-in this case, one needed to be talented in order to master it. Before leaving, Danny said, “You can take a nap on the table if you really can't solve the question. We won't laugh at you even if you only score a few marks. As for the bet, just acknowledge it if you lose.” Elise lifted her brows slightly and asked, “Are you so certain that I'll lose?”