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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 41

Chapter 41 A worried John was frantic as he waited by the phone. For some reason, the value of his company shares suddenly plunged by three hundred points before it came to a trading halt half an hour later. As a result of this, the company’s net worth had instantly dropped by a few billion Furthermore, he had also received a phone call from a stranger. The said person mentioned that the reason for his company losing money was because of his darling daughter, which was why John was currently on the phone with Jasmine. “Jas, did you offend anyone at school recently?” A surprised Jasmine paused for a moment before reacting indignantly, “What do you mean by that?! How could I possibly have offended anyone?!” All of a sudden, Elise’s name came to mind but shortly after that, Jasmine brushed it off and thought, Elise’s just a country bumpkin, so how could our fight have possibly alerted Dad?! She then subsequently disregarded Elise. “Dad, don’t tell me that you've been listening to those nonsensical rumors out there?! I've been following your advice at school and been on good terms with all of my classmates. By the way, I’m having lunch with my classmates right now.” ‘Alright then. It's good to know that you've been behaving yourself. However, I'm warning you, you must treat your classmates nicely and maintain good ties with everyone.” “Sure, I know that.” Jasmine was evidently quite annoyed at this point, but she didn’t forget to remind, “My pocket money for this month is running low.” When he heard that, John felt his head pounding, but he didn’t reject her request. “Okay, I'll transfer you some money later on.” “Thanks, Dad." After Jasmine hung up the phone, she turned to her sidekicks and suggested, ‘Let's skip this afternoon's class to go shopping.” Meanwhile, Rita hesitated, “P-Perhaps we shouldn't?” Jasmine retorted, “It’s not a big deal. I thought that you wanted a Chanel No. 5 Eau de Toilette? How can I buy it for you if you don't join us?” Rita then gritted her teeth in determination. “Okay then, let's go together.” Upon hearing that, Jasmine smiled in response and it was evident that she was. in good spirits. However, she was completely unaware of the situation that befell Anders Group. John was rubbing his temples with a pained look. Meanwhile, his secretary gingerly reported the situation, “President Anders, the company’s cash flow is at a critically low level and we're on the brink of bankruptcy. There are quite a few projects that we still need to finance. The bunch of people working on it has started to kick up a fuss.” The moment he heard the report, John felt his blood pressure rising. “What did you just say?! How could this have happened all of a sudden?!” “Actually, this isn’t a recent issue. We have faced a capital chain rupture before, but our regular customers have maintained a working relationship with us out of trust all along. However, as the company’s stock has traded to a halt now, our business partners are afraid that we'll be unable to service our debts-" As soon as John heard that, he was so angered that he threw all of the documents onto the ground. “Imbeciles! Go and discuss with the banks about the issue with our cash flow! Why are you still standing here?!" The trembling secretary slowly backed out of the room. As for John, he was on the verge of losing his cool, yet he still remembered to tap on his phone and transfer a sum of about tens of thousands to Jasmine As soon as she received the money in her bank account, she beamed widely and immediately went shopping with her sidekicks in tow. “Boss, don't you worry. In less than three days, the Anders Family will be rendered bankrupt and their business will no longer exist.” Jamie was full of flattery. “Hey, do you feel less upset now?” Meanwhile, Elise grunted with an indifferent expression as her anger had subsided significantly “Hehe! Then, let's have lunch together. I've heard of this newly-opened restaurant that serves great food." ‘It's alright. I want to complete some work. Why don’t you head over to enjoy your lunch?” “That's not a good idea! Boss, food is our body's fuel, so it's not good to skip meals. Since it's my treat, you should take the opportunity to have a lavish meal Elise couldn't resist smacking Jamie lightly on his forehead. “Okay then, I'll choose something spectacular for lunch.” Then, she tidied her documents and placed everything carefully into her bag. When she was done, she followed him and they walked out of the classroom. Soon after that, he drove out of the school grounds with her in his ostentatious- looking pink Lamborghini. Anders Group was a well-known corporation in the city, but its share prices continued to plummet until trading came to a halt in merely two days. Moreover, a whistleblower came forward and revealed that the company was currently unable to service its debts. As a result, the relevant government departments came forward to take action by investigating the claims. This came as a huge blow to the Anders Group, which basically crippled them. Meanwhile, Elise was unconcerned about the outcome of the Anders Group. At this point in time, she had already managed to translate Beter’s entire document. “Beter, this is what you were after.” He was quite shocked at the speed she produced the work. “It's only been two days since you received this. Man, you're exceptionally gifted with languages.” However, she explained, “I was worried that there would be issues if I dragged things any longer. So, I rushed to complete this before the deadline. Take a look and make sure that everything's fine. However, I need to apologize to you; due to personal reasons, there's been a third party who had access to the document. However, she’s just a high school student, so I don’t think that she knew what it was about. The thing is that I can't guarantee everything will be perfectly fine. As a token of my apology, you can deduct half of my pay this time." Upon hearing Elise’s words, Beter couldn't help but smile. “Your current words. seem to imply that I'm a stranger. I believe that with you around, the details of this document would definitely be kept confidential. We've known each other for so long that there's really no need to resort to all this.” Meanwhile, Elise pursed her lips and promised, “You have my word that the details of this document will remain confidential. If there are any issues that arise from this, I will take full responsibility for it.” ‘I'm happy enough to take your word for it.” Then, he took out his cell phone and dialed a number as he spoke. In less than two minutes, she received a notification that there was money being transferred into her bank account Elise went to the bank after leaving Beter’s house and she instantly transferred part of her pay to a charity organization. After she'd done all that, she was just about to head home when she noticed a familiar-looking car parked by the curb as she walked out of the bank. It was Alexander talking on the phone inside the car. She initially feigned that she didn’t see him and turned to leave. However, he yelled her name, “Hey, Elise Sinclair!” A resigned Elise stopped in her tracks and she turned around. “It's such a coincidence to see you here too.” At that moment, Alexander was in the midst of a conversation with his personal assistant on the phone with the loudspeaker option being activated. The personal assistant’s voice rang out, “I'm sorry, President Griffith. I'm stuck on the motorway because there's been a multiple-vehicle accident, so I reckon that the traffic will be quite congested for the time being. I'm not sure when I'll be able to arrive.” Alexander paused for a moment to think before he responded instantaneously, “Forget about it then.” He hung up the phone immediately after that. “Elise, come over here." He spoke with a demanding tone that Elise hated, but out of respect for him, she nevertheless approached and asked, “Do you need something?" “Get inside the car.” His blunt words were quite perplexing to her. It then suddenly dawned upon her as she asked again, “Do you intend to give me a ride home? That's just nice. I guess I won't have to call for a cab." Upon saying that, Elise opened the door and entered the car. Meanwhile, Alexander didn't bother to provide any explanation. The driver instantly started the ignition and drove off. She had assumed that Alexander was about to send her home, but as soon as the vehicle started to move, he immediately threw a stack of documents at her. ‘These are the details of our negotiation with Mr. Sylvester later. Have a look." A confused Elise shifted her head to the side to look at him. “Why are you showing me this?’