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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 40

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 40 Hence, the two of them chatted and laughed while they headed toward the school building. Jasmine had seen them from afar and followed them all the way to their classroom before she casually went to her seat while intermittently glancing at Elise. On the other hand, Elise attentively taught Mikayla how to solve the problems. As Elise’s methods were clear and concise, Mikayla managed to grasp the concept after only listening once. “Elise, you are amazing. Your method is way easier than what the Maths teacher taught." “Yes, just look at it from another angle and you will be fine once you understand it.” “I might as well quit tuition since learning from you will definitely be more effective.” Mikayla commented, wearing a look of admiration on her face. At this moment, she returned to her seat as their Maths teacher had already entered the classroom. Since Elise had mastered the high school curriculum, she set aside the mathematics textbook on the desk and continued to translate her document. The Maths teacher, who viewed Elise as a bright student who deserved extra attention, naturally kept an eye on her. As such, when she realized that Elise wasn’t paying attention in class, she was annoyed and snarled, “Elise, please come forward to explain this question to your fellow classmates.” Upon hearing her name being called, a stunned Elise nonchalantly raised her eyes and cast a glance at the question on the blackboard before she stood up. Before she could say anything, the Maths teacher added, “Come to the stage and show the calculation to class.” Elise walked up to the stage. After another brief glance at the question, she took the chalk and swiftly wrote down the steps and completed the question in less than a minute. The Maths teacher was dumbstruck as the difficulty of the question was totally beyond the students’ syllabus. Yet, Elise was able to solve it without spending much time thinking about it. She then checked the steps and found no errors, which proved that Elise’s ability allowed her not to pay attention in class. “Elise’s method and steps of solving the question are accurate. All of you should learn from her.” The truth was that ever since the episode, the Maths teacher never called Elise anymore to solve questions in front of the class. The last period in the morning was physical education. All the students changed into their sports attire in the changing room before heading to the field-except Jasmine. When her classmates had all left, she furtively walked up to Elise’s seat and opened her bag. “What are these?” Jasmine perused Elise’s document that was all in French, which she understood nothing about. “Haha, Elise surely is pretentious.” She contemplated for a while before she made up her mind and decided that nothing could go wrong, so she took out the document. After the physical education class, Elise and Mikayla returned to the classroom together. As soon as they stepped into the classroom, a piece of A4 paper flew toward them. “Who is littering?” The moment Mikayla asked that question, Elise abruptly bent down to pick up the A4 paper and tightly clutched it in her hands while her expression instantly fell. She raised her eyes a second, only to find that her documents were scattered all over the classroom-the one that Beter had asked her to keep highly confidential. Without a second of hesitation, she quickly collected all the A4 papers on the floor. Meanwhile, Jasmine, together with her gang, arrogantly looked down at her with a scornful smile by her lips. “Elise, are these papers yours?” Elise ignored the comment, but Jasmine was unable to stifle her laughter as she picked up the last piece of A4 paper by her feet. “What is written on the papers? Tell us.” ‘That's right. I don’t understand what is written on them. Could it be that you understand French?” Rita echoed. Elise then snatched the document in Jasmine’s hand and grimly questioned, “Was it you who did this?" Jasmine avoided her gaze. “Elise, don't blame the innocent.” Upon hearing that, Elise scoffed while appraising Jasmine from head to toe. “You better pray that it was not your doing. Otherwise, you are dead meat.” “Elise, what do you think you are doing? We are classmates. How could you say such awful words?" Rita fumed, thinking that Elise was being a little aggressive. “Do you really think that it wasn't too much to do this?" Elise responded with a question while she had an icy gaze, which made Rita shudder involuntarily. ‘It wasn't my doing, so what does that have to do with me?” Rita returned to her own seat after she replied whereas Jasmine feigned that nothing had happened and calmly returned to her place. Elise ignored them both and took out her phone to make a call. “Jamie, bring my laptop over here. I need it right now.” Jamie, who initially intended to have lunch with his friends, knew that something was wrong the moment he heard her tone, “Boss, who has angered you? I'll come over right away.” “You have 15 minutes to bring my laptop over. Forget about it if you are late.” After saying that, she immediately killed the call. With a dark expression, she organized the documents that she picked up from the floor. Fortunately, there were no missing pages. No matter who is the culprit this time, I'll make sure that this person will be dead! The speedy Jamie rushed to Elise’s classroom within 10 minutes. As he panted, he handed her the laptop. “Boss, here’s your stuff.” She took the device and quickly switched it on. Her fingers swiftly danced on the keyboard and after two minutes, she managed to retrieve the footage of the security camera positioned to capture the corridor outside the classroom. In less than 5 minutes, she managed to identify the culprit-the security footage was paused at the very scene when Jasmine exited the classroom. “Boss, is this the girl who angered you?” he carefully asked. When Elise hummed in response, he immediately volunteered, “Boss, let me settle this.” Elise swiftly rotated the laptop so that the screen faced him. “Sure. I shall leave it to you this time.” “Rest assured, It’s me you are leaving the matter to, after all.” Jamie then glanced at the image of Jasmine on the screen while a hint of mischief flashed across his eyes. A moment later, he started investigating her background and managed to uncover everything about her family. Meanwhile, Jasmine had no idea that her action had completely enraged Elise. She was currently badmouthing Elise with a few students, whom she enjoyed joking with, in a restaurant in the school. “That country bumpkin acted as if she was someone special, but the moment we questioned her, she revealed her true self.” “She did not even dare to say a word; she must be feeling guilty. However, I’m quite curious as to who on earth would actually do such a thing,” one of the students replied. Jasmine tried to conceal her unnatural expression as she commented, “Who knows? There are plenty of people who dislike her. It must have been a punishment from a righteous hero." ‘I see. Elise’s gaze just now was so terrifying that it actually frightened me. I can’t seem to get it out of my head." ‘Let's drop this. Amere country bumpkin like her is nothing to be afraid of. Let's not overthink this.” As Jasmine spoke, the phone in her pocket rang. She cast a glance at the caller ID and answered the call in displeasure, “Why did you call? What's the matter?’