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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 47

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 47 “My friend is a fan of yours and she wanted me to bring her to see you,” Elise explained. “You're way more handsome than on television,” Mikayla gushed; she was blushing as she stared into Jack's glimmering eyes. Her response made Jack smirk devilishly. “Thank you. You're quite attractive yourself.” “We're about to begin filming, Jack. Quickly come over." As the deputy director had summoned Jack, he made his leave and retumed to the set. Both Elise and Mikayla had a firsthand experience of watching the entire filming process. Only a few short scenes needed to be filmed multiple times before they could wrap up the shoot and call it a day. Mikayla couldn't help but sigh. “This is my first time seeing my husband hard at work. He's so handsome that I can burst into tears.” At this moment, the deputy director rushed over and he carefully regarded both Elise and Mikayla before finally selecting Mikayla. Then, he spoke, “We need a supporting actress for this particular scene. Why don’t you give it a shot?" “Can I?" she cried out in surprise. In truth, it was Elise that the deputy director had taken note of from afar since she had an alluring figure and carried herself well. It was such a pity her face... fell way short of the mark. Thus, he had to resort to his second choice and rely on Mikayla. “Just give it a try. There are two or three scenes in total.” The moment she heard that she could film with her idol, nothing else mattered. So, she quickly agreed before following the deputy director to have her costume and makeup done. Elise had originally come to watch Jack film for Mikayla’s sake and now that Mikayla was off to film her scene, she decided to return to class. After bidding Mikayla adieu, Elise made her move to head to the classroom. Yet, now that it was close to the end of the school day, Rita suddenly rushed up and said, “Mikayla suffered an accident during the filming, Elise. Go and check on her!" Upon hearing the news, Elise felt her heart drop. “What?! What kind of accident?’ There was a flicker in Rita's gaze, but she still answered, “She fell and suffered a rather bad injury while shooting the scene. She’s behind Teaching Building 1.” After hearing that, Elise was naturally anxious and immediately rushed off toward Teaching Building 1 The moment she left, Rita went to look for Jasmine. “I did as you told me to. Elise is on her way there." Jasmine’s eyes darkened. “Good job.” As she said those words, she removed the bracelet on her wrist and shoved it into Rita's hand. “What happens next will depend on you.” Even though Rita closely stared at the bracelet, she still had her doubts. “Maybe we shouldn't do this, Jasmine. What if we slip up?” “Relax, I only wish to teach her a small lesson. Nothing bad will happen and even if something did happen, I'll take the fall for it. What are you afraid of?” Upon hearing Jasmine's response, Rita relaxed as she tucked the bracelet into her pocket before she spun on her heel and left in the direction Elise was headed for. Meanwhile, by the time Elise arrived at Teaching Building 1, the film crew had already left. Since this building was normally not in use, it was deserted now that the crew was no longer there. “Where are you, Mikayla?” Even after she searched through the entire building, she failed to locate Mikayla. By now, Elise started to feel like something was amiss, so she pulled out her cell phone to make a call. However, a second later, a dark shadow approached and whacked the back of her head with a wooden club. As the pain overpowered her body, Elise’s knees gave way and she collapsed to the ground. In her half-conscious state, Elise heard a woman saying, “Take her somewhere remote.” So, she tried to keep her eyes open to see who it was, but her body became weighted before she fell into an unconscious state. Now that Jasmine stood above her, she gave an evil smile. “Don’t blame me for this, Elise. You asked for it.” Matthew had been waiting at the school gates for Elise at the end of the school day. While she was at school, he even dug out H's limited edition album that he had previously buried so that he could listen to it with Elise on the way home. Unfortunately, she failed to appear even after he had waited for over an hour. Feeling somewhat surprised, he took his cell and gave her a ring, only to hear the cold, automated female voice responding, “Sorry, but the number you have dialed is temporarily unavailable.” The moment he heard that, Matthew was somewhat irritated, but Danny happened to arrive at the school gates. Although they didn’t have a good relationship at home and were only cordial to each other without ever actually speaking, he knew Danny was in the same class as Elise. So, he took the initiative to strike up a conversation for the first time in ages. “Danny, have you seen Elise?". Because Danny had headphones on, he didn’t hear Matthew's question. And so, he removed them and asked, “What did you say?” “Have you seen Elise?” Matthew repeated. ‘I’ve been waiting for over an hour, but she still hasn't showed up.” Danny didn’t seem to find it strange. “Maybe she went home first. Or, maybe she's over at a friend's house. Why don't you give her a ring?” “Her phone is switched off.”. It was only then that Danny frowned. In all the time he had known Elise, she had never turned her phone off. ‘'ll help you to ask around.” After he fished out his phone, he had asked a few good friends before he obtained Mikayla’s number. However, she informed him that she was also looking for Elise. By now, he had also sensed that something was fishy. “She couldn't have gotten into trouble, could she?” However, Matthew's gaze only grew darker as there was only one possibility in his mind. Elise currently held 30% of the Griffith Group's shares in name-an amount that was enough to shake the entirety of Griffith Group. That possibly meant someone would have a reason to harm her. ‘Let's look for her before we start worrying.” Yet, Danny was unable to heed Matthew's advice and only hurried to call Alexander. “Elise might have gotten into trouble, Alexander. Can you send someone to help us search for her?” Even though Alexander was in a business meeting, he ended the meeting without any hesitation the moment he received the call from Danny. Then, Alexander asked, “What happened? Give me more details.” So, Danny related the sequence of events to Alexander while Alexander mobilized all of the forces that he could in that given moment. At the same time, he sent his men out and continued to speak to Danny. Alexander’s men first checked the school's surveillance system to locate Elise’s last known position. Then, they tracked her from there and finally narrowed the area where she could be. ‘The car that took her out of school disappeared near Silvermoon Mountain, Alexander. Could the vehicle have brought her there?" With slightly darkened eyes, Alexander answered, “I'll head there with my men right now. No matter what, we must find her as soon as possible." Since Danny never expected him to be so invested in the matter, the man added hurriedly, “I'll go with you.” The two brothers trekked into the mountains with a group of men