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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 29

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 29 The news that Alexander had gotten into an accident had alarmed a lot of people. In the hospital, the Griffiths were all present, including Jonah “How's Alexander? Is his life in danger?” Danny asked the doctor in a very anxious tone. The doctor then answered truthfully, “Aside from outer injuries, there isn’t much trauma on his body. However, we will only be sure after a thorough examination. Please be patient.” “Thank you, doctor,” Jonah said with sincerity. Knowing that the Griffiths are of noble backgrounds, the doctor reassured them, “Don't worry, we'll try our best.” reas When Elise arrived at the hospital, she had changed back to her usual look. She had even bandaged the wound on her right hand. “Grandpa Griffith, is Alexander okay?" He then gave a few pats on the back of her hand, unsure of whether they were to assure her or himself. “Don't worry. He'll be fine.” She then acknowledged him before looking up to see the door of the operation room that was closed. Inevitably, she felt heavy in her heart. Meanwhile, Danny was full of complaints. He pulled Alexander's assistant, Cameron, over, before questioning him. “What happened? Why did he suddenly go racing again? He even got into such a big accident." “Young Master Griffith, I've already assigned some people to investigate this matter. I believe that there will be news soon. Please don’t get enraged. The most important thing right now is Mr. Griffith’s health.” news S ‘I'm telling you, if something bad happens to Alexander, I will not let you off” Danny said with anger. At this moment, he was nothing less of an enraged lion. MOINE Just then, the door of the operation room opened. Following, a doctor and several nurses came out. At once, the Griffiths swarmed forward. “How did it go, doctor? Is my grandson alright?” The doctor then pulled off his surgical mask before reporting the condition of the patient. “Aside from some minor injury to the basic cartilage, there isn’t anything major, but the collision has caused a cerebral concussion. Thus, he has to be monitored in the hospital.” “When will he wake up then?” “When the anesthesia wears off, he should wake up.” The doctor's words had made everyone feel less worried. Then, Jonah turned to look at Matthew, who had been quiet throughout the incident, before saying, ‘Alright, since he's okay, a few of you can head back first.” Nonetheless, Matthew hesitated. “Grandpa, why don’t I stay here today? You all can head back.” Usually, Jonah wouldn’t say anything, but he simply rejected Matthew's proposal today. “There isn’t much use for you to stay here. Just let Danny stay behind. All of us can go home.” Hearing what he said, Elise, who initially wanted to find an excuse to stay behind, remained silent. She then went with Jonah and the others back home with Matthew following suit. En route back home, Jonah noticed the bandage on her hand. He then asked out of concern, “Ellie, what happened to your hand? How did you get hurt?” Out of instinct, she quickly tucked her hand into her pocket before explaining, “I accidentally tripped this afternoon. It’s not a big deal.” “Silly girl. You're always so careless. Are you alright?” Shaking her head, she said, “I’m fine, Grandpa. It’s just a minor injury. Please pay it no heed.” Despite what she said, he still felt concerned. Hence, he told Matthew to send some medication to her once they reached home. As Matthew reached Elise’s doorstep, he knocked on the door. After she opened the door, he passed a good bottle of wound recovery to her. “Grandpa told me to pass this to you." “Huh? My hand is alright, so don't worry about it. Relay my thanks to Grandpa for me. Nonetheless, he disregarded what she said as he pulled her wrist over. Despite it being roughly bandaged already, there were still traces of the wound splitting open. Even the gauze was tainted with some blood that seeped out “Obviously your wound isn’t dealt with properly. I'll do it for you.” ‘There's no need...” She quickly rejected him out of instinct, but he didn't give her the chance to do so. Immediately, he undressed the gauze and applied the medication on the wound with a cotton bud. When he took off the dressing, he could see that the wound was obviously not caused by a trip. The wound was irregular as if it was caused by something sharp—no, it looked like a wound that was cut by thin glass shards. Though his eyes darkened, his expression didn't change at all. He simply asked in a casual tone, “How did you get hurt so badly?” Pulling her hand back instinctively, she did not want to interact with him unnecessarily. “I'll do it myself.” “Do all girls like to act tough? Why are you still keeping up a tough front when you're already hurt? If you don't wish to talk, I won't ask.” “No, I-” Before she could finish, she felt a painful chill run down the back of her hand. She then sucked in a deep breath before saying, “Please be more gentle.” Hearing that, he smiled. “So you do feel pain. I'll use less pressure then.” Matthew was fully focused on treating her wound properly, and he had done a good job with its dressing. Although she didn’t want to admit it, she still said sincerely, “Thank you.” ‘Don't sweat it. We live under the same roof. We're more or less friends.” His tone sounded friendly enough to break her previous impression of him. In her mind, she guessed that he must be trying to befriend her after seeing her true face last time. Little did she know, everything she was seeing now was fake. Matthew had an ulterior motive. At 3 in the morning, Alexander, who was lying in the hospital bed, slowly opened his eyes. A dim light shone into his eyes as he stared at the ceiling above him. At once, the smell of disinfectant invaded his nostrils as he registered that he was in the hospital. Moving his arm, he was just about to get up when the ward door was pushed open. Just then, Cameron walked 41.1 “Mr. Griffith, you're awake?" Humming in response, he asked, “What's going on?” At once, Cameron reported what he had found out thus far. “After our men’s investigation, the car that was burned had its brake damaged on purpose. It wasn't a simple accident-someone sabotaged you.” When Alexander heard that, his eyes darkened as they filled up with a dangerous aura. “Look into it. I want answers.” “Don't worry, Mr. Griffith. Our men will investigate it thoroughly. We will surely find the mastermind behind this. As Alexander hummed in acknowledgment, he couldn’t help but recall what he had witnessed prior to the crash He then repeated, “I want his information. No matter the price. I must find this person.” Obviously, Cameron knew what he was referring to. Having worked for Alexander for so many years, naturally, he would know about the one thing Alexander had been persistent to find for the past years-it was to find the astounding racer from Cittadel, Sue, who performed excellently in the international Grand Prix. It seemed that Alexander was very confident this time. “Noted, Mr. Griffith. I'll pass on your orders.”