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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 49

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 49 “What are you doing, Alexander? Let go of me.” Elise struggled in embarrassment. If it weren’t for the darkness, everyone could see her cheeks that had become as red as tomatoes. Alexander frowned and asked, “Didn't you say your leg hurts?” Elise replied, “But I can walk.” ‘It's not a problem for me. The road is slippery in the dark, so I don’t want you to fall again. It's not a long way, anyway." Since Alexander said so, Elise had to swallow her words and obediently stayed in his arms. She let him carry her over to a boulder, where he squatted down to check her injuries. “Luckily, they are just some superficial injuries. You'll be fine after putting on a little medicine back home.” “Oh, thank you, Alexander.” Alexander got up and instructed the subordinates behind him, saying, “Contact Danny and tell him to rendezvous at the foot of the mountain.” “Yes, Young Master Griffith.” Then Alexander looked at Elise and said, “I'll carry you down.” He was not asking Elise’s opinion but rather only informing her, but Elise hastily refused. “No need for that. I can walk by myself.” However, Alexander did not give her a chance to refuse. Instead, he squatted down in front of her. Elise hesitated for a moment before climbing on Alexander’s back. Then, Alexander carried her down the mountain. It was the first time she was carried by a man like this, so a strange feeling surfaced in her heart, as if she was a deer caught in the headlights. Elise, what are you thinking? Retract those thoughts of yours! Chiding herself in her heart, Elise allowed Alexander to carry her along the mountain path all the way to the bottom of the mountain. Soon, he safely brought her back to the Griffith Residence, where Elise's accident had already alarmed Jonah. Fortunately, Elise had already been found, but the elderly man had been waiting in the hall all this time until Elise returned. “Ellie, you are back. How are you? Nothing serious, right?” Jonah asked with concern as soon as he saw Elise. “Grandpa Griffith, I'm fine! All thanks to Alexander.” Jonah’s eyes darkened. “Who is it that’s brave enough to mess with one of the Griffiths?! Alex, you must find out for me. This matter will not be tolerated." “Yes, Grandpa. I will have someone look into it,” Alexander said with a serious face. “Well, you have worked hard today, so go back to rest early,” Jonah said and looked at Elise. “Ellie, sorry that you've been frightened by all this, but don’t you worry. I will definitely get you justice.” “Thank you, Grandpa Griffith!” Initially, Elise did not want the Griffith Family to interfere. This is my own issue after all. But! No matter who they are, I will not let them go! Never in a million years! After Elise returned to her room and locked the door behind her, she contacted Jamie. “Boss, are you okay?’ “Yes, do me a favor. Elise slowly typed out a few lines and sent them, then finally closed her computer. As she did so, the corners of her mouth raised up, accompanied by an aura of danger. The next day, Elise took time off and did not go to school. Jasmine looked at the empty seat and couldn't help smirking in satisfaction. Without a doubt, her mood was much better now. Haha! I bet that woman is locked up in a hut on some mountain right now! When the Chinese Week’s public speaking competition was over, she would get someone to release Elise. By then, the outcome would have been decided, and even with the best abilities, Elise could not change anything. However, Jasmine did not notice that in addition to Elise’s absence from school, there was another person who also did not arrivé “Be honest with me, and I might be able to give you a chance.” Rita was accosted as soon as she left her house. She didn't expect to see Elise, the girl she didn’t want to see the most, appearing right at this moment. Elise’s voice was flat but dangerous, and for a moment, Rita was so surprised that she could not even say a word. Elise looked at her with a dark face. “What? Are you very surprised to see me?” Rita nodded, then shook her head. Finally, she dropped to her knees in front of Elise out of fear. “I'm sorry! I was wrong, and I should not have listened to Jasmine to do that to you..." In the next few minutes, Rita immediately gave a complete account of all that had happened. “Jasmine said that she only wanted to lock you up there and not harm you. She only wanted to teach you a lesson and release you after two days. I was blinded by the money she offered and agreed. Please, let me go. We're classmates, after all." Rita's voice broke as she spoke in tears. If she had known that Elise was so capable, she would never have done the dirty work for Jasmine. ‘I can let you go, but you have to do something for me." Rita looked as if she had found a life-saving chance and hastily asked, “What is it? As long as you let me go, I will do anything.” So, Elise leaned forward and whispered something in her ear. In the afternoon, Rita went to school as usual, and the first thing she did when she arrived at school was to return the bracelet Jasmine gave her. “Jasmine, this bracelet is too worthless. It’s not worth my effort!” Jasmine looked at the bracelet with some surprise and raised her eyes to look at Rita coldly. “What's wrong? You think it’s too cheap? This is the bracelet my father spent tens of thousands abroad to buy for me, and now it can be worth a lot of money, even in antique stores, right?’ Without answering Jasmine’s question, Rita coldly snorted. “I have done such a difficult task for you, but you only give such a little thing to me. Are you serious? I don't care; you have to give me more money. Otherwise, I will tell the whole world about what you did." Jasmine did not expect Rita to threaten her with this matter, so she silently clenched her fists, “Rita, I’ve never expected you to actually do this to me. You're so good at pretensions before.” “Oh, just say whether you'll give it to me or not! I want 100,000, and it must be given to me within today, or...” Rita was blunt enough she just wanted money. If it were before, Jasmine would not care about such little money as 100,000, but now, her family had suffered a major change, and her father had given her much less pocket money. Therefore, she now relied on selling bags and jewelry to maintain her luxurious life. Where can I get 100,000 for Rita? “I don't have that much money.” As expected, Rita didn't buy her excuse. “Who are you kidding?! Everyone in the class knows that you have hundreds of thousands of pocket money a month. I just want 100,000; it's not too much. If you honestly do not want to give it to me, it doesn’t matter. What's the big deal? I’ll just go to the police to tell them everything, and I suppose you'll just end up in prison.” “You b*tch!” Jasmine was furious, but now that Rita was blackmailing her, she had no choice but to grit her teeth. “Okay. 100,000, right? I can give it to you, but how do you guarantee you won't come after me after taking this money?”