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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 55

Chapter 55 Elise dragged Alexander to the seats outdoors. From his uncomfortable expression, she could tell that he wasn’t used to eating at such places. Still, seeing how Elise was enjoying the situation, Alexander wasn't appalled at all. Instead, he continued accompanying her there. “Two beef stews coming right up. Please do enjoy your food.” After the owner had served them their beef stews, Elise couldn’t wait any longer and started digging into her food with a spoon. Upon tasting the familiar food, she felt her cravings being satisfied. “Eat up! It's delicious!" Although Alexander really wanted to tell her that he didn’t like food with gravy-like texture, he had to admit that he fell in love with how beef stews tasted after having tried the dish once. Unable to control himself, he picked up his cutleries and started eating as well. ‘It's good, isn’t it?” ‘Hmm... It's not bad.” While Elise ate at a fast pace,(This novel will be daily updated at www.novelheart.com) Alexander could feel his gaze softening as he stared at her messy eating manner. Unbeknownst to them, a red Ferrari parked at the side of the road at this moment. Ashlyn, who was sitting at the driver’s seat, took off her glasses and looked at Alexander, who was eating outdoors, in disbelief. Initially, she thought that she had mistaken someone else for him. However, she confirmed that the person that she was seeing was Alexander after seeing Elise’s ‘appalling’ face. Unable to stop herself, Ashlyn unbuckled her seatbelt and got out of the car before walking toward them. “Alexander, it's you!” Upon hearing that, Elise paused before she looked up instinctively to see Ashlyn. Immediately, she felt as if her appetite was gone. Nevertheless, Ashlyn ignored her and initiated a conversation with Alexander instead. “Alexander, why are you eating this food? These kinda places are extremely unhygienic, and you might get food poisoning,” she explained with a disdainful look on her face. To her surprise, Alexander replied nonchalantly, “I’m fine. It's nothing much.” Then, he turned toward Elise and asked, “Are you done eating?" Picking up the last piece of potato in her stew, she took the time to chew on her food. “I'm done.” “Let's go back, then.” Elise mumbled an agreement while Alexander called out for the owner to pay the bill. During the entire process, none of them bothered to acknowledge Ashlyn, who showed up out of nowhere. Right then, Ashlyn gritted her teeth in anger while her hands clenched up into fists. Then, she quickly ran after them. “Alexander, how could you leave just like that?! Are you still blaming me for what happened previously? I...” She looked reluctant. Still, she decided to say it after giving Elise a look. “I was in the wrong previously, alright? I only did it because I was stupid. Can you forgive me, considering our friendship for so many years?” At this moment, Alexander raised his eyebrows. He had always seen Ashlyn more as an acquaintance, as they only interacted because of their families. In the past, he used to admire Ashlyn’s strong and independent character. Moreover, since she liked the same violinist as he did, he felt as if they were similar people. However, he realized that his impression of Ashlyn might have been wrong ever since what happened previously. “Calm down, Miss Lawson. Since we are not as close as you perceived, (This novel will be daily updated at www.novelheart.com)you don’t really have to care about my feelings.” From Alexander's tone, it was obvious that he wanted to distance himself from her. Still, Ashlyn acted as if she didn't understand what he meant. “That's great. I was really worried that you would still be mad at me! By the way...” She suddenly recalled something and started digging through her bag before taking two violin concert tickets that she had prepared earlier out of her bag. “Alex, this is the concert ticket to our favorite violinist, Mike! He’s performing in Athesea the day after tomorrow, so I got my friend to help me get VIP tickets. Why don’t we go together?" Truthfully, any ordinary man would have accepted Ashlyn’s offer right there and then, as no one would be able to resist a lady like her. However, Alexander rejected her without any hesitation, “I’m sorry, but I'm really busy with work, so I don't have the time to do so. Do enjoy the concert yourself.” Immediately, Ashlyn's face darkened. This is Alexander's first time rejecting me. At this same time, Elise felt slightly awkward standing between the two of them. “Guys, why don't I go back by myself first?" While this was what Ashlyn wanted, Alexander spoke up before she could say anything. “Wait for me here. I'll go get the car now.” Elise could only nod her head while Alexander walked away. After he left, Ashlyn glared at Elise before she warned, “Elise Sinclair, you'd better be mindful of your place and the difference between you and Alexander. You two are in completely different worlds, and it's impossible between you two. Stop trying to delude yourself about things that would never belong to you.” Nevertheless, Elise retorted without any hesitation, saying, “I could say that same to you! Ashlyn, you need to stop trying to delude yourself about things that would never belong to you. Can't you see that Alexander doesn't even want to talk to you? Aren't you embarrassed for constantly pestering him?" “You!” Agitated, Ashlyn raised her hand and wanted to slap Elise, but her hand was grabbed tightly by Elise in the next second. “What's wrong? Are you trying to pick a fight with me just because you can’t win verbally? Is this how young ladies are supposed to act? Where are your manners?” Immediately, Ashlyn pulled her hand out of Elise’s grip. “Just so you wait, Elise. The game has just started, and I have all the time in the world to toy around with you.” After saying that, she turned around and headed toward her eye-catching Ferrari before disappearing from Elise’s sight. Upon getting in the car, Alexander asked Elise, “What did she say to you just now?” Not expecting the question, Elise simply answered him, “It's nothing. We chatted.” Right then, Alexander gave her a look. Although it was obvious that he didn’t believe what Elise said, he didn't try to probe and just said, “You don’t have to care about her next time.” While Elise agreed with what Alexander said, she got curious and asked, “Do you like her?" However, she didn’t expect the atmosphere to become completely quiet after the question. Oh no! Why did I even ask him about this?! ‘I don't.” The answer that Alexander gave was completely his style. Short and sweet. Upon hearing that, Elise felt sudden happiness blooming within her before she commented, “She looks like she really likes you, though.” She was unaware that she sounded bitter when she said that. Frowning, Alexander turned around to give Elise a look before he replied quietly(This novel will be daily updated at www.novelheart.com). “You ask a lot of questions.” Elise quickly shook her head. “Whatever. I won’t ask you questions anymore. It's nothing important, so you don’t have to take them seriously!” Then, she quickly changed the topic. “I'll rest for a bit. Wake me up when we get home.” At that, Alexander hummed a little as an answer to her.