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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 54

Chapter 54 Seeing that Elise finished reading the report, Jonas asked, “What do you think?" Elise answered truthfully, “Griffith Group’s financial report is outstanding, and there seems to be almost no problem, but...” She trailed off and glanced at Alexander. “But I think there's a problem with one of the statistics.” Upon hearing her, Alexander had his eyes brightened while Jonas looked calm. “Tell me about the problem.” Elise took the report and flipped it open to page five before pointing at one of the statistics. “This project, the Genesis-although the financial report shows that it is gaining profit, you'll realize after seeing the same projects that the Genesis is gaining way too little in terms of profit—there might be a problem here." Immediately, she pointed out the problem in the report. The projects got the same amount of investments but had discrepancies in profits. It's not convincing to me that there's nothing fishy about this project. At this moment, Jonas grinned. “Not bad, Ellie! You have sharp eyes! Alex, get your men to investigate this.” “Yes, Grandpa.” “By the way, were you guys discussing hiring a new interpreter during the meeting just now?” Alexander could feel a headache rising hearing that. If they only needed a regular interpreter, they would definitely have no problem finding one by offering high pay. However, it was too hard to find an interpreter for the Arise language. “Grandpa, I'll continue to follow up with the interpreter’s case. We will surely find a suitable candidate.” ‘Alright. I won't get involved in it if that’s so. Still, plan your steps properly." ‘I understand, Grandpa.” Then Jonas stood up and turned toward Elise. “Ellie, you should stay at the company for a while and return with Alex later on. I still have matters that I need to wrap up here." ‘It's fine, Grandpa. You don't have to worry about me. I'll get back on my own ina bit.” Still, Alexander quickly interrupted Elise before she could say more. “Don’t worry, Grandpa. I'll send her home.” ‘Alright. Please take care of Ellie for me.” Then Jonas got up and left. After he left, Alexander got his secretary to bring Elise to the lounge. “You can rest here for a bit. There are snacks in the drawer, and you can eat them if you’re hungry. I'll take you out for dinner once I’m done with my work.” Though feeling rather awkward, Elise nodded. “Actually, you don't have to take care of me since I’m not a kid anymore.” However, there was a serious look on Alexander’s face. “I already promised grandpa that I'll take care of you well, so don’t make things hard for me." Shrugging, Elise no longer refused Alexander's offer. “Can I borrow your laptop?” Immediately, Alexander got his secretary to bring Elise a laptop. After settling Elise down, he went back to his office to continue working. Unbeknownst to Alexander, Elise started tapping away at the keyboard after he left. She was typing at lightning speed as rows and rows of codes filled the laptop screen while she analyzed the content on the screen breezily. Finally, the laptop browser brought her to Griffith Group’s hiring portal Staring at the ‘Hiring Arise Interpreter’ job post, she recalled hearing that they were looking for Arise interpreters during the meeting just now. Coincidentally, Elise studied the Arise language and was fluent in it. Then she hit the ‘apply’ button. At the same time, Alexander's assistant exclaimed in the president's office, “Young Master Griffith, someone just applied for the Arise interpreter job!” Narrowing his eyes, Alexander replied, “We shall test this person's ability through the online assessment.” “Yes, Young Master Griffith.” After reading the documents sent to her, Elise took less than 3 minutes to translate everything before sending the documents back. “Young Master Griffith, the translations are excellent. It seems like this person is fluent in Arise.” Alexander's assistant sounded really excited while Alexander said lightly, “Find a way to get this person to work for us no matter how much they want from us.” “Young Master Griffith, the candidate only does online real-time interpretation.” Right then, Alexander's eyes darkened. Online real— time interpretation without revealing their face? How mysterious! “Give me the laptop.” After handing Alexander the laptop, his assistant watched as he started tapping away on the keyboard with a similar speed as Elise. At this moment, Alexander was trying to track the candidate’s IP address to know their real identity. However, the candidate was too smart and actually managed to slip away with any evidence every time he was close to tracking them down. This time, Alexander knew that he had finally met his match, so he decided to just contact the candidate himself. On the other hand, Elise didn't expect Alexander to be so cautious. Thus, she had no choice but to reveal one of her frequently used IP addresses to lower his cautiousness. ‘You don't have to suspect me of having ill intentions. If I really wanted to do something, your company's system would have been hacked earlier on.’ Elise was being honest, and her confidence right then made Alexander believe that she really didn’t have any ill intentions. ‘Alright. I'll send you the documents later on. Looking forward to working with you! Alexander was finally willing to let Elise become the Arise interpreter for the project. A while later, Elise received a few documents. Without any delay, she quickly started translating while the sound of keyboard clicking could be heard from the lounge. Time passed by in the blink of an eye, and when Alexander was finished with his work, he finally remembered that Elise was still in the lounge. Upon entering the lounge, he saw Elise clutching the laptop while staring at something on the laptop. Nevertheless, the screen was changed to the recent hottest teen drama by the time he got closer to her. ‘Let's go get dinner.” Right then, Elise pretended to close her tab with the teen drama. “You're finally done with work. I'm starving.” She closed her laptop “What do you want to eat?" Alexander asked. At this moment, Elise pondered seriously before replying, “I feel like eating beef stew again. Why don’t we go to eat beef stew again?" Alexander raised his eyebrows. “Don’t you have anything else that you feel like eating?" Still, Elise shook her head. “I've been eating it so much throughout the years, and I don’t think I can stop eating it now.” Alexander couldn't do anything to change Elise’s mind since she had already made her decision. “Alright. Let’s go eat beef stew, then.” Then he took Elise to the pan-European restaurant again. Upon smelling the familiar scent, a satisfied grin appeared on Elise’s face. “Hey, can I get one set of beef stew? Wait, hang on, please make it two.” ‘Alright. Please take a seat. The food will be ready soon.”