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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Elise ignored his provocation and opened her textbook to look at the new topics they would be learning later, as if she was not interested in knowing the results of the Mathematics Olympiad. Danny let out a cold snort and turned around to look at Mr. Winfrey. Then, he added, “Mr. Winfrey, could it be that our class didn’t score very well? Honestly, it's not a surprise, though. After all, the Mathematics Olympiad is well known for its difficulty. One has to be really talented to score well.” Mr. Winfrey chuckled in response. “You are right, Mr. Griffith. The competition this time was even more difficult than before. However, Miss Sinclair from our class. scored a hundred out of a hundred for the paper.” It was as if he threw a heavy stone in the water, splashing water in every student's heart. “How is it possible? This is impossible!” Danny's face immediately darkened Never in a million years did I expect to lose so terribly! Meanwhile, the other students in the class also looked at Elise incredulously. This plain-looking girl, who even pulls down the average good looks of our entire class, actually scored full marks at the City Mathematics Olympiad Competition? She is on a whole other level! No one knew who started it, but someone started clapping for her. Right after that, the entire class boiled with excitement as they clapped fervently for Elise. Only Danny sat there sullenly. “Miss Sinclair, come share your experience with everyone.” Elise expected that she would score at least 95 marks in the competition, but she did not expect that she got it right for the second last part of the final question. It's all thanks to Alexander's notes. Elise then stood up and commented, “Thanks, everyone. Something that I do for this is to practice as many questions as I can. It's only by working on many different questions that I was able to use them as examples to find the solution. If you do this, you will definitely achieve great results in Mathematics.” “You're the best, Elise! No wonder you did many exercises. I think you even finished ten exercise books. You're amazing!” Mikayla said earnestly. Mr. Winfrey also agreed with her. “I hope everyone will learn from Elise and outperform yourself in Mathematics.” After Elise sat back on her seat, she subconsciously met Danny’s eyes and smiled while he averted his gaze grudgingly and clenched his fists tightly next to his body. During lunch break, the rest of their classmates surrounded Elise to ask her about study tips. At this moment, Danny pushed them away and walked directly to Elise. “Ugly Elise... Oh-Elise, I mean." It was the first time Danny changed his nickname for her and stopped calling her ugly’ ‘I've lost the bet this time and I'm willing to concede my defeat. From now onwards, I will not find faults with you. Apart from that, I, Danny Griffith, admit that you are my boss for now. From now onwards, as soon as I see you in school, I will take another route.” Danny actually meant it when he said this. Before this, he had been looking down on her, thinking that she was just a country girl. After this incident, however, he learned his lesson and would not bully her anymore. ‘It's such gentlemanly of you to concede defeat. To be honest, I’m quite impressed, Danny.” Upon hearing that, Danny pursed his lips. Even though he was unwilling to do so, he still said obediently, “Boss.” Seeing how unwilling he looked right now, Elise felt the anger from before completely disappearing. ‘Alright. Let's have peace and not antagonize each other." Danny hummed in agreement to show that he understood. He looked rather sullen after he lost his bet. On top of that, Jack kept tagging him in their group chat to ask about Elise’s results. In the end, Danny threw his phone aside in annoyance and completely ignored him. This time around, he was completely embarrassed After Elise got the first place in the City Mathematics Olympiad Competition and became the only other student who scored full marks apart from Alexander, she instantly became the favorite of other teachers. In almost every other subject, the teachers loved to choose her to answer their questions, especially her Chinese teacher, Miss Woods, who realized that Elise’s Chinese was actually quite good. The latter’s spoken Chinese was good and she had perfect pronunciation. In short, Miss Woods was impressed by her. After school, she asked Elise to her office privately. “Elise, did you study Chinese back in the countryside?” After thinking about it, Elise nodded in reply. In fact, she had been studying in private international schools that taught them bilingually. Hence, her Chinese had always been quite good since young. On top of that, she was even an exchange student and studied abroad for a year, which naturally meant that her Chinese would be better than the rest of the students. However, since Miss Woods still thought that Elise studied in the countryside before this, the latter did not find it a good idea to explain this. ‘I guess so." Miss Woods smiled. “I have to say that your Chinese is way better than any other high school student and you are quite courageous too. Coincidentally, our school is hosting a Chinese Week next month and it will have a public speaking competition. I would like to nominate you and Jasmine to represent our class to take part in the competition. Is it okay with you?” Public speaking competition during Chinese Week? Elise was not too enthusiastic about it, so she immediately rejected, “I’m sorry, Miss Woods. I'm not really interested in this competition, so I think I'll pass.” Miss Woods did not expect that Elise would reject her like that. After all, this was a dream opportunity for many other students. The public speaking competition held in their school was just a preliminary round. If the students. performed well, it was highly probable that they would join the state-level competition and if they won, they would automatically be enrolled in one of the best universities in the city that specialized in foreign languages. The lucky students would even get the opportunity to skip the finals and directly enroll into a top university. To most of the students, this was an important opportunity. Miss Woods thought that Elise definitely would not know the backstory to it, so she said, “It’s alright. There’s some time before the competition begins. You can think about it before making a decision,” Although Elise’ really did not have the intention to join the competition, she did not outright reject Miss Woods either. “Alright, I understand. Do excuse me.” “Sure thing.” As soon as Elise walked out of the office, Jasmine immediately blocked her way. ‘Elise, why did Miss Woods ask to see you?” Upon hearing that, Elise arched her eyebrows. “What does this have to do with you?” However, Jasmine did not plan to let her go just like that. “Elise, don’t be cocky just because Miss Woods treats you better than others. You better tell me what she told you. Otherwise, you'll suffer!” Elise did not take Jasmine’s words seriously at all “Whatever.” With that, she directly walked away, leaving Jasmine stomping her feet behind her. Just wait and see, Elise Sinclair.