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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 50

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 50 ‘Bring me the money first. As for the future, I can't say for sure. It depends on my mood,” Rita replied to Jasmine in a casual tone. “Rita, you'd better not go too far.” For the first time, Jasmine felt that she had been blind before and honestly thought that Rita was a doormat in the past. But now she realized that Rita was actually a hungry wolf under a sheep's skin. “Have I? Then, do you want me to try harder? Jasmine, my patience is limited You must give it to me today, or the consequences will be borne by yourself.” With these words, Rita walked away, leaving Jasmine glaring after her, but there was nothing Jasmine could do. (This novel will be daily updtaed at www.novelheart.com) Where would she get the 100,000? Jasmine took her bag of jewelry to a pawnshop and barely managed to scrape together 50,000 However, she was still 50,000 short, and when she was at a loss, a man suddenly called out to her. “Girl, how about a loan?” “A loan?” Jasmine suddenly brightened up. “How do I do this? How much can I borrow at most?" The man smiled and said, “This will depend on your needs. No matter how much you require, we can solve your urgent needs.” Thank God! The heavens have heard my plea and sent me an angel in disguise! Jasmine followed the man to find out about borrowing money. When she returned to school, she threw the bag of cash containing 100,000 directly in front of Rita. “Here's 100,000 for you; don't come to me again.” Rita was surprised to see that Jasmine had gotten 100,000 for her in such a short time, but she still accepted the bag. “Thanks. If you need my help again, feel free to look for me." Jasmine clenched her fists; she was very unwilling to give up the money, but she still maintained a smile on the surface. “Let me tell you that this is the last time. You'd better hope I don't have dirt on you in the future.” With these words, Jasmine turned around and walked away. Rita held the bag of money, then put it away. Later, she took it to Elise and said, ‘This is what she gave me, Elise. I also did what you said, so can we just write it off between us?” Elise did not even look at the bag of money as she smiled coldly. “Don't worry. I am a woman of my word. I can let the grudge between us off, but from tomorrow onward, you should not go to school anymore. This 100,000 will be your travel expenses, and don't come back in the future.” Hastily, Rita refused her suggestion. “No, I can't take this money. I will ask my father to transfer me to another school, so don't worry.” Elise sized her up, feeling that the girl in front of her still had some conscience, after all. However, things were no longer under Rita’s control; according to Jasmine’s nature, although the money was given to Rita, she might do something to Rita in the near future. “Jasmine is not someone who will give up easily. Take the money and just save yourself.” With that, Elise felt that she had done her part in reminding Rita and her conscience was clear. Next, it was time to settle accounts with Jasmine. For two days in a row, Elise did not go to school, and Jasmine did not notice anything wrong. She thought that Elise was still locked up in a dark room in the mountains, so she relaxed and prepared for the Chinese Week's public speaking competition. The Chinese Week’s public speaking competition was crucial, as there would be many college professors hidden among the audience to spot good candidates for the next year’s cohort of freshmen. Thus, it was no secret that this was why there were so many people who wanted to participate in this competition. The venue for the Chinese Week's public speaking competition was booked to be held in the city’s largest gymnasium, gathering teachers and student representatives from all the city’s famous high schools. ‘Jasmine, don’t be nervous when you go on stage later. Just perform as usual.” The language teacher instructed in the background This feeling of being valued by the teacher was very much appreciated by Jasmine, who said, “Don't worry. I will work hard, and I will definitely strive to get a good grade." The language teacher gave her a slight pat on the shoulder. “Good. Good luck then! I look forward to your performance.” Jasmine smiled proudly and looked toward the spotlight in the middle of the stage, where she was going to stand in just a moment to enjoy the attention of everyone present. In fact, she seemed to have imagined the scene where she was holding the gold trophy ‘Elise is also going to participate in the competition, but she hasn’t come over yet, so you sit here while I'll go outside to take a look.(This novel will be daily updated at www.novelheart.com)” When the teacher mentioned Elise, at once, the expression on Jasmine's face suddenly changed. Fortunately, she hid it well, and in a flash, all the emotions on her face disappeared “She may already be outside. You go ahead! I'll be fine on my own." “Okay, then I'll go over first. Relax!” As Jasmine looked at the teacher's back, her gaze deepened. Will Elise even be able to come to the competition? It all depends on her luck. In fact, Elise is probably still shivering in the cold Then, Jasmine faintly withdrew her gaze and looked at herself in the mirror. She had always been proud of her looks. Even though she was not the best-looking girl, she was far more beautiful than the ugly Elise. Jasmine was slated to be in the middle of the order, so it took a while before it was her turn. As soon as she got on stage, she looked at the audience down the stage. Smiling, she held the microphone close to her and began fluently. “Good evening, everyone. My name is Jasmine...” The eyes of the audience were collectively gathered on the stage, while even the judges were all nodding approvingly. At this moment, Jasmine’s heart surged with satisfaction. However, at this moment at the entrance, Elise and Mikayla walked in and took their seats directly in the front row. Elise looked at Jasmine on the stage coldly and indifferently, as if she was looking at a clown. The moment Jasmine saw Elise, her face suddenly changed, and her speech became a bit slurred. Soon, she stopped speaking. The audience below glanced at each other and could not help but ask, “What is going on? Why isn’t she saying anything?” ‘It can't be that she forgot the words because she’s nervous, right?” “Her performance was not bad; I thought she would be better.” ‘It's a pity. Her earlier performance was quite good.” As the crowd gossiped among themselves, Elise looked at Jasmine on the stage with a smile. As for Jasmine, she simply opened her mouth, but her mind was blank, and no words came out. She tried hard to restrain her emotions and continue her speech, but now her mind was in turmoil, and she stuttered. (This novel will be daily updtaed at www.novelheart.com)Finally, once she wrapped up her speech, she hurriedly ran down from the stage. ‘I thought she would be so bold, but she’s just a wimp.” Mikayla couldn't help but spit. Elise, however, pulled her. “Let's go. We'll go and meet her.” So, Elise and Mikayla went backstage together. At this moment backstage, Jasmine had come back to her senses, but her own performance was really terrible, and she got the lowest score so far. Feeling dejected, she sat on the stool with her face stiff, but her mind was not on the public speaking competition. Instead, she was wondering how Elise appeared at the competition?