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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 28

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 28 Almost all of those in the city who excelled in Mathematics would participate in the Math Olympiad competition, but only very few of them would win a prize. For someone at Elise’s level, there was a slim chance to win. Hence, it was almost certain that Danny would win. Although the outcome was predicted, he couldn't help but feel proud. He was. finally getting rid of the ugly monster. Therefore, he had his chin up for the coming few days as triumph was written all over his face. It was especially evident whenever he picked her up. “Ugly Elise, it's another day less of seeing you.” Hearing that, she snorted. “Childish.” She didn't feel affected by his insults at all as she was completely invested in her race with Alexander. Jamie had already set a date and time with the other party. ‘Boss, this Sunday at 8 o'clock. Black Dragon Tunnel! Looking at the message Jamie had sent her, Elise replied with an emoticon of an OK hand gesture. That day after school, Elise used the excuse of hanging with her classmates with the Griffiths. “Grandpa Griffith, I'll be going to my friend's place to hang out at night, so I won't be coming back. Don't worry about me.” “Okay. Be careful outside.” Jonah acknowledged before he hung up the phone. Putting the phone back into her pocket, Elise waited for Jamie to pick her up. She then removed her makeup and changed her clothes, revealing her fair, flawless face. Usually, she wore a wig and had makeup on to disguise herself. She did it so often that she almost forgot how she actually looked. Now that she was looking into the mirror without her disguise, she saw a youthful young girl. With that, she couldn't help but smile. To avoid getting recognized by Alexander, not only did she have a change of clothes and makeup, she even put on a fox mask. Jamie had brought Elise to the garage leading to the Supercar C-001. Seated in the driver's seat, Elise skillfully stepped on the gas pedal to the max, bringing the car to great speed in the next second Soon, the night came. Fortunately, nights in the summer were not too dark. With just the right amount of wind blowing, it felt relaxing. At 8 o'clock sharp, she arrived at Black Dragon Tunnel punctually. She then took the initiative to greet Alexander. “I didn't expect that you'd be so punctual.” Elise had a very different image today as if she was another person, so he didn't notice anything off at all. “You can decide on the rules.” At once, a smirk crept up her lips. “Two laps around the tunnel road. Whoever gets to the finish line first wins.” “Sure, no problem.” Both of them seemed to have come to a mutual understanding. Not long after, they stepped on the gas pedal in sync before their cars sped through the spiral road ahead Since young, she was very into car racing because she liked the feeling of speed. She dug the adrenaline that pumped in her veins as she sped through the road. However, her family had always thought that it was too dangerous, so they never approved of it. Every time, she had to secretly practice driving. She would even take part in some racing competitions from time to time. Things had just come to a slower pace these recent years. Now that she was back behind the wheels, excitement and passion filled her eyes. With her foot fully stepped down on the gas, she was overwhelmed with the joy of speed. As she skillfully handled the wheel, it didn’t take long before he was behind her. From the rear mirror, she took a glance at the car that was chasing her end before a smile was formed on her lips. At this moment, she pulled a beautiful 360-degree drift that'd make one feel overwhelmed. It was such a dangerously beautiful car racing technique that was executed flawlessly. Meanwhile, Alexander, whose vehicle was still behind hers, had witnessed that. At once, his eyes were filled with excitement. It's her! It really is her! He had finally found her! Happiness was plastered on his face, Immediately, he stepped on the gas pedal to catch up with her. On the Black Dragon road, two speeding cars were in an intense race. In no time, the cars were side-by-side. At this moment, Alexander couldn't hide his excitement anymore and asked, “What's your name?" Nonetheless, she could only feel the wind in her ears, and not a word that he said. “What did you say?” He then said louder, “Are you Sue? The champion of the international competition three years ago?” The car was still going at a high speed, and she couldn't hear a thing of what he said. Giving him a confused look, she decided to speed up and listen to him at the finish line. As they came to a turn, she didn’t plan on reducing her speed. She simply passed through with another beautifully executed drifting technique. Meanwhile, he tried to surpass her at the turn to talk to her clearly. Unexpectedly, the brake system of his vehicle had malfunctioned at the turn, and a loud bang could be heard Alexander's car had run into the divider at the turn. Upon hearing that, she was alarmed. At once, she stepped on the brake and stopped her car by the side before getting out of it. She then ran toward his vehicle. As she ran, she dialed Jamie's phone. “Come over quickly. Alexander got into an accident.” Her tone was obviously very urgent. Before the phone call ended, she had already reached his vehicle. From the window, she could see that he had already lost consciousness. At the same time, she noted a thick gasoline smell in the air. Realizing that something bad was about to happen, she didn't think twice before she threw her fist and broke the car's window open. Despite the numbing pain on her knuckles, she disregarded it. “Alexander, hang in there just a little longer." As she said that, she pulled the car door open before unbuckling the seatbelt for him. She then forcefully pulled him out of the car. With the weight of a 1.8 meter tall man solely supported on her, she could only grit her teeth as she pulled him away from his car. When she had gotten them to an approximate distance of several meters away, a loud explosion sound rang in her ears. Out of instinct, she leaned down to protect him as the two of them lay on the ground with their fronts facing downward. When Jamie had arrived, he couldn't consider too many factors. He quickly rushed to them before asking in concern, “Boss, how are you? Are you alright? I'll send you to the hospital immediately.” Facing Alexander, Elise said, “Don’t bother about me. Go see how he is doing." It was only then that Jamie noticed Alexander, who had already passed out. He then carried him into his car without much hesitation. “Boss, how are you?’ ‘I'm fine. Send him to the hospital first.” Nevertheless, he still felt a little unsettled. After getting reassurance that she was alright, he finally left to send Alexander to the hospital. It was only then that she dusted her clothes down as she looked at the raging fire behind her. At this moment, she finally noticed that her right hand had a wound from punching the glass window open. At that point, the blood had already clotted, and she didn’t really feel much pain. Her eyes were dark as they were filled with sadness. Her grandpa used to tell her that racing was very dangerous. He had even told her not to get involved in it, but she could not refrain from it. Now that it had led to an accident as such, she couldn’t help but feel guilty. She could only pray that he'd be fine.