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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 33

Chapter 33 After dinner, Elise stayed in her room to do her homework as usual. Halfway through the process, she suddenly received a call from Cynthia. “What are you doing, Elise?” “Homework.” On the other end, Cynthia thought she misheard. “Since when do you need to do homework?" “Aunt Cynthia.” ‘Alright, my good girl, I'm at MISS bar. Are you free to accompany me for a drink?" Elise looked at the time and immediately closed her textbook. “Okay, I'll be right there.” After hanging up, she tidied herself up. Only after making sure that she looked as ugly as usual did she walk out of the door with a handbag. She went to the bar by taxi. In the bar, bright lights were flickering around as they reflected off the green alcohol bottles. Amidst the loud music, Elise looked around before she found a drunk Cynthia in the corner. “Aunt Cynthia!” Upori hearing that, Cynthia opened her eyes groggily. As soon as she saw that it was Elise, she immediately hugged her shoulders. “Oh-you are finally here, Elise! Come drink a few glasses with me!" “Aunt Cynthia, you are already so drunk. You shouldn't drink anymore. Come on, let me send you home.” However, Cynthia got away from her immediately. “I don’t want to! I don’t want to go back! I want to continue drinking. I want to continue.” With that, she took a bottle of beer and started drinking again. Seeing that she could not stop her, Elise gave up. She understood Cynthia well. Cynthia was a wise and decisive person, and Elise could feel that she was not ina good mood tonight. Hence, Elise sat down and took the bottle in front of her to drink with Cynthia. “Cheers, Aunt Cynthia!” Cynthia chuckled in response. “Here's to my good Elise. Cheers!” Both of them drank one glass after another. After drinking, Elise felt a bit uncomfortable, but Cynthia looked as though she was perfectly fine. With a glass of beer in her hand, she dragged Elise to the dance floor. Cynthia danced like no one was watching, and Elise also took the rare opportunity to let loose. Since no one knew her here, she danced along with Cynthia. Both the aunt and niece matched each other well, and they elicited screams and whistles from the people around them. They attracted the attention of almost 80% of the men there. Without a doubt, all of them were surely smittened by Cynthia. As for Elise, none wanted to get close to her after looking at her face. “Sweetie, can I buy you a drink?” one of the men asked Cynthia. In the past, she would usually shoo him away but today, she smiled. “Sure!” With that, she let him pull her away from the dance floor. Elise wanted to chase after them, but a few men surrounded her instead. What are you guys doing? Let me go!’ “Ha! Don't worry! We won't do anything to you as long as you are smart. Don’t interrupt their good time together.” Elise just felt like swearing as she said, “Get lost." “My, my! You really can't tell that this ugly girl has such a bad temper. I like her!” Elise's face darkened. “Like me? You'd better get lost!" The few men sniggered evilly and had no intentions of staying away from her. Elise merely snorted and kicked 2/5 him. In no time, she defeated one of the men. As she was too fast, before the rest returned to their senses, they were also defeated. “You b*tch! I won't let you get away with it!” With that, he was going to attack her. However, Elise was rather quick on her feet. She dodged his attack sideways and then kicked one of his vital organs. A shrill scream broke through the air as the man clutched his organ, his face flushed. Upon seeing this situation, no one dared to touch her for the rest of the night. Elise quickly caught up with Cynthia and the other man, only to see that he was touching her inappropriately. Elise’s eyes darkened and she pulled Cynthia to her, thereafter punching the man right in his face. Swearing, he let Cynthia go due to the pain. Then, he was about to attack Elise. As Elise was protecting Cynthia, she did not pay much attention to him. Just as his fist was about to land on her face, a crack was heard in the next second, followed by the man's scream that filled the entire bar. After that, he was thrown backward harshly. “Get lost!” The man quickly climbed up from the ground and escaped fearfully. “Are you guys alright?” A low, attractive voice asked. Elise returned to her senses and looked at the unfamiliar man in front of her as she nodded her head instinctively. “Thanks.” He smiled. “Don’t mention it. Is she okay?” Elise froze as she looked at Cynthia, who was in her arms. Does this man know her? Wait, the way he looks at her is different! And so, she cleared her throat. “Uh-May I know who you are?” He did not explain and instead grabbed Cynthia from Elise’s arms. Then, he swept Cynthia off her feet. Elise wanted to stop him, but the drunken Cynthia winked at her. Finally, she understood that Cynthia wanted to follow 3/5 him voluntarily. “Do take care of my aunt,” Elise reminded. Upon hearing that, the man turned around and replied, “I know, my little niece.” He showcased his position and his power over Cynthia by calling Elise as his niece. Elise, however, merely looked at their leaving figures as she muttered to herself, “Is this my future uncle?” After both of them left, she looked at the time. Since it was not early anymore, it was time for her to leave. When she reached the exit, a familiar figure blocked her. “Elise?” She blinked as she looked at the man in front of her. Alexander? Why is he here? He appraised her carefully. Truth was, he had discovered that she was here long ago and he witnessed everything that she did in the bar just now. He was quite surprised to find that Elise, who was usually an obedient girl, was quite good at dancing sexily. On top of that, she was also great at fighting. It was obvious that she had been trained. “What a coincidence to find you here,” she said calmly. Alexander nodded and asked, “Do you want to have a couple of drinks together?” ‘It's alright. I'm going back now.” She rejected him directly because her instincts told her that Alexander was quite dangerous tonight. She thought it would be better if she stayed away from him “Let me send you home.” ‘It's fine-" Before she could finish her sentence, he interrupted her. “Grandpa said that taking care of you is our responsibility. You don’t want me to have to answer to him, do you?” Since he used Jonah as an excuse, she had no excuse to reject him any further, so she relented. A/S On the way home, Elise rolled down the window to enjoy the cool air. After that, she was more refreshed. As Alexander looked at her, he found that she looked more mysterious than he thought. In the beginning, he thought that he could see through someone like her, but he gradually realized that what he was seeing was what Elise wanted to show him In short, Elise Sinclair was a woman with secrets.