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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 32

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 32 After taking a deep breath, Jasmine opened the door and walked into Miss Woods’ office. In truth, she was here for the public speaking competition that would be held during Chinese Week. “Miss Woods, the public competition during Chinese Week is going to open for registrations soon. May I know who you are planning to recommend to participate in the competition?” In all honesty, Miss Woods actually took a liking to Jasmine. After all, the latter came from a good family background and her Chinese was quite good. She also helped Miss Woods in many tasks in their class, so she was considered as the teacher's efficient assistant. ‘I knew you would like to attend, so I will recommend you.” Jasmine’s eyes lit up as soon as she heard Miss Woods’ words, and she immediately said sweetly, “Thank you, Miss Woods! I will try my best.” Miss Woods patted her back in response. “Jasmine, your Chinese is quite good professionally. You are definitely better than the current standard that we are studying. But I think you still have a lot of room for improvement and you can improve loads. Miss Sinclair in our class also has a good command of Chinese. You can learn from her during your free time. Both of you can learn from each other and improve yourselves in your studies.” Jasmine’s face immediately fell upon hearing that, but she hid her disappointment very well and immediately wiped the emotion from her face. “Thank you, Miss Woods. I understand. I will learn from Elise." “Good. I believe that you would do well, so keep up the good work. It's almost time for class now, so you better go back first." After coming out of the office, Jasmine was like a deflated balloon. Looking back, it's obvious that Miss Woods had high hopes for Elise. This won't do! I must surpass her and defeat her no matter one! And so, Jasmine took out her phone and dialed a number. “Mom, last time you told me that Mr. Beter is back. Is that true? We should pay him a visit someday=" After hanging up the phone, Jasmine immediately felt a surge of relief. Elise, we'll see who gets the last laugh. When school ended in the afternoon, Danny sent Elise back. In the past, whenever they were together, he could not stop insulting her sarcastically, which was why it was surprising that he did not utter a word today and just sat there quietly. After they reached home, Jonah already knew that Elise got first place in the City Mathematics Olympiad Competition. He had received a call from the headmaster personally, so he was over the moon. When Jonah saw her return, he praised her happily. “You’re amazing, Ellie! You actually got first place! Come here. -this is my present.” With that, he took out a limited edition Centurion Card that made Danny’s eyes grow wide. “What are you doing, Grandpa?” he could not help but shout. The Centurion Card of the Griffith Family was limitless Grandpa is actually giving it to Elise? This is outrageous! She just got first place in some lousy mathematics competition. Does she deserve this? However, Jonah ignored him and waved to Elise. “Come here, Ellie.” She froze for a moment, but she walked over obediently. “Hi Grandpa.” “Take this, Ellie!” He then placed the card into her hands. “This is my present for you. I'm too old to know what young people like nowadays so if you need anything, you can buy it yourself now. Looking at the Centurion Card, Elise knew very well how important this was. “Grandpa, I can't accept this. It's too much for me.” “Silly girl! Nothing is too much. I only know that my girl deserves the best.” “But Grandpa.” ‘That's enough, Ellie. You should be happy that you got first place. I already made arrangements to hold a celebration party for you and everyone will gather to celebrate your success. Apart from that, you can also invite your friends here so that they can also celebrate with you.” Danny’s eyes widened upon seeing how his grandfather was treating Elise. He wanted to say something, but he could not win against Jonah’s enthusiasm. In the end, he just pouted as he vented all his grievances in the group chat. ‘I can’t take this anymore! Grandpa actually gave that country bumpkin a Centurion Card (TT) Jack, who was on a film set shooting a movie, sent a series of voice messages into the chat. “You were defeated this time around. Does it hurt your pride?’ Danny then replied, “I'm miserable, but I'm not going to cry over this.” At that, Jack laughed out loud. “Ha! In the future, you have to address Elise as your boss, yet you still call her country bumpkin now. You need to change your habits soon.” Matthew also chimed in, “Grandpa wants to organize a celebration party for her and he invited many established people from different industries. It’s quite a grand party.” “See, this is the treatment you get if you are his biological grandchild.” Jack replied. “It seems like us brothers are adopted by him instead. I wouldn't even be that hurt if there wasn't any comparison. By the way, I have some shows to shoot that day, so I'll go back later. Do send my regards to Grandpa.” Matthew then murmured, “Alright, what about you? Do you have time to come back?” Then, he tagged Alexander. However, Jack said, “Don’t message him now. He has been troubled for the past few days. I bet he doesn’t have time to even look at his phone. I'll tell him myself tomorrow.” Then, Matthew replied, “Sure.” In fact, Alexander had already seen the messages and he knew that Elise had gotten first place at the Mathematics Olympiad. It was just that he was not in a good mood for the past few days and he did not even congratulate her. “Young Master Alex, we have already investigated the matter. However, we have no clue why we can't find any traces at all. Apart from that, all the data from the surveillance camera that day had disappeared. Obviously, someone has done something to it so that we can’t find out about it.” Cameron reported the results of their investigation to Alexander honestly, but the latter merely looked out of the French windows without uttering a word. “We also looked into Jamie’s side, but he is keeping quiet. Apart from that, we told him before that we couldn’t have any further connections, so we can't find anything that is useful from his side.” With that, Cameron looked at Alexander seriously. “Young Master Alex, do you still want to continue with the investigation?” At that, Alexander narrowed his eyes slightly. Right now, he could only think of everything that happened on the day of the car race. If that accident never happened, he might be able to confirm her identity to see if she was Sue, the one whom he had been looking for. Ail the clues are gone now... “What about the investigation on the brakes?” he asked. Cameron's eyes darkened at the mention of that matter. “We have already investigated this. Someone did something to your brakes, but that person seemed to have disappeared from the world without a single trace. I already asked people to find out more about him in his hometown and I bet we will get some results soon." “Alright. After you find him, don’t alert him. Find out the mastermind first. Apart from that, let's take a break from Sue's matters." Since she doesn't want me to find out about her, why do I persist? If we are made for each other, we will definitely meet again. “Yes, Young Master Alex. I understand.” With that, Cameron walked out of his office respectfully, leaving Alexander alone in the large office. The latter looked at the bright night lights outside but a part of his heart felt lonely. After some time, he retracted his gaze and took his car keys before walking out of the room.