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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 27

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 27 At this moment, Danny simply showed a disdainful expression. Meanwhile, Elise didn’t say much more. She simply ended the conversion with a succinct sentence. “Remember. Don’t be a sore loser.” After that, she entered the exam venue without looking back. The Math Olympiad exam was two hours. After entering the exam venue, she found her designated seat based on her exam pass and started answering the questions once the paper was handed down As time passed, she managed to complete the paper in less than an hour. After double-checking her answer sheet, she submitted it early as she deemed it satisfactory. Upon exiting the exam hall, she heard the sound of a car's honk. At this moment, a lowkey Audi A8 came to a stop in front of Elise. The car window was then rolled down, revealing Jamie's cheeky face. He gave Elise a welcoming look as he said, “Boss, get in the car.” Frankly, Elise didn't see this coming. Nevertheless, she pulled the door open and got into the car. After that, the car was driven off. “Boss, how was the exam?” “Not bad!” Despite the simple answer, Jamie knew what she truly meant. “Boss, you can at least try to be a little bit more humble.” “Sure! To what do I owe the pleasure?" With a grin, Jamie answered her question with a question. “Can't I just buy you a meal?" However, Elise knew him too well as she figured Jamie must have a reason to come to her in person. “We can grab a bite,” she said. “Sure thing! Just sit tight!” As Jamie announced that, he stepped on the gas and the car started to speed up on the road like an arrow shooting off a bow. He brought Elise to a high-end restaurant only accessible by members, and they chose a private room that was more secluded. It was then that Elise said straightforwardly, “Tell me, why are you here to see me?" Hearing that, Jamie cheekily poured Elise a cup of tea before giving it to her. “You know me the best, Boss. There’s something I have to ask of you.” ‘Don't beat around the bush. Shoot.” ‘It's actually nothing big. It's about the previous issue. The opponent has offered a price of 50 million. It seems that this isn’t even the peak price yet.” That made Elise freeze for a moment. Her brows furrowed as she asked, “Do you know who's the opponent?" Nodding his head, Jamie answered, “Alexander Griffith.” Hearing that, Elise felt her taste buds lose the sense of taste. She immediately put down the teacup. “How is it him?” “Boss, he seems to be interested in you. Why don’t you go meet him? After all, we can't be rejecting money, can we?” Though she wanted to refute, she recalled how there were two questions from the notes he prepared for her that came out in the Math Olympiad exam. It made her feel as if she owed him one. Moreover, the orphanage at the northwest needed to be renovated. Thus, a huge amount of funds was required. The 50 million could definitely come in handy. ‘I can go, but on one condition.” Seeing that she finally gave in, Jamie was over the moon. He would've agreed even if ten conditions were given, not to mention just one. “Boss, just tell me your condition.” Closing her eyes for a brief moment, she put on a serious look before saying, “I'll only race with him and him only. I do not wish for a third person to be around watching.” At once, Jamie understood. “Sure, Boss. I'll let the opponent know your proposal It'd be great if he accepts it. If he doesn't accept it, then so be it.” Hearing that, Elise hummed in agreement. Jamie and Elise then happily enjoyed their meal. As they were leaving after the meal, they coincidentally bumped into Alexander. Immediately, Jamie and Elise kept a distance between them as one of them walked ahead of the other. Looking at him, Elise forced herself to greet him. “How coincidental! You're here to eat too!” Alexander was here to discuss a contract with a business partner. As his partner fancied the food served in this restaurant, he made a reservation here. Obviously, he didn't expect to see her here. “You're here to eat alone?’ Nodding her head, she said, “I've finished eating, and I’m just about to leave.” As he didn’t say anything, she left. After that, he looked toward the private room that she walked out from. He could clearly see two sets of utensils on the table. At once, the light in his eyes dimmed. Obviously, she had lied. However, why did it concern him? As he was amidst his thoughts, his phone in his pocket suddenly rang. He picked it up and learned that it was a call from his assistant. “Mr. Griffith, the opponent has agreed to race with you, but she has a condition.” At once, his eyes lit up like it was Christmas. At this moment, he didn't bother to care about anything else. “Try to satisfy their request no matter what it is and set a date and time." “Alright, Mr. Griffith.” After the meal, Elise headed back to school. Upon arrival, she was summoned by her Mathematics teacher to the office in a secretive manner. “Elise, how was the exam? Were the questions tough? Are you confident?" Pursing her lips, she answered truthfully, “It's alright.” When Mr. Winfrey heard that, his last sliver of hope shattered into pieces. He then sighed as he gave her shoulder a pat as consolation. “It's alright. You tried your best. Go along and prepare for class." Initially, she wanted to say something, but she swallowed back her words after seeing the disappointed look on his face. “Alright, sir. I'll get going then.” After she left, he shook his head helplessly before heaving a sigh. To be frank, he had high hopes for her as he saw her potential. That was why he recommended her to join the City Mathematics Olympiad Competition. However, it seemed that his hopes were all for nothing now. Another teacher in the same office consoled him. “Mr. Winfrey, don’t sigh. It's not every day you meet a Mathematics Olympiad genius like Mr. Griffith. Don’t let it get to you." Mr. Winfrey sounded a little disappointed as he said, “Perhaps that's true. Nevertheless, I think that Elise is a great candidate. I’ve seen her way of thinking when she solves questions. It was rather special. However, it seems that she will not pass with flying colors this time. I suppose it’s the mentality. She has to gain more experience and practice more to excell’ Shaking his head, he fell silent as he headed to his next class with a water bottle After the Math Olympiad exam, the results would only be released two weeks. later. Elise simply gave herself a rough estimation of the marks she'd get. After completing the exam, she neither kept the thought in mind nor did she worry about the results. On the contrary, someone else was rather concerned about her results. Danny had pulled quite some strings to find out the difficulty level of the questions on the Math Olympiad exam this time. “Can I trust you? Have you gotten the news yet?” “Don't worry, Young Master Griffith. I did a lot of research on Reddit. The difficulty is quite hard this time. You need not worry about it.” Nevertheless, Danny asked dubiously, “Really?” “You have my word. Don’t worry.” Hearing that, Danny finally felt relieved