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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 52

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 52 A day had passed, and Jasmine spent the entire night in fear. When the sun rose, the Anders Residence kept getting visitors knocking at the main door. “Open the door!” ‘It is only right to pay up for what you owe! Stop hiding in the house.” “Pay us back!” The entire Anders Residence was jam-packed and surrounded by waves after waves of people. After the bankruptcy, the Anders were barely able to survive by selling their properties. With loan sharks coming over to their place, the Anders realized that it turned out to be Jasmine who had taken on usury with a steep interest rate “You're such a disgrace to the family!” Angered, John slapped Jasmine forcefully. Upon feeling the searing pain on her cheek, she turned on the waterworks. Still, she couldn’t be bothered by it as she paid huge consequences to be able to take outa loan. Immediately, she kneeled with a loud thump. “Dad, help me! Please help me! I'll be dead if you don’t!” ‘I don't have any money. Solve the problem that you created yourself!” Then, John rolled his sleeves and left in anger while Jasmine quickly ran after him before clinging onto his leg. “Dad, I have no choice anymore. I took some pictures for them to be able to take out the loan..." When John heard Jasmine, he felt as if he was struck by lightning before he staggered a little. With complete shock, she stared at this daughter of his whom he had been spoiling ever since she was born. “Jasmine, I really don't know what to say to you anymore.” John was so furious he spat blood before he lost consciousness and fell to the ground. “Dad... Dad!” Still, no matter how much Jasmine shouted, her father never answered. Although she dropped out of school, rumors about her were still being spread around the school without any signs of stopping. “Have you guys heard that the Anders went bankrupt?” ‘It's not just that! I also found out that she took a usurious loan, and those loan sharks went to her house to get their payment back. Her father got so pissed off he passed away!” ‘I guess that's karma for Jasmine. After all, she used to boast a lot because her family was rich.” Since many students weren’t happy with Jasmine’s attitude back then, they all gathered together to gossip about her. On the other hand, Elise also heard some rumors about Jasmine at school. Still, she wasn't bothered because it wasn't really related to her. Moreover, she was kind of in trouble right now. Ever since Elise’s outstanding performance during the Chinese Week's speech competition, many colleges reached out to her with all sorts of scholarship proposals to try to get her to enroll in their school. She had been accepting calls from colleges admission offices, but she rejected all offers by telling them that she had no interest in language majors. ‘Elise, come over to mine tonight. I'll get my mom to prepare your favorite crawfish dish!" Mikayla leaned over with an excited look on her face and suggested when she noticed that school was about to be over. Looking at the time, Elise agreed cheerfully. “Sure! I’ll drop by your house after school.” “Great! You're the best, Elise!” Grinning at her friend, Elise sent Matthew a text to notify him that he didn’t have to pick her up from school. Although Elise had texted Matthew, she still noticed his car parked outside when she came out from the school with Mikayla. Then, Matthew got out of his car and walked toward them. “Let me fetch you guys,” he suggested. Upon hearing that, Elise turned toward Mikayla while Mikayla shrugged. “Sure. I'll ask my driver to leave so that the three of us can head back together." Thus, Mikayla and Elise got into Matthew's car before they headed to Mikayla’s place. When the auto music player in the car started playing H's classic songs, Matthew glanced at Elise from the rearview mirror. Right when he was about to say something, Mikayla exclaimed in shock, “Wow, you like H's music as well?!” Shifting his gaze toward Mikayla, Matthew hummed a little. “I've been her fan for many years now.” Right then, Mikayla felt like she had found her soulmate. “Really? Me too! I took a liking to her after I heard her first song, Abandoned Sea. I've got all of her songs on loop in my phone.” “Really? I guess we all have similar interests.” Matthew grinned. Upon hearing that, Mikayla turned toward Elise in shock. “Elise, do you like H’s music as well?" At this moment, Elise coughed a little as if she was trying to hide something. Still, she nodded when she met Mikayla’s excited gaze. “I guess I do.”. Immediately, Mikayla got even happier as she started rambling about her love toward H to Elise. She could still remember every song that H had ever released ever since her debut song, Abandoned Sea. Toward the end, Mikayla sighed ‘I've been H’s fan for many years now. Still, it’s too bad that she never revealed her true identity to the public even until now, so I still don't know what she looks. like. Nevertheless, I've been attracted to her music for many years now." Matthew felt the same. “I'm curious about what a talented girl like her looks like. I wonder if I'll still have the chance to listen to her songs in the future.” Elise stared at those two, who looked as if they were deep in thoughts and kept quiet. Matthew's car reached Mikayla’s place in no time, and he entered the house along with Elise after Mikayla invited him in as well. Mikayla’s mother, Heidi, was a woman of gentle nature. Upon seeing Elise, she greeted in a friendly manner. “You must be Elise! Mikayla always talks about you. Welcome to our home!” Elise smiled politely. “Thanks for inviting us over.” “Make yourselves at home, and drop by if you guys are free,” Heidi said before she went to the kitchen to prepare dinner while Mikayla pulled Elise to her bedroom excitedly. “Look, Elise! These are all H’s albums. Besides the limited first and third-edition albums, I've already collected all of the other albums!” Mikayla eagerly introduced Elise to all of her album collections before she took one of her favorite limited edition H albums and passed it to Elise. “I'll give you this as a present!” Staring at the album, Elise could tell almost immediately that this was Mikayla’s favorite. “I don’t want to snatch my best friend's favorite album. It's better if you take care of it. Besides, I have the first and third-edition albums at home. I'll bring them over for you next time.” Upon hearing that, Mikayla was over the moon. “Are you serious? Oh my God! Do you know that I’ve been wanting to get my hands on the limited first and third edition albums for a really long time? I couldn't get it even though I searched through many channels. I can’t believe you had them all along! Elise, I love you so much!” She planted a kiss on Elise’s cheek while Elise wiped it off with a disgusted look. “Your saliva got on my face!” Still, Mikayla wasn't offended at all. At this moment, she was on cloud nine at the thought of being able to own all of H's albums. Right then, Heidi came in with a plate of fruits. “What are you guys talking about? You look really happy.” Mikayla went forward and clung onto Heidi’s arm cheerfully before she put on a mysterious facade. “It’s a secret.” Heidi chuckled. “Oh? You're keeping secrets from me now?” Still, she continued peeling lychees before passing them to Mikayla. “Mrs. Lester went to the market and brought your favorite lychees again. Try it.” “Thanks, Mom!” Mikayla gave some lychees to Elise, and the three of them started chatting