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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 51

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 51 Jasmine’s hands clenched silently as she inwardly comforted herself. Don't be afraid. You're not the one who did this. It's Rita that b*tch who did it, so don't worry about revenge. Even if Elise wants revenge, she will go after Rita. Although Jasmine felt so, when Elise appeared in front of her in the next second, she was still shocked, and she jumped up from the stool. “E-Elise, how are you here?” Elise smirked evilly and sat down next to her. “What? Surprised to see me?” Jasmine controlled her emotions before saying, “What's so surprising about that? It's just that I haven't seen you for a few days, so I'm a little surprised to see you all of a sudden.” “Is that so? I think you’d much prefer Elise to be locked up in the mountains and starve to death,” Mikayla commented bitterly. She had already cursed Jasmine in her heart a million times. Who would have thought that Jasmine, a high school student, was actually vicious enough to do such a thing? “What are you talking about? I don’t understand a word of it.” Jasmine was still trying to feign ignorance. Elise did not have that much time to spend with her though. “It seems that you have amnesia and need me to remind you.” When Jasmine heard these words, her knees had already gone weak. She looked at Elise incredulously, but the latter only smiled slightly and recounted the whole story. Hearing the story, Jasmine stumbled and she fell on the ground. Elise looked at her from above and proclaimed, “Don't be afraid; I will settle the accounts between us one by one. But now, I just want to let you see how the thing you want most falls into my hands." With that, she got up and said to Mikayla, “Help me watch her here. It will be my turn soon for the public speaking competition.” “Don't worry! Elise, I will keep an eye on her. You just do your best.” Elise did not look at Jasmine again, and after hearing the host read her name, she walked toward the stage. As she stood on the stage, all the spotlights hit her as if she was in control of this stage. Next, she held the microphone, and fluent pronunciation came out of her mouth. “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Elise Sinclair...” The moment her voice flowed out, it was as if she was playing a tape ofa recorded speech. The audience below the stage all held their breath, their eyes fixed on her on the stage. Even Danny was also completely attracted to Elise. “Young Master Griffith, I really didn’t expect that this ugly monster’s enunciation would actually be so good.” The person sitting next to Danny couldn't help but speak, but in the next second, Danny shot an icy gaze over. So, that person immediately changed his tone. “Sorry, I misspoke. It's Elise. Her enunciation is too good. If I didn’t know who she was, I would've thought she was professionally trained.” Although these words were praising Elise, Danny inexplicably had a sense of pride too. “We can't judge a book by its cover,” he said while looking at Elise on the stage. Even if her looks were not beautiful and were even rather ugly, it was difficult to cover up her talents. In fact, he found that he could no longer look at her with the same thoughts as before. After Elise’s speech, the whole audience resounded with a burst of applause, while Elise smiled and bowed deeply to the audience below the stage before she came down. As soon as she stepped off the stage, Mikayla rushed forward. “Elise, you're great! Your voice really sounds good and better than any of the public speaking tapes I've listened to.” Moreover, the language teacher's eyes were full of appreciation as well. “Good, Elise. Your speech was great. I haven't heard such fluent enunciation for a long time.” Although Elise had long been used to hearing words of praise, at this moment, she still felt a little shy. “Thank you, if it weren't for you, I don’t think I would have come to this competition,” Elise said to the teacher very seriously. The teacher looked at her with a gaze full of pride. “Good luck; I'm very optimistic about you." “Thanks.” Elise returned backstage, and at this moment, Jasmine'’s face was ashen as she looked at Elise in a different light. She used to think that her Chinese level was similar to Elise’s. Even if Beter said that her level was not the same as Elise’s, she never believed it until today when she listened to Elise’s speech. Now, she realized that Beter’s words were euphemistic, and she and Elise were far too different. In fact, Elise was far above her, and she still foolishly thought that as long as Elise did not participate in this competition, she would have a chance to win the prize. It was simply ridiculous because Elise’s ability was simply impossible to surpass. ‘I've lost, Elise,” Jasmine’s tone was very low and feeble. She slowly closed her eyes and continued, “I did all those things. It was a momentary lapse of reason that caused me to do those things that hurt you. Now you can dispose of me any way you want.” Elise smiled, but her smile didn’t look too genuine. “Dispose of you? I never wanted to dispose of you.” When Jasmine heard this, she thought things would turn around for her, and she opened her eyes to look at Elise. However, the next words Elise said sent her to the depths of despair. “Disposing of you will only dirty my hands, and I am the kind of person who is best at never doing anything myself. Instead, I do things by the hand of others.” Hearing this, Jasmine panicked. “What do you want? Elise, I'm telling you that my daddy is very powerful. If you dare to touch me, he will not let you go...” “Then I'll wait for it. Enjoy your last day of freedom.” From tomorrow onward, your nightmare will begin. With that, Elise turned and walked away. At this moment, Jasmine still did not understand Elise’s words and thought that Elise was simply scaring her. But little did she know that everything was already too late The Chinese Week competition came to an end, and without a doubt, Elise got the highest score overall, which caused quite a stir. The city’s best foreign language universities were inquiring about her, and overnight, Elise became the talk of many prestigious schools ‘Elise, are we just going to let Jasmine go? Shouldn't she be given a serious punishment for doing something so outrageous?” Mikayla was a bit puzzled, but Elise just smiled. “Don’t worry! Everyone has to pay the price for what they did." Mikayla nodded in agreement. “Yes, so I always tell myself to be good.” The two smiled at each other and walked home together as the moonlight stretched their shadows.