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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Although the night was dark, the lights in the Griffith Residence were still brightly lit up. Just as Elise was about to alight from the car, Alexander suddenly called out to her. “Congratulations!” She was confused by his sudden reaction, so he added, “Congrats on getting first place in the Math Olympiad.” After coming back to her senses, she replied, “it's all thanks to you for circling the main points for me.” ‘It's because you are talented.” He was rather blunt as he murmured, “You are quite talented at dancing too.” Instantly, she was rendered speechless. He must have seen me. “Uh-I was just having fun. There's nothing talented about me at all. It's getting late, so I'm off to bed. You should too. Goodnight." After that, she quickly got out of the car and entered the house without waiting for his reply. Her fleeing looks somehow felt a little adorable in Alexander's eyes. When Elise got back to her room, she quickly closed the door before breathing a huge sigh of relief. Then, she walked to the mirror to look at her ugly face and began to remove the makeup. Not long after, she sighed as a gorgeous face appeared in the mirror. When will this end? The next day, as soon as she arrived at the classroom, she handed the invitation letter that she prepared to Mikayla. “My family is hosting a banquet tonight at my home. I would like you to attend.” Looking at the golden invitation letter, Mikayla was a little surprised. “Is this for me?” “Of course it is! You are the first friend that I made when I came here. You must come to the banquet tonight.” After receiving her invitation, Mikayla nodded her head firmly. “Alright. I'll be there.” With a smile, Elise went back to her seat. 1/5 “Have you heard that the Griffith Family is hosting a banquet tonight? My dad has already received an invitation from them." ‘Is that true? Does that mean we get to see the famous young master of the Griffith Family, Alexander?” ‘I heard that not only is he handsome, he is rich too. I once saw him from afar and I can say that he is the most handsome man that I have ever seen. If I can marry him, I will definitely die a happy woman.” Listening to their words, Elise suddenly paused, a pen in her hand. I can’t believe Alexander is so highly regarded among these girls. However, she didn’t pay much attention to their gossip, so she continued with her school work, On the other hand, Danny saw Elise the moment he came into the classroom Even though he didn’t want to admit defeat, he wasn’t a sore loser, so he came to her and placed a cup of smoothie on her desk. “This is for you, Boss. You should drink it before it melts.” Elise was startled at first but after staring at the smoothie on her desk, she subconsciously lifted her eyes. However, he quickly avoided her gaze and sat back on his seat. With a smile, she replied, “Thanks.” Meanwhile, Danny was angry with himself deep down. Why did I come up with that bet in the first place? ‘I really should know better!" he muttered and sighed to himself. As the main focus of tonight's banquet at the Griffith Residence, Elise didn't attend school during the evening. Instead, she was brought to a high fashion store by Danny. After looking her up and down, Danny couldn't help but say, “You have quite the figure, but it doesn’t go well with your plain face.” Elise felt speechless when listening to him, so she turned toward the designer. “I just need a simple dress. I can apply my makeup by myself.” 2/8 After taking a serious look at her, the designer said pertinently, “The curves and proportions of your body are quite good. Do you want to try this dress?” With just a glance, Elise was immediately mesmerized by the dress the designer was referring to, but she quickly realized that it would be a huge waste if such a beautiful dress was put next to her ugly face. “What do you think, Miss Sinclair? Do you like it?" In the end, Elise shook her head. “It doesn’t feel right. I think we should look at other dresses.” ‘I feel that this dress looks quite nice. Do you want to try it first?” Danny asked. However, she still rejected the offer. “There’s no need for that. I don’t think that I'm suitable for that kind of dress. Let’s try something else.” In the meantime, she couldn't help but take a peek at the dress but in the end, she averted her gaze and chose an unremarkable dress. Due to her small figure, she still looked gorgeous even in a normal dress, but her face was too unattractive to look at. Looking at her, Danny couldn't help but sigh. “Why did your mother give you such a gorgeous body but not a beautiful face?” ‘That's enough. Keep your mouth shut!" He wanted to say something else but after losing the bet, he couldn't afford to offend her, so he remained quiet afterward. After changing into the dress, Elise hid in the dressing room with her makeup and simply adjusted her wig to make herself look slightly better than usual. In the end, she nodded her head with satisfaction. “Alright. That'll be enough.” At 7 PM, the lively banquet at the Griffith Residence was already filled with people. 3/5 The Griffith Family had a high status in the city, so everyone they invited was a prominent figure in the business world and the city. Presently, everyone was gathering together to chat with each other. As the main focus of the event, Elise entered the hall alongside Danny. The moment they came in, they immediately attracted the eyes of everyone else. ‘Is that Young Master Danny? He really looks like a talented young man.” “Who is that girl next to him? Why have I never seen her before?" ‘I'm not familiar with her, but she must be someone special to be able to stand next to Young Master Danny.” Even if Elise had an unpleasant-looking face, the people around her didn’t pay much attention to it because they were all busy guessing which wealthy family she came from that enabled her to enter the hall alongside Danny. However, what they didn't expect was that not only was she able to enter the hall alongside Danny, she was also close with the patriarch of the Griffith Family-Jonah. “Ellie, come here. I want to introduce you to some of my friends.” Jonah quickly waved at her the moment he saw her. She quietly walked over to him and said affectionately, “Alright, Grandpa.” “Come, Ellie! This is Mr. Baldwin and he is a friend of the Griffith Family.” “Nice to meet you, Mr. Baldwin.” ‘This is Mr. Watson from the Watson Corporation." “Hello, Mr. Watson.” “Everyone, this is Elise Sinclair. She is my granddaughter and the main focus of today's event!” Jonah earnestly introduced Elise to everyone. Suddenly, she felt as though she was being treated as a celebrity. ‘I heard that Miss Sinclair has gotten first place in the city’s Math Olympiad at such a young age. It’s really A/S impressive. If you work hard in the future, you'll definitely get into a good university." “Thank you for your kind words. I'll try my best.” In the end, Elise got to know a lot of people in the business world with Jonah but as she didn't want to socialize in the first place, she quickly found an opportunity to leave the main hall and sat on a stone bench in the backyard to have a rest.