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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 57

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 57 In order to make it for the boot camp, Elise worked overtime every night just to get all of Alexander's documents translated. Fortunately, she managed to get her job done on the day just before the boot camp. After sending Alexander the documents he needed, she finally heaved a sigh of relief as she walked out of her room and headed downstairs. Then, she coincidentally ran into Alexander, who happened to come back from somewhere else as both of their gazes met. “You're back.” Elise greeted the man. At the same time, Alexander took off his blazer and put it aside, gazing at her while casually asking, “I heard you're going for Mathematics Olympiad Boot Camp tomorrow, right?” Having told Jonah about the boot camp earlier, Elise wasn’t surprised that Alexander knew about the matter. “Yeah, I'll set out the next morning and be away for half a month.” ‘I'll take you there tomorrow then.” “Sure.” Elise nodded and gave an affirmative reply. Daily new chapters in www.novelheart.com The next morning, Elise left her room right after she finished packing her belongi ngs just when she saw Alexander already waiting for her at the door. Meanwhile, the man came closer to her and held her luggage the moment he saw her. “Let me take that.” Elise obediently handed her luggage over to the man, whereupon both of them d escended down the stairs. Then, Alexander placed the lady's luggage into the car trunk while the latter entered the vehicle. “Where is the boot camp?” In response to that, Elise reached for her phone and searched for the location before Alexander hit on the gas pedal and drove off. While Mathematics Olympiad Boot Camp was a closed session that was held in the school, Alexander didn't leave right away after taking Elise there. Instead, he held her luggage and walked her to the female dormitory. On their way there, Alexander’s good looks inevitably turned many heads until both of them arrived at the dorm. It was then that Elise said, “Alright, I'll have my luggage back. I can take care of myself from here." As Alexander handed the luggage over to Elise, he went on to nag at her. “Focus on your boot camp, but if there is anything, please don’t hesitate to call me.” “Okay. Okay, I heard you. You can go now.” Elise obediently nodded her head. Alexander had his eyes glued to Elise until she entered the female dormitory, but as soon as he turned around to walk away, he quickly found himself surrounded by a number of girls. “Hello, Mr. Handsome. Do you mind giving me your number?” “Yes, I do.” Alexander turned the girls down outright and strode away from them. In the meantime, the girls, although unhappy with the man’s cold rejection, couldn't resist his charm, as they would die to be his girlfriend On the other hand, Elise proceeded to approach the dorm keeper upon arrival and learned that her room was 503. Then, she went to her room and saw someone making her bed. Thus, she made the first move and greeted the lady. “Hi!” Meanwhile, Amanda fixed her gaze on Elise's face, her eyes filled with disgust and disdain. After that, she sized Elise up and judged her for being poor from her simple outfit, showing no interest in entertaining her. Nonetheless, Elise only shrugged her shoulders in response before she opened up her luggage and took her belongings out of it, ready to make her own bed. At that moment, the door was open once again, whereupon another girl came into view. While she appeared to be in a fancy outfit, Amanda reckoned the former must be from a wealthy family. Therefore, she enthusiastically flattered the girl and said, “Hi, nice to meet you. Welcome to our hostel! I'm your roommate, Amanda Hudson, and I can’t wait to see what excitement our future has in store for us." Daily new chapters in www.novelheart.com Samantha showed a friendly smile and replied, “Nice to meet you. My name is Samantha Greene.” Then, she looked around the room and saw two available bed frames, whereupon she picked the one next to Elise. “I'll pick this spot.” As soon as Samatha finished her words, the maid stepped inside the room and made her bed for her. Seeing that, Amanda deduced that Samantha was no ordinary person and decided to treat her cordially, unlike the way she did to Elise. The next moment, she offered to share some of her tidbits with Samantha. “These are some tidbits my dad bought me when he went on a business trip overseas. Please try some.” Samantha took a glimpse of those tidbits and turned Amanda down. “I'm sorry, but I'm trying to slim down recently, so I'm staying off tidbits. Thanks for offering! Anyway, my mom told me to bring along some fruits, so let me share some of them with you.” She then got up and reached for the fruits she had, grabbing two boxes of pineberries before giving each of them to Amanda and Elise. “These are for you both.” Elise fixed her gaze on the pineberries before her and looked up with a smile. “Thanks, but pineberries are not my cup of tea.” However, Samantha directly placed the box of pineberries on the table and said, “These pineberries taste really good. You should try them out because everyone who’s ever tasted them falls in love with them right away.” Daily new chapters in www.novelheart.com Upon hearing Elise’s words, Amanda thought she had never seen pineberries before and ironically mocked her for that. “Pineberries are rare and expensive, and I doubt you've ever tried them before. You could've been honest with us instead of saying you don't like them because we’re not going to laugh at you for that.” Nonetheless, Amanda’s sarcastic words didn't sit well with Samantha, even making her feel disgusted. Thus, Samantha shifted her gaze to Elise and comforted her. ‘It's okay. It’s just a box of pineberries. If you don't like them, I could bring you some other fruits next time.” “Thank you.” Elise responded with a smile. “You're welcome. Anyway, now that we're all roommates, I hope I could learn a thing or two from you ladies. After all, I was forced to join this boot camp by my parents even though my result during Mathematics Olympiad wasn't impressive a “You're too humble, Samantha. Everyone who came for this boot camp is not to be taken lightly." Amanda ingratiated herself with Samantha “By the way, have you guys heard about Elise? She scored full marks during the I I'd learn so much from her. How wonderful that would be!” While Elise was surprised by Samantha’s unexpected words, Amanda beat her to it and responded before she could utter anything. “I heard that Elise is not just an ace when it comes to Mathematics Olympiad. She was also the champion in the public speaking competition during Chinese Week. My father was there to witness it, and when he came home, he kept nagging at me to be more like Elise. Thus, I'm actually interested in meeting her myself, but I guess someone like Elise wouldn't bother entertaining lousy students like us.” Is she saying that I'm difficult to get along with? That's prejudice. In response to Amanda's biased words, Elise asked, “Are you friends with her? How come you know so much about her?” While Amanda was rendered tongue-tied, Samantha interfered with the awkward situation and shrugged her shoulders. “That's okay. It'd still be our honor to get to know someone like her.” Humiliated, Amanda remained silent and glared at Elise. Daily new chapters in www.novelheart.com “Let’s have a revision together tonight,” Samantha said to Elise, who seemed surprised to hear that. “Sure.” The two ladies didn't seem to be bothered by Amanda's presence as they proceeded to leave their hostel room together. In the meantime, Amanda was left behind as she angrily watched the two of them disappear from sight amidst a pleasant chat. As soon as they left their room, Samantha made the first move and asked, “Oh yeah, I know I should have asked this earlier, but what's your name?”