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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 30

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 30 “Wait! This matter shouldn't be known by anyone else. I would be more at ease if you investigate it personally.” Cameron had no objections to that. “Understood, Young Master Alex. I will definitely try my best to find an answer to this.” After he left, the huge room fell into silence. Though it was dark outside, Alexander was still quite alert. He looked out of the window as he recalled everything that happened during that day. The more he thought about it, the stronger his heart palpitated. After all, he had finally found the person he had been stubbornly looking for all this while and he believed that not long after this, they would be able to see each other again When Elise knew that Alexander had woken up, she finally felt relieved. For the past few days, the siblings of the Griffith Family took turns to send her to school. On top of that, they also had to take turns to take care of Alexander at the hospital. Meanwhile, she had never visited him once. Just as the results of the Mathematics Olympiad was about to be released, something unimaginable happened in school. First, the headmaster suddenly received a call from one of the most well-known universities for their math degree in the city. ‘I heard that your school has a top student in mathematics. Do mentally prepare her to consider the University of Zechria. We are quite a promising university and I’m sure it would help her future a lot if she enrolls into our university." The headmaster was confused upon hearing this. “May I know which student you are referring to?” However, the person on the other end of the line merely chuckled in response. “Don't worry. You will Know in two days. Also, do know that if the result of this student's trial exam for finals is enough to enroll in the top universities, our university is willing to accept her even if she chose not to attend the exam.” The headmaster was surprised to hear this, as this meant that the student would have a confirmed place at the university. He had been working at this schoo! for many years. Apart from the sons of the Griffith Family having similar treatment a few years back, no one else had caught the attention of a professor in the University of Zechria. Unless... At that point, the headmaster suddenly recalled something. Unless someone from our school has gotten high marks for the City Mathematics Olympiad! More than a dozen students participated in that competition, though Who would it be? “Excuse me, but may I know which student you are referring to? Are you sure that he or she is from my school? Can you please reveal their identity?’ “Goodness, are you still beating around the bush? Don’t you know the top student in your school? I have to say that this student is really impressive. Even an old man like me, who has seen his fair share of bright students, can’t help but sing her praises. She has an innate talent in mathematics." “Come on, now; you keep arousing my interest. Perhaps you can reveal some information to me?” However, no matter how much the headmaster asked, the person on the other end of the line refused to say anything. The former voiced out a few top students based on his assumptions but in the end, he did not find out about anything. Over the next few days, the headmaster received a few other phone calls from various different departments, the Education Ministry, the deans of some universities, and even some headmasters of other high schools. However, the headmaster still did not know who the student was. Hence, he always tried to beat around the bush whenever he received such calls. Having no other choice, he called a meeting with all the mathematics teachers in his school. “Among the students who participated in the Math Olympiad this time, is there anyone who is exceptionally brilliant?” The few mathematics teachers exchanged glances, but they only saw blankness reflected in each other’s eyes. At that point, Mr. Winfrey, one of the teachers, could not help saying, “I know how my students fared in the competition. It's already considered quite good if they can win something, but I don’t see anyone exceptionally talented. However, there’s a student who has quite a strong foundation and scored first place in the last internal exam, which is why I encouraged her to take part in the Mathematics Olympiad. But girls aren’t usually as talented in mathematics compared to boys, so I think it's already quite impressive if she wins a prize." After hearing his words, the headmaster did not associate this particular female student with the mysterious student “What about the rest? Think carefully-do you have any outstanding students?” The other mathematics teachers shook their heads respectively, leaving the headmaster slightly confused. Logically speaking, the people who called him definitely would have heard of some news. If only a few called him, there was a possibility that this might be a mistake. However, he received many calls over the past few days, so he was sure that it was not as simple as a mistake. Even though he had a meeting with all the mathematics teachers, he did not get any clues at all. “Sir, might it be that the reason you gathered us here and asked us these questions is that our school has a new breakthrough?” The headmaster pressed his lips tightly together, a worried look appearing on his face. “I don’t know either. But I have a hunch that we might be doing pretty well in this competition. How many more days until the results of the Mathematics Olympiad are out?” ‘I think another two to three days.” ‘In that case, let's just wait for the results to come out. Then, everything will clear up. I hope it's good news that will cheer everyone up.” Everyone exchanged smiles as they did not take the headmaster’s words seriously. After all, they knew their own students well, so they did not pay much attention to this. It was only when the results of the Mathematics Olympiad was released that the entire school was in shock. “Do you know that someone in our school scored full marks in the Mathematics Olympiad?" “What? Full marks? Who is the genius? I have to have a look for myself! I remember one of our seniors also scored full marks. What was his name again?’ “You must be referring to Alexander Griffith. He was incredible. Not only was he good at math, he was great at other subjects too. He was practically like a male celebrity in our school.” “That's amazing! By the way, who is the person who scored full marks in our school?” In his office, the headmaster looked at the results of the Mathematics Olympiad rather incredulously. At that moment, he was unable to even fully express his joy. “I can't believe that she got full marks! This is a rare talent! Mr. Winfrey, it is a great achievement on your part,” Mr. Winfrey, on the other hand, had not recovered from his state of shock. He could tell that Elise had a good foundation in math, which was why he encouraged her to join the Mathematics Olympiad. However, he did not expect she would be this talented to achieve first place in a city-level competition. “Sir, this girl is quite good! We can focus on honing her skills.” “Have a nice chat with her once you get back. Oh-and when you register the scholarship for her, you can directly give her a first class scholarship” the headmaster announced happily. Upon hearing such words from him, Mr. Winfrey swelled with pride. His chin lifted slightly and his chest was puffed out as he walked back to the classroom leisurely. As soon as he entered the classroom, he immediately saw Elise, who was sitting in the last few rows. Clearing his throat, Mr. Winfrey announced, “Before we begin our lesson today, I have something to tell everyone-the results of the City Mathematics Olympiad Competition are out!” With that, those who participated in the Mathematics Olympiad became nervous as they looked expectantly at Mr. Winfrey. However, Danny was the only exception. He looked at Elise vindictively, as if to say, “Elise Sinclair, you are doomed! I'm sure you've lost!”