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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 35

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 35 Elise stood next to a pond in the Griffith Residence’s huge garden, feeling the pleasant evening breeze blowing at her. Just when she sat down on the bench, Jamie came out of nowhere and patted her shoulder before sitting beside her. “Boss, did you come here to hide?” She was a little surprised to find him here. “Why are you here?" He shrugged his shoulders and answered, “My old man has something else to attend to, so he sent me here.” The Keller Family also had a high status in the city while also having a business relationship with the Griffith Family, so it wasn’t a surprise that his family received an invitation. “By the way.” He looked around and purposely lowered his voice. “Alexander's people have stopped looking for you, so they probably won't be looking for you anytime soon." SOON ‘I hope so. From now on, I want you to reject any offer for me to join a car race no matter the price.” “Don't worry, Boss. I understand.” After that, he stood up and said, “I'm going inside now. We shouldn't be seen together.” Elise hummed and he quickly went inside. However, the moment he left, another unwanted visitor came over to her. It was none other than Ashlyn With a bright smile, she walked over to Elise. “Congrats for winning the Math Olympiad, Elise." Elise was not close with her, so she politely replied, “Thank you.” However, Ashlyn smiled and sat next to her. “Actually, I understand your concerns. You come from a poor family in the countryside, so you think that it is impossible for you to marry into the Griffith Family solely based on your identity even though you are lucky enough to gain Grandpa Griffith’s appreciation. That is why you work hard on your studies because it is the only way for you to gain any status. Am I right?” Listening to her, Elise remained emotionless as she neither agreed nor refuted her comments. 1/4 To her, the opinion of an outsider didn’t matter at all. Besides, she didn’t plan to marry into the Griffith Family since she only promised Robin to stay here for a year. As long as she didn’t have any feelings for the Griffiths, she could leave immediately. Seeing that she was being ignored, Ashlyn was a little annoyed inside, but she remained calm and revealed a slight smirk. “If I were you, I wouldn't waste my energy studying all these pointless things. Instead, I would find myself a better cosmetic surgeon..” She was obviously making fun of Elise’s looks. Va “Ashlyn, don't you think that’s a bit harsh? Why are people from the countryside inferior to others? Or are you saying having a pretty face is a nice stepping stone on being successful? I'm sorry, but our views don't align with each other, so there's no point in continuing this conversation." After that, Elise stood up and was about to leave, but Ashlyn halted her. ‘Elise, don’t think that you can do whatever you want just because Grandpa Griffith favors you. I can still ruin your reputation with a snap of my fingers.” “What are you trying to do?” The moment her words came out, Ashlyn saw someone from the corner of her eye. Instantly, she revealed a teasing smile and pushed herself using Elise’s hand. Elise instinctively tried to grab her, but it was too late. With a splash, Ashlyn fell into the pond. “Help! Please save me! Help!” She kept on crying for help while struggling in the water. Before Elise could understand what was going on, someone came over, took off his jacket and jumped into the pond to save Ashlyn. ‘Elise, I did nothing wrong to you, so why did you push me?!" Ashlyn immediately questioned as soon as she came up. Jack, who saved her, remained silent as he gave Ashlyn his jacket to put on. Then, he glared at Elise and uttered coldly, “Apologize to her." 2/4 With a cold smile, Elise ignored him and stared at Ashlyn. “So this is your plan. How childish can you be?” Unexpectedly, Ashlyn lowered her head and began to cry pitifully. Even if she wasn’t saying anything, she perfectly portrayed the aggrieved emotions of a victim. “Apologize to her.” Jack grabbed Elise’s wrist and ordered her to apologize again She looked at him with a proud expression and said, “I did nothing wrong, so why should I apologize?” Meanwhile, Ashlyn tugged on the corner of Jack’s shirt. “It’s fine. I believe that she didn’t do it on purpose.” “No. Elise, this is your last chance. Apologize to her.” Jack was growing impatient with Elise’s indifferent attitude. “Elise Sinclair!" Elise, however, took a deep breath and replied, “I told you that I did nothing wrong. Why should I apologize?" Then, Ashlyn let out a sneeze, so Jack quickly went over to help her. “I'll bring you in to change your clothes.” She gave him a quick reply and let him help her upstairs to a bedroom. Before they left, Jack turned around and glared at Elise with a strong warning in his eyes. “You'll apologize to her later." “Wait!” Elise shouted to halt him. She had a strong sense of principle, so she wouldn't allow anyone to slander her. “Let's clear everything up before you leave.” ‘Elise, what are you trying to do? Ashlyn’s clothes are completely soaked, so she must change her clothes immediately.” At that point, Jack had lost all his patience. “That is her own fault. It has nothing to do with me. Now, I want to clear my name,” she announced seriously, showing no signs of backing down “You want to clear your name, right? We'll do it in front of Grandpa, then.” They didn’t cause a huge commotion in the garden, but they still attracted the attention of many guests since 3/4 Jack was an eye-catching celebrity Gradually, the guests gathered around them. Ashlyn could feel the gazes of everyone around her, so she instinctively hid inside Jack's arms. Holding her, he was about to bring her away from the scene, but his path was blocked by Elise. told you that you can leave when I clear my name first.” “What are you all doing?” Jonah came over with the crowd. Seeing him coming over, Ashlyn took the chance to speak first with an aggrieved tone. “Grandpa Griffith!” Looking at her wet clothes, Jonah asked with concern, “What happened? Why are your clothes all wet? Go and get a set of clean clothes for Miss Lawson.” After hearing his orders, the maid quickly went to get a set of clothes. In the meantime, Jack was staring coldly at Elise as he uttered calmly, “Grandpa, it was Elise. She pushed Ashlyn into the pond. Luckily, I came here in time to prevent any accidents.” His words immediately caused an uproar. Suddenly, everyone began to whisper among themselves while glancing at Elise.