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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 36

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 36 As for Jonah, he wasn't fazed by Jack’s words at all. Instead, he looked at Elise and asked, “Ellie, what happened?” She pouted her lips aggrievedly and explained everything to him. “I didn’t push her She jumped into the pond by herself.” Seeing her making an excuse, Jack was immediately enraged. “Elise, I really don’t know you anymore. How could you not admit to your own doing?" “What did I do wrong? Did you see me push her into the pond with your very own eyes?” Elise countered Her words instantly startled him. Jack was standing some distance away from them just now, so he didn't hear their conversation. However, he could see them pushing each other in the end, which resulted in Ashlyn falling into the pond. After that, Ashlyn blamed Elise for pushing her, so he automatically assumed that she was telling the truth. Seeing that Jack was rendered speechless, Jonah turned toward Ashlyn. The Lawson Family was also considered as old friends of the Griffith Family, and Jonah had watched Ashlyn grow up ever since she was a child, so he asked her, “Ashlyn, can you tell me what happened?” The moment his words came out, Ashlyn began to shed some tears, which eventually dripped on the ground. If any ordinary person saw her expression, they would definitely feel sorry for her, but Jonah was an experienced man who had seen and met all kinds of people in his life, so he was able to see through her act. However, to preserve the reputation of the Lawson Family, he asked again, “You can tell me anything. I'll do everything I can to make it up to you.” Listening to his words, she burst into tears “Grandpa Griffith, I'm fine... It's all my fault... Please don’t blame it all on Elise. I believe that she didn’t do it on purpose.” Ashlyn kept on asking Jonah not to put all the blame on Elise, but her words were obviously saying that she was the guilty party. “Are you saying that Ellie pushed you into the pond?" Without saying a word, Ashlyn gently nodded her head “Grandpa, I didn’t-” Elise tried to explain herself, but Jonah interrupted her. Then, he said to Ashlyn, “If that’s the case, I definitely can't allow you to be wronged. However, I must find out the truth before making a decision.” “Grandpa, Ashlyn already told you what happened, so why are you—"Before Jack could finish his words, Jonah glared at him, causing him to swallow his words. “Everyone, I’m sorry for the embarrassment. This is just a children's argument, but I would like everyone to be the judge here. If my granddaughter, Elise, actually did such a thing, I'll definitely handle it fairly and give justice to the victim.” Seeing that Jonah was no longer addressing her by her name but calling her the victim, Ashlyn somehow felt worried deep down, She wanted to say something else, but he didn’t give her the chance. “Even though there isn't much in the Griffith Residence, we still have basic security measures installed everywhere. In this back garden, we have installed several surveillance cameras, so please follow me to the hall. We will understand the ins and outs of this matter together so that a fair judgment can be made for these two,” As soon as Ashlyn heard his words, she could feel her leg melting while her expression instantly changed. She subconsciously tugged Jack's shirt and stuttered, “Tell Grandpa Griffith there’s no need for that. I... I know that Elise didn’t do it on purpose. I don’t blame her.” Hearing her words, Jack furrowed his brows tightly but since they were friends for many years, he still chose to believe her. “Don't worry, Ashlyn. Grandpa promised that he won't allow you to be wronged, so we'll just leave it to the truth.” “But...” She wanted to say something else but since no one was listening to her, she had no choice but to follow everyone to the hall, At the moment, the hall was filled with people staring at a big screen Alexander, who just arrived at the scene, asked, “What's going on?” A maid whispered to him, “I heard that Miss Sinclair pushed Miss Lawson into the pond, so Mr. Griffith is now checking the surveillance video.” Immediately, Alexander raised his brows slightly. Why would Elise do such a thing? What is she plotting? After knowing what happened in the back garden, Jamie quickly went to Elise and asked, “Boss, are you alright?’ Suddenly, the latter realized that the surveillance video might have captured her conversation with Jamie in the garden moments ago, so she whispered something in his ear. After understanding her orders, he quickly slipped out of the crowd. Meanwhile, everyone in the hall was staring at the big screen, waiting for an answer. Two minutes later, the big screen suddenly turned black. “What happened?” someone asked Looking at the big screen, Ashlyn breathed a sigh of relief, but she was completely unaware that Jack had narrowed his eyes after seeing her reaction About 30 seconds later, the big screen was back operating as usual. The scene of the back garden was shown on the screen again, but there was no footage of Elise and Jamie together. Instead, the video jumped straight to Ashlyn's conversation with Elise. “Actually, I understand your concerns. You came from a poor family in the countryside, so you think that it is impossible for you to marry into the Griffith Family solely based on your identity even though you are lucky enough to gain Grandpa Griffith's appreciation—" Ashlyn’s voice rang in everyone's ear, causing her to stumble, her face pale. “If I were you, I wouldn’t waste my energy studying all these pointless things. Instead, I would find myself a better cosmetic surgeon... Elise, don’t think that you can do whatever you want just because Grandpa Griffith favors you. I can still ruin your reputation with a snap of my fingers." Listening to her own words, Ashlyn quickly covered her ears while the screen showed her pulling Elise’s hand before jumping into the pond. It was at that moment that the truth was finally revealed. Jack was speechless as he stared at Ashlyn in disbelief. ‘I-It's not what it seems. Jack, you have to believe me.” She went over and grabbed his arm, but he immediately shook her hand away. “Does this mean everything you told me just now was a lie?” Tears kept on rolling down her face but now, Jack thought it was extremely fake. “We've known each other for so many years. Do you know that you've completely betrayed my trust in you?" “Please listen to me. It’s not what it seems.” She was still trying to defend herself as she never thought that it would come to this. “Now that the truth is revealed, I believe that you owe Ellie an apology, Miss Lawson,” Jonah announced seriously, without the usual kind tone he had for Ashlyn.