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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 45

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 45 After class, Elise and Mikayla laughed and chatted as they exited the school doors. “I hate parting ways with you, Elise. Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived together? We could eat together, do our homework together, and sleep at the same time.” As she stroked Mikayla’s head, Elise comforted, “Why don’t I visit your place when I have the time?” In an instant, Mikayla’s eyes brightened. “Good; that sounds awesome! When the time comes, I'll have my mum prepare some dishes that you like. When are you coming to visit, though?” After a moment of thought, Elise replied, “In a few days’ time. I'll come over after the Chinese Week competition.” ‘Alright. It's set, then!" It was only then did Mikayla happily bid Elise adieu. After waving goodbye to her, Elise headed toward a familiar car waiting nearby and opened the door. Upon doing so, she greeted Matthew, who grunted in reply. After she entered the car, he took the initiative to inform her, “Grandpa is having dinner tonight and wants me to bring you along." “Alright. We'll go together then.” Although Elise had no idea what kind of dinner it was, it had to be an important event if Jonah was the host. They then arrived at a private room of a restaurant. Once they passed through the doors, they saw the other young masters of the Griffith Family had already arrived, including Brendan, who rarely showed his face. When Jonah saw Elise, he waved her over. “Come on over, Ellie.” She obediently walked up to him and respectfully greeted, “Hi, Grandpa.” Then, with a smile, he introduced her to the person next to him. “This is Ellie, my granddaughter; she’s also known as my future granddaughter-in-law.” The simple introduction was enough to cause everyone's expression to change. Even Elise was startled, but she didn’t protest whatsoever. Meanwhile, out of all the Griffith brothers, the one who had the biggest change of expression was Danny. He incredulously looked at his siblings as if he questioned, Does the introduction mean Elise has decided on a marriage partner? Elise courteously greeted the stranger. “It’s nice to meet you. I’m Elise Sinclair.” The stranger nodded and introduced himself, “Nice to meet you, Miss Sinclair. I'm Mr. Griffith's personal lawyer, Luis Sosa.” Seeing that everyone was present, Jonah then declared without further delay, I asked everyone here today because I wanted to announce something.” Since they rarely saw him being so serious and earnest, the brothers suddenly felt uncertain and felt just as mystified as Elise was. ‘I've thought long and hard before arriving at this decision; and now, it's time to tell all of you about it.” After saying that, Jonah asked Luis to produce a document from a folder. Following that, he looked at Elise and continued, “After thinking about it, I've decided that since you're now my granddaughter as well as my future granddaughter-in-law, the future of the Griffith Family will eventually be in your hands. Thus, I've taken the initiative to transfer the 30% of shares under my name to you. No matter which of my grandsons you marry, this will be my wedding gift to you. All of the brothers were shocked the moment they heard Jonah’s words and stared at him with incredulity-with the exception of Alexander. Jack was the first one to stand up and protest, “Surely this is too rash of you, Grandpa. Even if we leave aside the discussion on whether Elise can marry into the Griffith Family, it’s grave for the family for you to bequeath 30% of the shares to an outsider just like that.” “He's right, Grandpa. Maybe you should reconsider your decision,” Danny added. While he might have now recognized Elise’s position and was even protective of her, 30% of the Griffith Family's shares was no joke. ‘I think it's very rash as well, Grandpa. Why are you in a hurry to do it?” Brendan glanced at Elise before he continued, “Not to mention, if we look at things from Miss Sinclair's perspective, she’s still young and might not be able to protect such large assets.” Nonetheless, there was no change to Jonah's expression as he listened to their reasoning and he simply looked at her before earnestly answering, “Your concerns are the ones I've considered as well, but I've made up my mind and will not change it. As long as you have no objection, Ellie, you simply need to sign your name on this document.’ A conflicted Elise pursed her lips. In truth, 30% of the Griffith Family’s shares wasn’t a small number and it would pose a great temptation to the average person. To her, however, it was nothing but a number, More importantly, she never thought about staying within the Griffith Family. So, she opened her mouth to reject the offer. “This gift is extremely precious, Grandpa, and I can't accept it. I think you should take your offer back!" ‘Ellie, I Know you're a sensible child, but I’ve already decided that you’re my granddaughter from now on, no matter what. If you do become my granddaughter in-law one day, this will be the Griffith Family's wedding gift to you. If you find your own happiness elsewhere, this will instead be my dowry for you.” “Grandpa, I..” Elise choked on her reply. As she tried her best to keep her emotions under control, she dived into his arms. Jonah patted her back gently and comforted, “There, there. No need for such displays, huh? Just do as I say.” “Bute “Why so many misgivings, my child? Don’t worry about it.” Then, he turned to Luis. “Please have Ellie sign the document." Accordingly, Luis handed the document and a pen to Elise, where under the audience's watchful eyes, she took the pen and carefully wrote her name on the document. ‘It's settled, then. Thank you, Mr. Sosa.” As he kept the document away, he answered, “No worries, I’m merely doing my job.” ‘Alright, now that we have concluded the official matters, we should get to dinner without any further delay.” Jonah bade everyone to dig in. Yet, apart from Alexander, none of the brothers had any appetite Jack left midway through dinner as he had to rush on the completion of his work. Not long after that, Brendan had also excused himself and made an early departure And just like that, Danny, Matthew, and Alexander were the only brothers left. Before Jonah left, he instructed, “! still have some business to discuss with Mr. Sosa. The three of you should take Ellie home.” Upon Jonah’s departure, Danny pursed his lips before explaining, “I’m meeting up with a friend and won’t be coming home tonight, Boss. Let Alexander see you home.” With that, Danny made a move to leave and left Matthew and Alexander behind As per their custom, Alexander would be the one to send Elise home, but Matthew spoke up this time and said, “I'll take you back then.” As a result of that, she waved goodbye to Alexander. “We'll make a move now, then." Alexander grunted in reply and watched as she entered Matthew's car with something buried deep in his gaze. It wasn't until the car disappeared from his sight that he looked away. Now that she was in the car, she leaned in her seat and watched the night view from her window while seemingly deep in thought. After a while, Matthew commented, “You don't seem to be in a good mood.” His words had jerked her back to her senses, but before she could reply, he continued, “Let me switch on some music for you to relax.” “Okay,” Ellis agreed. Thus, he turned on the radio, which played a soft, light musical piece. ‘This is my favorite song,” he explained. “It was written and composed by a famous composer named H.” Upon hearing the familiar melody, she paused for a moment and inadvertently asked, “Do you like her work a lot?”