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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 43

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 43 Alexander escorted Elise into the car before he instructed the driver to immediately drive off. Meanwhile, she glanced at their closely intertwined fingers and instinctively tried to withdraw her hand. While the car slowly departed, neither of them said a word. There was a somber vibe that enveloped them, which continued until the car pulled into the driveway of the Griffith Residence. She finally broke the silence and said, “Thanks for standing up for me earlier. Just let me know if you need my help for any company matters in the future.” Elise thought, If he loses this collaboration because of me, then I have to compensate him for his loss. However, it never crossed Alexander's mind to turn to a woman for help, so he rejected her outright. “You should go home,” was what he replied instead. She was aware that he needed to maintain his pride and it was also a male’s basic dignity to resist, so she didn't say another word. Rather, she turned around to enter the house. Elise still didn’t feel at ease with things after she entered the house, so she gave Jamie a call. “Hey, Jamie. If you notice that the Griffith Group is in need of some help, be sure to lend them a hand, but do it secretly so that no one realizes that you are helping them.” Upon hearing her words, a stunned Jamie gaped. “Boss, do you have a wrong impression of Alexander? He’s well-known to be a formidable opponent in the corporate world. How else do you think the Griffith Group was able to maintain its position as the leading company in town? He doesn't need any help from small flies like us. You should stop worrying, Boss. It's just a minor contract that’s nothing to Griffith Group. It won't result in any significant loss for them.” She was finally rest assured when she heard his words. That’s right. Alexander's such a formidable person so obviously, he wouldn't care too much about this minor contract. Nonetheless, she was determined not to allow Eureka Corporation to get away with this lightly. However, before she could even mention anything, he had already made his move. “He messed with the wrong person! He’s going to pay for that,” Jamie said as his fingers whizzed furiously on the keyboard. Shortly after that, he came up with a list containing the details of all the Eureka Corporation's business partners and thereafter sent the information to the company’s opponents. How dare they mess with Elise! I'm definitely going to make their life a living hell. “Miss Sinclair, it's time to wake up. I've prepared breakfast for you.” The servant woke Elise up at the exact time. Meanwhile, she stretched while her eyes remained half-opened. “Okay, sure. I'll come downstairs in a short while.” Despite her words, she curled into another comfortable position and fell into a deep sleep once again. She was wide awake most of the night as she couldn't seem to shake off Mr. Ford's sleazy expression from her mind. After tossing and turning for hours, she finally managed to sleep for the rest of the night, but it didn’t last long as she had to wake up earlier for school. Elise shuffled around and took her time to get out of bed. After she freshened up and applied some light makeup, she wore her custom-made wig and made her way downstairs. At that moment, she noticed that Matthew was already seated at the dining table as he slowly savored his breakfast. “Good morning.” She greeted him and received a grunt in reply. Then, he responded, “Good morning.” After that, she took a seat at the dining table and asked, “Are you the one sending me to school today?" “Yup.” Matthew placed his cutleries aside while he spoke and lifted his wrist to check the time. “You have five more minutes. I'll wait for you by the door.” Then, he rose to his full height and headed toward the door after saying that. Meanwhile, Elise hastily took a few large bites of her toast and grabbed a bottle of milk before she scrambled after him. While he waited in the car and held an iPad in his hand, he dealt with some work related matters. He was someone with a different personality to Danny, who always behaved in a rather impulsive manner as an immature second-generation wealthy kid. On the other hand, Matthew was calm and steady in all his endeavors while being a generally quiet person who didn’t have much to say. Each time he sent her to school, he would only converse with her whenever necessary and he basically didn’t interact much with her. The moment Elise arrived at school and entered the classroom, she ran into Danny holding a basketball and about to walk out. Their gazes met and although he was unwilling to do so, he dutifully greeted, “Good morning, boss.” The boys standing behind him watched their exchange in shock Meanwhile, she maintained her composure and replied, “Good morning.” One of the boys behind Danny came forward and whispered to Danny, “Danny, is there something wrong? Why did you just address that ugly wretch as Boss?” In response, Danny threw the basketball in his hands toward the boy. “Who are you calling ugly?! That’s my boss there. From now on, keep this in mind, you're not allowed to bully her and if anyone contradicts this, that means you're intentionally provoking me.” All of the boys stared at him dumbfoundedly, but none of them said a single word. After all, anyone who dared to cross Danny’s path was basically digging their own grave. “Don't worry, Danny. You just have to say the word and we'll definitely keep it in mind. We won't act rashly.” It was only at that moment when Danny's expression softened slightly. Although he was quite reluctant to acknowledge Elise as his boss, he had lost the bet, soa true man would definitely honor his part of the deal. Since he had already agreed that she was his boss, then it was non-negotiable. ‘Let's go. Let's shoot some hoops.” The group then headed off toward the basketball court and ignored the chime of a bell that signaled the start of classes. Meanwhile, Elise walked into the classroom and sat at her spot. Soon after that, she opened her textbook to do some revision. At this moment, Mikayla inched closer and handed some snacks to Elise that she'd brought from home. “Here you go, Elise. This is for you. These are my favorite crackers.” Elise took the snack from Mikayla while replying, “Thanks.” Subsequently, Mikayla conveniently took a seat by Elise’s side and glanced at their surroundings. Mikayla then whispered, “I heard from my family members that Jasmine’s family business is in trouble because their company’s about to be bankrupt.”. She had been upset with Jasmine ever since Jasmine took the liberty to ransack Elise’s bag without first obtaining permission. Generally, Mikayla was rather forgiving of Jasmine’s rudeness and arrogance, but Jasmine had gone overboard with her actions. “Well, I sure do hope that her family goes into bankruptcy. By then, she wouldn't have the nerve to be arrogant at school." Elise’s expression was unfazed as she listened to Mikayla’s words before responding, “I hope your wish comes true." “Fingers crossed!’ While those two chatted with each other, Jasmine suddenly walked through the door. However, contrary to her normal behavior, she currently looked defeated and completely listless. She glanced at Elise and couldn't help recalling her father's words. Jas, did you offend someone at school? Is that why the person has been intently targeting us?! Although Jasmine returned to her senses soon after that, there was a flash of uncertainty across her face. I don’t think I’ve offended anyone at school, though?! Perhaps it was Elise?! Then again, she’s just a country bumpkin. How could she possibly have achieved all this?