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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 42

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 42 “My personal assistant can't make it on short notice, so I'll need your help.” “Are you asking me to act as your personal assistant?” an uncertain Elise asked again. Alexander responded with a grunt and replied, “I'm sorry to bother you.” At that point, she couldn't think of any reason to reject him. Furthermore, she recalled the help he previously gave during the Mathematics Olympiad and naturally agreed to him. Then, she started to flick through the documents in her hands to study them. Shortly after that, the car came to a halt in front of a five-star hotel in town. She then followed behind him as they entered the place. While they were inside the elevator, she took a look at herself in the mirror and: instinctively adjusted the black-rimmed spectacles on the bridge of her nose. However, soon after that, he turned around and scrutinized her appearance before he noted, “You should spend some time making yourself presentable next time. After all, good looks can be an advantage to females.” Elise was about to rebuke Alexander, but she only stifled her words as the elevator doors had suddenly opened. Nonetheless, she glared at his back and muttered, “Well, if you think that I'm not presentable, then you should seek help from someone else.” “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and get over here.” In response, she unwillingly headed toward him before the two of them entered a large private room. As soon as he entered the room, the other party instantly greeted him with enthusiasm, “Mr. Griffith, it's great to meet you.” Meanwhile, Alexander made a slight gesture and lightly shook the person's hand. “Mr. Sylvester, thanks for waiting.” Mr. Sylvester smiled. “I didn’t wait for too long either as I arrived not long ago.” As he said that, he shifted his gaze toward Elise, but it was a brief glance before he shifted his gaze. Obviously, one could sense that he wasn't exceptionally pleased with how she looked. Nonetheless, she was quite indifferent to his reaction and followed Alexander’s footsteps before she took a seat by his side. “Mr. Griffith, who's this lady here?” Mr. Ford from Eureka Corporation couldn't help but question. Alexander briefly introduced, “This is my personal assistant, Miss Sinclair.” Elise tilted her head to greet them. “Mr. Sylvester, Mr. Ford, nice to meet you.” “Oh. So, she’s your personal assistant, but she looks underaged,” Mr. Ford exclaimed jovially as he blatantly scrutinized her. Meanwhile, she felt quite uncomfortable with the way he looked at her. However, as she had naturally agreed to help Alexander, she didn’t reveal a hint of displeasure but responded, “Mr. Ford, you must be kidding. I’ve already graduated from university.” Although Elise was merely stating the truth, it was evident that everyone present, including Alexander-didn't believe her words. Despite that, none of them made it known. “Mr. Griffith, let’s discuss the contract.” Mr. Sylvester signaled for his secretary to hand the document that they had brought over. Everyone wore a solemn look as. they started to talk about work. Elise performed her job quite well as Alexander’s personal assistant and she managed to handle all of the questions directed toward her by the other party. She was exceptionally capable at her job and was even the epitome of a professional from the corporate world, which was a surprise to Alexander Finally, their food was served at a time when they were almost done with their discussion “Waiter, could you get me the wine that I have stored with you guys?” Mr. Sylvester asked generously and turned to Alexander with a smile. “Mr. Griffith, let's confirm the contract terms. I'll ask the legal team to draft the contract once I head back and we can sign it after that.” Alexander responded, “Sure. Thanks for all the hard work.” Mr. Sylvester replied humbly, “It's nothing. Thanks for giving me the chance and lil make sure we won’t disappoint you. I hope we can work well together.” As soon as he said that, he raised his glass of wine to propose a toast and downed the contents As for Elise, upon noticing that the contract was basically a sealed deal, she heaved a sigh of relief. She was also ravenous, so she focused on her meal and even enjoyed it. After a few rounds of toasts, it was only natural for everyone to consume some alcohol. Alexander then rose to his full height to head to the washroom. As soon as Mr. Ford from Eureka Corporation noticed Alexander’s absence, he became much more emboldened, especially when he had consumed alcohol. He instantly stumbled over to Elise with a glass of wine in his hand. “Hey, Miss Sinclair, have a drink with me." Mr. Ford's breath reeked of stale alcohol, which caused her to frown uncomfortably. ‘I'm sorry, Mr. Ford. I don't normally drink alcohol.” His expression darkened as. Elise rejected his request. “Just do as you're told and drink this! Stop giving me all sorts of excuses. Do you know that I can get Mr. Griffith to fire you just by asking him to do so?" Subsequently, Mr. Ford forcefully filled her glass with wine. Meanwhile, Mr. Sylvester, who was by the side, feigned ignorance. After all, to the likes of them, she was a mere personal assistant. Furthermore, she was rather ugly-looking, so it was obvious that she should feel honored to be invited to drink with them. Besides, Alexander would definitely choose to turn a blind eye for the sake of their collaboration ‘I'm sorry, Mr. Ford. I really can't take alcohol,” Elise politely rejected once again However, the man merely smiled and stretched out with an arm to drape it around her shoulder. “Miss Sinclair, you really shouldn't test my patience.” Elise’s expression darkened as well before she abruptly pushed his arm away. At that point, she was significantly displeased. “Mr. Ford, please have some self- respect.” As soon as she said that, he was evidently quite upset. “You're just a lowly personal assistant! How dare you talk to me so insolently! You should be honored to have attracted my attention. Who do you think you are anyway?! Initially, she had her reservations, but as soon as she heard his words, her temper immediately rose. “I think you're the one who doesn't know your position! You're old enough to behave respectfully, yet your behavior is despicable! You’re no different to a scum!” “How dare you insult me, you b*tch!” Mr. Ford threw the wine bottle in his hand to the ground with such force that it landed with a resounding crash, which reverberated in the private room. As soon as Alexander heard the commotion, his face was as dark as charcoal when he strode toward the room. Moments after he pushed open the door, he noticed that Mr. Ford had grabbed hold of Elise by her wrist. “B*tch!” Mr. Ford even roared, “I can't believe that you have the nerve to show your temper!” Meanwhile, Elise didn’t expect the man to lay a hand on her, but she wasn't going to suffer in silence either. With a snort, she lifted her foot and kicked him on his crotch. As a result, there was a loud, painful moan that echoed in the room. Alexander then stepped forward and stood protectively in front of her. Then, he gave Mr. Ford a cold glare before asking, “What's going on?” Mr. Sylvester, who had remained silent all this while, hastily came forward and explained, “It's just a misunderstanding. Mr. Griffith, don’t take offense. She’s just a lowly personal assistant, so why don't you hand her over to us?” “Hand her over?!” Alexander emphasized on those three words as his expression became thunderous. He stared at Mr. Ford, who was currently groaning in pain, before he lifted his foot and delivered a hard blow on Mr. Ford without any hesitation As Alexander had exerted force when he kicked Mr. Ford, Mr. Ford was instantly flung into the air before he landed on the ground with a loud thud. Subsequently, there was a crack’ sound that was indicative of a broken ribcage. Soon after that, Alexander grabbed Elise and said, “I’m not that worthless to resort to taking advantage of a woman and surrendering my subordinate in exchange for a collaboration! From now on, the Griffith Group will cease all operations with you!” Upon finishing his sentence, he grabbed hold of her and strode out of the room. A panicked Mr. Sylvester rushed after them. “Mr. Griffith, let's talk this through. There are some things that we shouldn't be hasty about! Give us another chance,” However, Alexander disregarded the man's words and escorted Elise out of the room While she followed closely behind him, she looked at his strapping figure and felt the warmth that radiated from his palm at the same time. At that point, she felt an inexplicable sense of security and her heart frantically racing in her ribcage