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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 56

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 56 Elise leaned back in her seat and slowly closed her eyes while Alexander gazed at the sleeping lady from the rear mirror with a faint, yet heartwarming smile. As soon as Elise got home, she immediately turned on her laptop and hacked into the computer in Alexander's office to erase all the data trails she left behind earlier that afternoon When Elise was done with that, she proceeded to translate Aris’ documents for Alexander until midnight. Then, she sent the first completed document to Alexander, who responded with a text message not long after. ‘You're super efficient! For that, I think you should be rewarded with a pay raise.” However, Elise felt speechless with the man’s response because she was going to repay Alexander's favor anyway. After all, she believed everything came at a price. Therefore, while she was helping Alexander as a gesture to repay his kindness, there was still no reason for her to offer her service without charging him. ‘Well, my efficiency depends on the pay, and you pay me well’Elise replied to Ale xander’s message just as the latter sat in front of his monitor screen with a smile. Deep down, he began to find this mysterious translator rather interesting. ‘Don't worry. You'll be paid handsomely. Alexander responded with another text message before he sent another one. Send me your account number. I'll make the transfer right away. Daily new chapters at www.novelheart.com Stunned by the man’s response, Elise blinked in disbelief. Really? This seems easier than I thought. Although she was recently in desperate need of money, she knew she mustn't let Alexander know her true identity. Therefore, she gave the mana proxy account number not long before she received a notification. “One, two, three, four, five... One million!” Elise was caught in a trance, wondering if Alexander was really so generous “Thank you so much, Boss!’ Elise replied, whereupon she transferred the money from her proxy account to her own one After Elise was done with her business, she was about to log out of the intranet, only to receive Alexander's message before she could do so. ‘We're going to do a site inspection at Aris. Would you be interested in taking on the job as an on- site interpreter by then?’ Confused and undecided, Elise settled to pretend as if she didn't see his message and went to bed right away, since she didn't signify her intention. In the meantime, Alexander waited and waited until the lady went offline. Sensing the mysterious translator's refusal to show herself, he reckoned she was likely just trying to protect her own privacy and reluctantly chose to respect that. After all, he didn’t think it was a big deal as long as she didn't do anything that could jeopardize the company’s interest. The next morning was a Monday, yet Elise happened to be running late for class. As she hurriedly scurried to her classroom, her math teacher was seen to be in the middle of a lesson. “Can I come in?” Elise braced herself to accept the teacher's scolding, as it was known among the students that she didn't take kindly to anyone who was late for her class. Nonetheless, the math teacher only responded with a smile and greeted her. “Yes, please!” After hearing what her teacher said, Elise was stunne d as she slowly walked into the classroom. ‘That's unfair. Our math teacher is obviously biased toward her. How could she be allowed to enter the class just like that?” “Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Well, what do you expect? She is the teacher's favorite student, so of course, she is going to enjoy all the privilege?’ While the two students leaned closer to each other and talked behind Elise’s back, she had completely no idea what they were gossiping about. Nonetheless, she just went straight to her seat and sat down just when her math teacher subtly gave her a strange gesture. “Well, since Elise is already here, I have something important to announce." Daily new chapters in www.novelheart.com Elise looked up, placing her gaze on the math teacher as she noticed the latter adjusting the glasses on his nose bridge. Soon, the teacher happily made an announcement. “Elise’s extraordinary result in the last Math Olympiad has been brought to the Education Ministry's attention. Therefore, it has been decided that Elise will represent Athesea to attend the Math Olympiad in Northcliff City, along with the other representatives.” As soon as the teacher made his announcement, the whole class cheered in surprise and excitement. After all, the Math Olympiad that Elise was going to attend was a national competition in which she would be competing against many other tough rivals. Meanwhile, those students, who were talking behind her back a few moments ago, were instantly rendered speechless after hearing the news that Elise was going to attend National Mathematics Olympiad, as they couldn't challenge her extraordinary talent. “For the sake of Elise’s participation in the Math Olympiad, the Education Ministry will be organizing a Math Olympiad boot camp that'll take about half a month. Elise, plea se prepare yourself before you report yourself at the venue in two days.” The math teacher's words were like a stone falling into the water, as it caused huge ripples on the surface. In the meantime, the entire class turned their attention to Elise, only to notice the calm look on her face. A boot camp, huh? That means I'U be isolated, right? This seems like a perfect r eason for me not to stay at the Griffith Residence. Elise raised her eyebrows, finding the surprising turn of events interesting deep down When the class was over, the math teacher summoned Elise to the office. “I have high hopes for you, Elise. Therefore, I sincerely hope the boot camp will help you prepare better to score a resounding triumph during the Math Olympiad. After all, this is no longer just about you, as the whole school is now counting on you to make us proud Needless to say, I wouldn't want to pressure you too much. So, just do it as if it is your normal exercise.” The math teacher nagged for the next few moments. before giving Elise two exercise books. “Please have a look at them. You could always come to me if you have any questions.” “Sure, thank you, Sir.” Elise carried the two books her math teacher gave her before going back to her classroom. Daily new chapters in www.novelheart.com ‘That's awesome, Elise! I can't believe you're going to participate in the Mathematics Oly! from Cloverfield High would be taking part in this competition too. This news is going viral across our school forum, and there are even some students who place their bets on your results,” Mikayla said while showing her iPad to Elise Nevertheless, Elise only took a glimpse of the screen and asked, “Who is Zachary?” Soon, Mikayla went on to answer her classmate’s question. “Zachary is a top student from Cloverfield High and has always managed to score first place every year. In fact, he won first place last year when he attended the Mathematics Olympiad; bu up this year. However, most of the people in Cloverfield High believe that Zachary was only outmatched by you because he had a high fever back then. Therefore, he swears to do better than you do this time in the Mathematics Olympiad. That's why many of us are betting on both of you.” Deep down, Elise couldn't help but find what those high-school kids were doing silly. “Elise, I bet on you with half of my pocket money for this semester, so you must win.” Mikayla looked Elise in the eye pitifully, but Elise only patted her head. Daily new chapters in www.novelheart.com “Silly girl. What if you lose the bet?” “Then I'm going to be broke for the rest of my days.” Mikayla tried to play on Elise’s sympathy. While her friend seemed speechless, Mikayla added, “My future depends on you So please do your best, Elise.” Upon hearing that, Elise helplessly nodded her head. “Alright, I'll do my best.”