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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 46

Chapter 46 “Yes, her melodies are inspiring and full of artistic conception that resonates easily with the audience. It's just a pity she hasn't released any new songs recently.” Elise nodded gently. “They are pretty lovely melodies. It just so happens that I have an exclusive EP of hers at home. I'll give it to you another day later.” “Really? That's great! Who knew we had a common interest?” Then, Matthew sighed. “If only she could release new songs, that would be awesome. Then, I could take you to one of her concerts to support her." Inevitably, he was excited to gush over an idol of his; yet, Elise fell deep into thought again and didn’t speak up again. The atmosphere returned to normal just like that. It wasn't until the car pulled into the courtyard of the Griffith Residence that she returned to her senses. By then, he was already opening the car door for her. “We're home. Come on, then.” As she hopped out of the car, she replied, “Thank you!” “No problem,” Matthew answered while smiling at her for the first time. “That's what I should be doing, anyway. It happens to be my turn to send you to school tomorrow, so head to bed earlier and I'll see you tomorrow.” “Okay,” Elise answered. “Good night. I'll see you tomorrow.” After that, she returned to the room and locked the door before she started to remove her makeup. Her delicate, fresh face was revealed the moment all of the makeup was removed. As she looked at her reflection in the mirror, she pursed her lips and thought about Jonah’s gift to her because it was truly too precious. If I actually leave the Griffith Family one day, won't I be disappointing him? The fact was that she already arrived at a decision to momentarily keep the shares on his behalf, but fully return it to him once she left the family. After she made peace with her decision, Elise felt much lighter as she went to bed and slept soundly until morning. The next day, she wore her makeup and dressed for school before she headed downstairs. Much to her surprise, there was no breakfast prepared at home this morning It was right at this moment when Matthew entered with freshly bought breakfast. “As the cook's busy today, she didn’t have time to make breakfast. Since I happened to be heading out, I bought some food as well. See if it suits your appetite.” With that, he placed the box he was carrying on the table. Upon opening it, Elise saw that it was filled to the brim with all sorts of exquisite breakfast dishes. It seemed he had bought an item from every available category at the breakfast cafe. As she perused the dishes, she yanked a large bear claw and told him, “I'll just have this.” Matthew happily passed a napkin to her whereby she sat down to start eating. Yet, even though he sat opposite her, he didn’t move to take his share of the breakfast. Since she was feeling somewhat discomfited, Elise gobbled her food and wiped her mouth with the napkin before saying, “We're running out of time. I have to leave now, or I'll be late.” After he took his car keys, he led her out of the door as he answered, “Don't worry, I won't let you be late.” Just as he had promised, he sent her to school on time. The moment she arrived at the school campus, she realized that the atmosphere felt somewhat different today. As she headed to class, there were girls huddled together and seemingly deep in discussion. Before Elise could even reach the classroom, Mikayla rushed over with exuberance and gushed, “My husband is coming to our schoo! this afternoon to film an MV, Elise. I’m so thrilled!" “Um, who's your husband?" Elise asked wryly, causing Mikayla to blush. “Why, he’s Jack Griffith! I'm his superfan.” Suddenly, Elise understood why the school atmosphere was somewhat different- it was without a doubt because Jack was coming to her schoo! to film an MV. “Elise, come with me to watch my husband filming later in the afternoon. It'll be my first time seeing him up close and personal and whenever I think about it, my heart races like mad.” For some reason, Elise was tempted to respond that she had dinner at the same table as Jack last night and was tired of seeing his face. However, as she saw how enamored her best friend was, she didn't have the heart to shatter her best friend's dreams and instead replied, “Alright, I'll come with you to see your husband if I have the time later." Looking so excited that she could leap at any given moment, Mikayla squealed, “Thank you, Elise!” Then, they headed toward the classroom, arm in arm. What they failed to notice was that Jasmine had trailed behind them all along and upon seeing their interaction, she was green with jealousy. Due to the current state of her family affairs, her followers had disappeared one by one whereas Elise and Mikayla were merely growing closer to each other. It caused Jasmine to be furious, for what right did Elise have to be better than her everywhere she went? “You're an eyesore, Elise Sinclair.” Jasmine’s fists clenched in the silence. Since the public speaking competition during Chinese Week was around the corner, it would be a pity if anything were to happen to Elise... At this thought, the seeds of an evil idea began to sprout in Jasmine’s mind Today was the day that Elise discovered that Jack was indeed popular since she could hear people discussing him no matter where she went He appeared at her school at exactly three in the afternoon The places that he passed by were packed with people, especially the teacher's building where he was scheduled to film. Although the building was normally not in use, it was overcrowded today and no matter how she squeezed through the crowd, Mikayla failed to lead Elise there. ‘If I knew it was going to be so crowded, I would have arrived earlier. Now, I won't even be able to see a silhouette of him.” Mikayla felt somewhat vexed, for this was a rare opportunity to see her idol, yet she was unable to move through the crowd. As Elise stared at the throng of people before her, she couldn't help tugging at the hem of Mikayla’s shirt. “Are you sure we still want to head in?” Without any hesitation, Mikayla nodded. “We must. How could we miss this rare opportunity to see my husband?” An unimpressed Elise stared at Mikayla in the silence Yet, Mikayla was her only friend, so she had no choice but to bite the bullet and drag Mikayla through the crowd. They finally reached the front row of the audience only to be notified that the shoot was closed to the public. And just like that, Mikayla deflated like a burst balloon. “If I knew that, I wouldn't have squeezed here. Now, I still won't get the chance to see him.” ‘It's okay,” Elise comforted. “If you really want to see him, I still have another method.” Instantly, Mikayla’s eyes widened. “What method? Quickly tell me!” “Have I told you before that I'm somewhat acquainted with him?" The moment Elise said that, Mikayla’s face lit up. “Really? Truly? You're not teasing me, are you? You and my husband know each other? That’s great!” Under Mikayla’s watchful gaze, Elise fished out her cell phone and gave Jack a call. Less than five minutes later, his assistant appeared to personally escort them to the set. “Please come this way with me, Miss Sinclair.” The assistant then led them through a side entrance. Throughout their entire journey, Mikayla was so excited that she nearly swooned and WC passed out when she finally saw Jack with her eyes. “Husband!” she cried, drawing the eyes of everyone on set. It was only after that when she realized what she had shouted and quickly changed her greeting. Then, she skipped over to him and introduced, “Jack Griffith! I'm your loyal fan, Mikayla.” Jack politely answered, “Nice to meet you.” Then, he looked at Elise. “Do you need something from me?”